The most comprehensive Crafting Guide on Minetest
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Preview1 Crafting Guide

craftguide is the most comprehensive crafting guide on Minetest.

Consult the Minetest Wiki for more details.

This crafting guide is a blue book named “Crafting Guide” or a wooden sign.

This crafting guide features a progressive mode. This mode is a Terraria-like system that shows recipes you can craft from items you ever had in your inventory. To enable it: craftguide_progressive_mode = true in minetest.conf.

craftguide is also integrated in sfinv (Minetest Game inventory). To enable it: craftguide_sfinv_only = true in minetest.conf.

Use the command /craft to show the recipe(s) of the pointed node.

For developers, craftguide also has a modding API.

For the best visuals, it is recommended to enable inventory_items_animations in minetest.conf.

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