Player skin mod, supporting unified_inventory, sfinv and smart_inventory
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This Minetest mod offers changeable player skins with a graphical interface for multiple inventory mods.


  • Flexible skins API to manage the database
  • character_creator support for custom skins
  • Skin change menu for sfinv (in minetest_game) and unified_inventory
  • Skins change menu and command line using chat command /skinsdb (set | show | list | list private | list public | ui)
  • Supported by smart_inventory for the skin selection
  • Skin previews supported in selection
  • Additional information for each skin
  • Support for different skins lists: public and a per-player list are currently implemented
  • Full 3d_armor support
  • Compatible to 1.0 and 1.8 Minecraft skins format

Installing skins

Download from the database

Ingame Downloader

  1. Get Minetest 5.1.0-dev-cb00632 or newer
  2. Start your world
  3. Run /skinsdb_download_skins <skindb start page> <amount of pages>
  4. Wait for the Minetest server to shut down
  5. Start the server again

You might want to run minetest in a Terminal/Console window to check the log output instantly.

Python Download script


  • Python 3
  • requests library: pip3 install requests

Go to the updater folder of this mod and run python3
The Script will download all the skins from the database for you.

Manual addition

  1. Copy your skin textures to textures as documented in textures/readme.txt
  2. Create meta/character_<name>.txt with the following fields (separated by new lines):
    • Skin name
    • Author
    • Skin license


  • GPLv3
  • skin texture licenses: See “meta” folder


  • RealBadAngel (unified_inventory)
  • Zeg9 (skinsdb)
  • cornernote (source code)
  • Krock (source code)
  • bell07 (source code)
  • stujones11 (player models)