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Changes in ogl-es (not yet released - will be merged with trunk at some point)
- Add support for (experimental) WebGL1 driver for emscripten (still work in process)
- Add support for emscripten. Thanks @labsin for the patch.
- Add IVideoDriver::getAmbientLight function so shaders can access global ambient light easier
- Merge material changes for COGLES1MaterialRenderer_LIGHTMAP and COpenGLMaterialRenderer_TRANSPARENT_ALPHA_CHANNEL which had been done in OGL in trunk (r2740) to ensure materials look the same on all platforms.
- Added support for PVR textures. Loader offer support for compressed DXT1-5, PVRTC/PVRTC-II, ETC1/ETC2 texture formats.
Changes in 1.9 (not yet released)
- IBillboardSceneNode got functions to access meshbuffers. So uv-coordinates can now be modified directly (previously only possible via texture matrix).
- vector3d scalar operator/ and operator/= no longer multiply by the inverse but use the expected division.
Costs some speed, but fixes floating point troubles caused by this optimization (like x/x no longer being 1.0).
- Add equals and set_data functions to core::array for easier working with blocks of data.
- SIrrlichtCreationParameters::IgnoreInput set to false works again on X11.
Thanks @ Victor Gaydov for report + patch + very good test cases! (bug #401)
This had been broken since Irrlicht 1.6
- Add steer parameter to CSceneNodeAnimatorFollowSpline which allows rotating node toward direction of movement.
Thanks @ Bate for the patch (patch #175)
- Add a workaround for XWarpPointer bug that causes mouse to jump when users have set a Coordinate Transformation Matrix for their mouse on X11.
This was mentioned in bug #450 by vikaig.
The fix needs compiling with _IRR_LINUX_X11_XINPUT2_ enabled (so far disabled by default)
- Add IGeometryCreator::createTorusMesh to create donuts.
- Don't try loading broken image files twice with same loader anymore.
- Make CImageLoaderJPG thread safe. Thanks @ Edoardo Lolletti for report and patch (patch #324)
- Add ETCF_SUPPORT_VERTEXT_TEXTURE flag which can be used to enable vertex texture sampling support in Direct3D 9.
Note that this was enabled for a long time in 1.9 svn, but is now disabled by default.
- CGUIListBox now serializes the state of "Selected". Feature wish by chronologicaldot (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=52719)
- Bugfix: Changing focus with tab-keys now also work when elements are inside a modal screen.
- COBJMeshFileLoader using a bit more exact color conversion for 0-1 to 0-255 range (same now as SColorf::toSColor uses).
- Speedup for COBJMeshWriter
- Add blinkMode parameter to IGUIEnvironment::addModalScreen, so blinking can be suppressed
- Speedup: Avoid string copy in CXMLReaderImpl::getAttributeByName
- Fix bug in rect::clipAgainst that had caused rects completely outside to the left-top of the rect to be clipped against ending up with both corners outside.
It still worked for UI in most cases as the resulting rectangle still had an area of 0.
- Add getAlign functions to IGUIElement
- Add optional multitouch support to X11 (but disabled in IrrCompileConfig by default). Thanks @TheBrokenRail for a patch proposal based on example code from esjeon (patch #322).
- Slightly changed close window handling on X11 (optimized and avoids problems on some shells). Thanks @TheBrokenRail for a patch (was part of patch #322).
- Add getActiveColor functions to IGUIStaticText and IGUIButton (get currently used color).
- Add IGUIEnvironment::addToDeletionQueue to allow save removal of gui elements while iterating over them (like the same named function in ISceneManager).
- IGUIEnvironment::drawAll has now a parameter to allow disabling automatic resize to screensize. Makes it easier to use partial screens with full alignment support.
- No longer try to set WM_QUIT when using an external Window on Win32.
Thx @Marko Mahnic for the patch (https://sourceforge.net/p/irrlicht/bugs/449)
- ply meshloader now also supports textures with uv-labels named texture_u/texture_v.
Thx @acy for bugreport and test-model (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=52646)
- Fix potential reading/writing 1 byte behind it's own buffer in PLY loader.
Thanks @wolfgang for report and patch (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=52627&p=305573#p305573)
- ICursorControl::isVisible is now always returning the flag set in setVisible.
This changes the behaviour on Win32 somewhat when Windows returned a CURSOR_SUPPRESSED state (touch-screen input).
Previously we set IsVisible it to false when CURSOR_SUPPRESSED was set.
Also we handle the CURSOR_SUPPRESSED state slightly different now and still try to hide cursors once when requested.
- Improvements to B3D writer for speed, readability and handling of low framerate animations.
Thanks @JLouisB for the patch (For more info, see: http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=50067&start=15)
- Add another render pass ESNRP_GUI which is drawn last and is p.E. useful for rendering gui nodes in the scenemanager.
- BurningVideo: 0.52
- 10 year anniversary update
- Lighting model reworked. moved to eyespace like openGL. [Specular Highlights, Fog, Sphere/Reflection Map]
- increased internal s4DVertex to support 4 Textures and 4 Colors [switchable]
- Textures are handled as sRGB during Mipmap Generation. More accurate, less visual disruption
- 2D is drawn as 3D like hardware drivers. [switchable]. enables viewport scaling, material2D, scissor
- Texture Spatial Resolution Limiting working. [lower memory consumption,SOFTWARE_DRIVER_2_TEXTURE_MAXSIZE]
- NormalMap for 1 Light accurate. still all lights are accumulated
- SuperTuxKart 8.0.1 playable
- Internal Backbuffer Scaling and Interlacing
- Known Problems
- Depthbuffer range not equal to Hardware Drivers. Problems with Orthographic Stencil Shadows
- Triangle MipMap Selection. Wrong for TextureAtlas and Billboards
- Fix CPLYMeshFileLoader checking for wrong vertex count when switching between 16/32 bit. Thanks @randomMesh for reporting.
- Fix bug that AnimatedMeshSceneNode ignored ReadOnlyMaterials flag when checking materials for transparent render passes.
- Unify checks if materials should use transparent render pass with new IVideoDriver::needsTransparentRenderPass function.
- Material.ZWriteEnable is now of type E_ZWRITE instead of bool. This allows now setting materials to always "on" independent of material type and transparency.
This breaks compiling. To have old values replace false with EZW_OFF and true with EWZ_AUTO.
- Materials EMT_REFLECTION_2_LAYER and EMT_TRANSPARENT_REFLECTION_2_LAYER on OpenGL are now same as in D3D9. Before GL used a sphere-map for those instead of reflection.
- Bugfix: CGUIToolBar automatic placement no longer outside of screen when there are modals screens when creating it.
Or when there are other window elements going over full window-size.
Thanks to Stephen Lynx for the bugreport and to S�rgio Augusto Vianna for writing a test case with a bug example.
Changes: a) Never move the toolbar below it's parents lower border. b) No longer check all element-types, but only try to be below other toolbars or menues.
- Add a normalType parameter to IGeometryCreator::createCylinderMesh
- Add a normalsUpdate parameter to IMeshManipulator::transform to allow updating the normals with the inverse-transpose of the transformation matrix.
- Bugfix: quaternion::slerp now uses lerpN instead of lerp to keep result normalized.
- Add function quaternion::lerpN which is like lerp but normalizes the result.
- Add function ISceneManager::createShadowVolumeSceneNode to allow custom ISceneNode's to use shadows.
- CGUITabControl serialization changed to allow using custom tabs (before only CGUITab could be serialized).
There was a lot of rewriting involved, including some minor interface changes (IGUITab* can now be added directly for example).
See http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=52344 for a thread about this.
Thanks @chronologicaldot for bringing this up, writing a patch proposal and even writing test.
- CGUITabControl no longer eats EMIE_LMOUSE_PRESSED_DOWN (doesn't seem to need it, was just done for a planned feature which is not implemented yet).
- Removing a tab in CGUITabControl will now also remove the tab-element. Fixes problems like tabs still being around & visible when you removed the active tab.
- Add example 28.CubeMapping.
Based originally on EnvCubeMap example from irrSpintz engine.
Including a cubemap texture from Emil Persson, aka Humus from http://www.humus.name
- IGeometryCreator::createCubeMesh has a new parameter to allow creating different types of cube meshes.
Added a new cube-mesh with meshbuffers per side.
Also single buffer cube-mesh now normalizes it's normals.
- Bugfix: CBillboardTextSceneNode no longer disregards IsVisible flag
- FPS-camera rotation now smoother.
First bug was that it would sometimes skip back because it worked with wrong values for the screen-center position.
Second (and bigger) bug was that it ignored all cursor-movement which happened between device->run() and the point where
the animator did run. Tiny side-effect your camera will now rotate generally faster.
- Fix ms3d loader to work on big endian systems which need floats to be aligned in memory. Thanks @ kas1e, Corto and Salas for the patch (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=52538).
- Bugfix: COBJMeshFileLoder no longer overwrites transparency value with 1.0 when it's set before the diffuse color value in the mtl file. Thanks @Boshen for bugreport (#445).
- Bugfix: OpenGL no longer antialiasing stencil buffer when driver has antialiasing disabled.
- Add IShadowVolumeSceneNode::setOptimization to allow disabling optimizations for meshes were contour shadows fail.
- Stencil shadows work now also with directional light
- Add example 27.PostProcessing written by Boshen Guan
- Drivers can now try to create textures from images in more exotic color formats (like floating point formats). It depends on the driver how much that works (so far mainly OpenGL can handle it somewhat).
- Fix OpenGL to no longer switch colors red and blue in 24-bit RGB format. But warnings added to documentation to avoid 24-bit textures as they are generally just trouble.
- No longer try to convert ECF_R5G6B5 to ECF_A1R5G5B5 on OpenGL (just made texture-loading seem to fail).
- Add parameter SIrrlichtCreationParameters.WindowResizable. Mainly to work around troubles with SDL+OpenGL on some platforms where resizing later can be tricky/impossible.
- Add operator[] to vector2d and vector3d
- Bugfix: IrrlichtDevice::isWindowMinimized no longer returns true when it's maximized on Windows.
- Ignore degenerated faces in obj file loader when they would generate triangles where 2 vertices use identical indices.
- Add CMatrix4::transformVec4 to transform vectors with 4 elements (thx @ devsh)
- Add ITexture::getOriginalColorFormat to access color format of images used to create a texture
- Add IMemoryReadFile interface which allows direct access to memory block used as file.
- Add IReadFile::getType() interface to all users to find out what kind of class implements that interface.
- .dae/Collada reader/writer now handle whitespace in texture-filenames with escape characters (handle them as xs:anyURI).
- Add function string::insert.
- EditBox now still allows overwriting characters when the text-length is at max.
- Bugfix: CMatrix4::transformPlane was calculating the wrong plane-normal before.
- SViewFrustum::recalculateBoundingBox no longer includes camera position in the bounding-box. Only using frustum corners now. Thx @DevSH for bugreport & patch.
- Camera uses now OGL projection matrices with OpenGL driver. Fixes wrong near-plane values with OpenGL (showed too much before).
- Add a flag to most CMatrix4::buildProjectionMatrix functions to allow creating OpenGL projection matrices (target range of -w to w instead of 0 to w).
- Bugfix: CCameraSceneNode resets the IsOrthogonal flag to false now when it recalculates a projection matrix.
- SViewFrustum::setFrom and SViewFrustum constructor now use a parameter to allow to set the correct near clipping plane when the projection matrix doesn't use a target depth range of 0 to z, but for example -z to z. So OGL projections matrices can now also use it.
- Remove code to read boundingbox element in Collada reader as it's not in Collada specification.
- .dae/Collada reader now converts from Collada's right-handed to Irrlicht's left handed coordinate system (switching z to -z)
- Add irr::string::eraseTrailingFloatZeros to kick out trailing 0's for strings generated from floats.
- .dae/Collada writer now converts from Irrlicht's left-handed to Collada's right-handed coordinate system (switching z to -z)
- Switch Collada writer to utf8 xml's.
- Add IXMLWriterUTF8
- IColladaMeshWriter::writeScene got an additional flag to decide if root should be written.
- _IRR_MATERIAL_MAX_TEXTURES_ now set to 8 by default. So we can use now 8 textures per material without recompiling the engine.
Additionally there's a new global variable irr::video::MATERIAL_MAX_TEXTURES_USED which can be set to lower numbers to avoid most of the costs coming with this for people not needing more textures.
But using more textures via _IRR_MATERIAL_MAX_TEXTURES_ also has become less calculation intensive than it was in the past, so in release builds the difference is hardly noticeable.
- Serialization fixes for materials in irr format (in IVideoDriver::createAttributesFromMaterial/fillMaterialStructureFromAttributes).
- Add serialization for ToolTip to IGUIElement. Thanks @chronologicaldot for patch (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=52374)
- Try recovering lost device in D3D9 for 3 seconds when device reset fails after resizing Window.
- Add typedefs like value_type and size_type to array, list and map like std containers have. Thanks @SLC for idea (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=52363)
- Remove unused enum E_LOST_RESOURCE
- CGUIComboBox uses now EGDS_SCROLLBAR_SIZE instead of EGDS_WINDOW_BUTTON_WIDTH for the width of the listbox button to allow changing that without changing window topbar height.
Thanks @LunaRebirth for reporting. (Forum: http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=52297&p=303682#p303682)
- CGUIListbox, CGUITreeView and CGUITable now resize scrollbars when EGDS_SCROLLBAR_SIZE in the skin changes without having to re-create the elements.
This also fixes the problem that drawing looked wrong when this value got changed after the elements were created.
Thanks @LunaRebirth for reporting. (Forum: http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=52297&p=303682#p303682)
- Scrollbar buttons can no longer get larger than half the ScrollBar element to avoid them overlapping.
- Add IVideoDriver::swapMaterialRenderers to allow swapping the renderer used to render a certain material.
- IMeshManipulator functions createMeshWith1TCoords, createMeshWith2TCoords and createMeshWithTangents no longer weld vertices while converting meshes. Use IMeshManipulator::createMeshWelded if you need that welding.
- Add ITerrainSceneNode::setFixedBorderLOD to handle connecting terrain nodes without gaps. Thanks @diho for the bugreport, testcase and a patch proposal (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=51220).
- PLY loader now works with files which use "st" instead of "uv" for texture coordinates (like generated from Blender or Assimp). Thanks @JLouisB for patch (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=52261).
- STL writer does now also write binary files when EMWF_WRITE_BINARY flag is used. Based on patch from JLouisB (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=52261).
(EMWF_WRITE_COMPRESSED also still works for downward compatibility)
- Improved PLY exporter. Thanks for Patch from JLouisB. (Forum: http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=52261):
- Support for UV and vertex colors.
- Support for binary PLY files export with the EMWF_WRITE_BINARY flag
- Fix for the meshes with 32 bits index
- Fix wrong colors on big endian platforms with burnings renders. Thx @kas1e for reporting and @curaga for the patch (#318). Forum bug discussion at http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=52177.
- Fix bug #440 where OpenGL driver enabled second texture for single-texture materials when setMaterial was called twice. Thx@ "number Zero" for bugreport and test-case.
- Irrlicht icon now loaded with LR_DEFAULTSIZE to better support larger icon requests. Thx@ luthyr for report and bugfix.
- Cursor on X11 behaves now like on Win32 and doesn't try to clip positions to the window
- IImage::copyToWithAlpha has a new parameter to allow combining alpha value instead of replacing them. This uses new blitters called BLITTER_TEXTURE_COMBINE_ALPHA. Thx @chronologicaldot for providing this patch and @burningreggae for his feedback.
- Add _IRR_COMPILE_WITH_PARTICLES_ to control compilation of particle system
- Add IGUIImage::setDrawBackground to allow disabling background drawing even when no texture is set.
- Fix: IGUIContextMenu now raises sub-menu when they would otherwise be displayed below bottom-border of root gui element.
- Prevent initializing/quitting SDL several times when using more than one Irrlicht device.
- Reduce log-messages for "loaded texture" and "loaded mesh" from ELL_INFORMATION to ELL_DEBUG.
- Add IGUIButton::setOverrideColor to allow overriding text-color (same function as statictexts and editboxes have).
- Add functions IGUIButton::getClickShiftState and IGUIButton::getClickControlState to get shift/ctrl key-state when a button was clicked. Thanks @StarSonata for patch.
- Add function ISceneManager::clearAllRegisteredNodesForRendering.
- Add function IVideoDriver::queryTextureFormat to allow checking if a driver supports textures with a specific color format.
- ISceneManager::getMesh can now creates meshes with alternative cache-names.
- Lets the BSP loader find textures inserted with relative paths. Thx@ curaga for patch
- Slightly simplified ALLOC_STRATEGY_DOUBLE in arrays
- Add alternative BoundingBox calculation for BillboardSceneNode which can take in a camera node. Thx @Seven and @JacKDuRdEn for bugreports.
- FPS camera now supports keyboard rotation.
- Base FPS-camera movement on last position of mouse instead of always center (works better on platforms where cursor-placement is not allowed)
- Octrees with other vertex types than EVT_2TCOORDS can now also use VBO's.
- Add IOctreeSceneNode interface to control polygon clipping checks for octree scene nodes.
- Add support for different geometric primitives to meshbuffers. Thanks @gerdb for patch proposal (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=45999)
- change SEvent::SUserEvent.UserData1 and SEvent::SUserEvent.UserData1 from s32 to size_t to avoid cutting numbers on some 64-bit platforms (SDL and Windows)
- Improve speed of draw3DBox (OpenGL and D3D9). Thanks @zerochen for patch (https://sourceforge.net/p/irrlicht/patches/256)
- Support more keys on OSX "[]\". Thanks @neoascetic for patch (#313).
