Minetest mod to have more useful error dumps using StackTracePlus
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Build Status

StackTracePlus is a Lua module that extends debug.traceback to include more call frame information such as local and globals, locals and parameters dumps.

This mod merely plugs this module in and replaces debug.traceback with StackTracePlus's traceback dump routine.


This repository uses Git submodules.

Clone this repo either recursively (--recursive) or as usual, but make sure to git submodule update --init afterwards; it must go into the mods directory.

Mod security

This mod modifies the global debug table which is not accessible by normal mods when mod security is enabled.

If you have enabled mod security (secure.enable_security is true), then you must whitelist this mod in minetest.conf's secure.trusted_mods config entry.


WTFPL / CC0 / Public Domain.

StackTracePlus is distributed under the MIT license.