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More Ores

More Ores for Minetest, a free and open source infinite world block sandbox game.

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Download the mod

To install More Ores, clone this Git repository into your Minetest's mods/ directory:

git clone https://github.com/minetest-mods/moreores.git

You can also download a ZIP archive of More Ores.

Enable the mod

Once you have installed More Ores, you need to enable it in Minetest. The procedure is as follows:

Using the client's main menu

This is the easiest way to enable More Ores when playing in singleplayer (or on a server hosted from a client).

  1. Start Minetest and switch to the Local Game tab.
  2. Select the world you want to enable More Ores in.
  3. Click Configure, then enable moreores by double-clicking it (or ticking the Enabled checkbox).
  4. Save the changes, then start a game on the world you enabled More Ores on.
  5. More Ores should now be running on your world.

Using a text editor

This is the recommended way to enable the mod on a server without using a GUI.

  1. Make sure Minetest is not currently running (otherwise, it will overwrite the changes when exiting).
  2. Open the world's world.mt file using a text editor.
  3. Add the following line at the end of the file:
load_mod_moreores = true

If the line is already present in the file, then replace false with true on that line.

  1. Save the file, then start a game on the world you enabled More Ores on.
  2. More Ores should now be running on your world.

Version compatibility

More Ores is currently primarily tested with Minetest 5.1.0. It may or may not work with newer or older versions. Issues arising in older versions than 5.0.0 will generally not be fixed.


Copyright © 2011-2020 Hugo Locurcio and contributors

  • More Ores code is licensed under the zlib license, see LICENSE.md for details.
  • Unless otherwise specified, More Ores textures are licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported.