A highly configurable mod providing item magnet and in-world node drops
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39 lines

  1. #Pick up items automatically
  2. item_drop.enable_item_pickup (Enable item pickups) bool true
  3. #Drop items in-world on dig, does nothing in creative mode
  4. item_drop.enable_item_drop (Enable item drops) bool true
  5. #Use a key to pick up items
  6. item_drop.enable_pickup_key (Use pickup key) bool true
  7. #Collect items when the key is not pressed instead of when it is pressed
  8. item_drop.pickup_keyinvert (Invert pickup key) bool true
  9. #What keytype to use as pickup key
  10. item_drop.pickup_keytype (Pickup keytype) enum Use Use,Sneak,LeftAndRight,RMB,SneakAndRMB
  11. #The volume of the pickup sound
  12. item_drop.pickup_sound_gain (Pickup sound gain) float 0.4
  13. #Display a particle of the item picked up above the player
  14. item_drop.pickup_particle (Pickup particle) bool true
  15. #Player pickup radius, the maximum distance from which items can be collected
  16. item_drop.pickup_radius (Pickup radius) float 0.75
  17. #Magnet radius, items between pickup_radius and this begin flying to the player
  18. #Set it to -1 (or something else smaller than pickup_radius) to disable item
  19. #flying
  20. item_drop.magnet_radius (Magnet radius) float -1
  21. #Item flight duration, items flying for more than this time are added to the
  22. #player's inventory
  23. item_drop.magnet_time (Magnet time) float 5.0
  24. #Time delay in seconds after autopicking an item if it's dropped by a player
  25. item_drop.pickup_age (Pickup age) float 0.5
  26. #Enable manual item pickups by mouse
  27. item_drop.mouse_pickup (Mouse pickup) bool true