Player skin mod, supporting unified_inventory, sfinv and smart_inventory
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This Minetest mod offers changeable player skins with a graphical interface for multiple inventory mods.


  • Flexible skins API to manage the database
  • character_creator support for custom skins
  • Skin change menu for sfinv (in minetest_game) and unified_inventory
  • Skins change menu and command line using chat command /skinsdb (set | show | list | list private | list public | ui)
  • Supported by smart_inventory for the skin selection
  • Skin previews supported in selection
  • Additional information for each skin
  • Support for different skins lists: public and a per-player list are currently implemented
  • Full 3d_armor support
  • Compatible to 1.0 and 1.8 Minecraft skins format

Installing skins

Download from the database

1) Get Minetest 5.1.0-dev-cb00632 or newer 2) Start your world 3) Run /skinsdb_download_skins <skindb start page> <amount of pages> 4) Wait for the Minetest server to shut down 5) Start the server again

You might want to run minetest in a Terminal/Console window to check the log output instantly.

Manual addition

1) Copy your skin textures to textures as documented in textures/readme.txt 2) Create meta/character_<name>.txt with the following fields (separated by new lines):

* Skin name
* Author
* Skin license


  • GPLv3
  • skin texture licenses: See “meta” folder


  • RealBadAngel (unified_inventory)
  • Zeg9 (skinsdb)
  • cornernote (source code)
  • Krock (source code)
  • bell07 (source code)
  • stujones11 (player models)