Minetest mod to have more useful error dumps using StackTracePlus
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local secenv = _G
local modname = minetest.get_current_modname()
local sec = (minetest.settings:get('secure.enable_security') == 'true')
local ie
-- //MFF (Mg|01/07/2016 for classic#508, hg#104, sb#166, creative#68)
if (rawget(_G, "rawlen") == nil) then
rawlen = {} -- That's extremely bad, but our only mean of stopping StackTracePlus from complaining about rawlen being undefined
if sec then
ie = minetest.request_insecure_environment()
if ie == nil then
error("Mod security is on but " .. modname .. " is not whitelisted as a secure mod")
if sec then
string, io, debug, coroutine = ie.string, ie.io, ie.debug, ie.coroutine
local STP = dofile(minetest.get_modpath(modname) .. '/StackTracePlus/src/StackTracePlus.lua')
-- Remove string/table dump length limits
STP.max_tb_output_len = math.huge
if sec then
ie.debug.traceback = STP.stacktrace
-- StackTracePlus caches the following modules, reset them to the original ones to
-- avoid leaking them
string, io, debug, coroutine = secenv.string, secenv.io, secenv.debug, secenv.coroutine
ie = nil
debug.traceback = STP.stacktrace
minetest.log('action', "[" .. modname .. "] replaced debug.traceback")