- Fix IBillboardTextSceneNode::setTextColor which did nothing in the past. It now maps to setColor instead.
- Add access functions to IBillboardTextSceneNode (getText, getFont).
- Add access functions to ITextSceneNode (getText, getTextColor, setFont, getFont).
- Try harder to move Window to custom WindowPosition set in SIrrlichtCreationParameters on X11. Thx@ Hernan Ezequiel Di Giorgi for the patch (#304).
- Fix bug in virtual filessystem which prevented createFileList from working. Thx @Cube for reporting a problem.
- ITriangleSelector now can also return meshbuffer collision information.
- core::string::split now adds delimiter to token before delimiter when keepSeparators is true. That way we never end up with 2 tokens for an original string with a single character.
- Bugfix: SMesh::recalculateBoundingBox() does now ignore empty boundingboxes of meshbuffers instead of adding them.
- IIrrXMLReader::getAttributeValueAsInt and IIrrXMLReader::getAttributeValueAsFloat can now return a custom default-value when the attribute is not found.
- core::string::split now handles ignoreEmptyTokens=false correct. Thanks @manni63 for bugreport: http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=51551&p=299375#p299375
- Bugfix: Previously when some material had a texture matrix and another didn't those materials were still considered identical. Which had prevented correct switching between materials with and without texture matrices.
- IWriteFile::write now returning size_t (like fwrite in c-lib). Also sizeToWrite parameter changed from u32 to size_t.
- IReadFile::read now returning size_t (like fread in c-lib). Also sizeToRead parameter changed from u32 to size_t.
- add clear function to strings.
- Collision manager now using const camera pointers.
- Several fixes for SceneNodeAnimatorCollisionResponse, based on http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=33098&p=290746
Thanks to all people who reported and to JLouisB and kinkreet for the patches:
- Gravity is now fps independent
- Values of gravity now like documented (wasn't 1 unit = 1m before, had been 1m = current frames per second, so maybe 100 units = 1m).
Note that jump-values for fps-camera must also change when adapting gravity!
Several examples got adapted for new ranges.
- Pausing timer now pauses animator. Also doesn't reset values anymore with pauses.
- Clones no longer have 1000 times the gravity of original animator.
- Should now be fps independent
- Speedup CTriangleSelector (mainly for animated meshes)
- CTriangleSelector now supports 32-bit meshbuffers. Thanks @Wol101 for reporting and patch-proposal.
- Fix: CTriangleSelector no longer resets it's boundingbox to 0,0,0 (was wrong when a meshbuffer was not around 0)
- Fix: Collada writer now uses wrap_p for third texture wrap value instead of invalid wrap_w (thx @Yoran for bugreport)
- Several getter functions in IAttributes made const (thx @Erik Schultheis for the patch)
- Fix: CTriangleSelector no longer ignores meshbuffer transformations from skinned meshes (thx @AlexAzazel for report and test-model).
- Randomizer now returns range 0..randMax as documented and no longer 1..randMax as it did before. randMax got reduced by 1.
Note: You will generally get different numbers than before! If you need the exact old calculations, please check the corresponding sources in Irrlicht 1.8 in os.cpp/.h
- Resetting Randomizer with 0 or no longer breaks it (will be set to 1). Same for other numbers for which it wasn't defined.
- Add SMaterialLayer::TextureWrapW for cubemap texture wrap mode at W axis.
- Add cubemap texture support for D3D9 and OpenGL drivers.
- Do no longer re-calculate md2 frames when they don't change (thx @npc for reporting)
- Add multibyteToWString wrapper functions around mbstowcs which work with Irrlicht string class.
- Fix: addFileArchive now grab()'s the archive when you pass one in by pointer.
- Fix: Prevent division by 0 in CGUIScrollBar::setPos
- Fix: Add missing serialization to CSceneNodeAnimatorCameraFPS and CSceneNodeAnimatorCameraMaya
- Fix: File-open dialog now restores the original locale after modifying it internally
- Fix first calculation of the camerascenenode boundingsphere.
- Fix bug with ignored opening brace in .X files with DeclData section. Thx @Alin for bugreport and patch.
- Fix problem with OpenGL textures cache.
- Add clear buffer flags and marked some methods used for clear buffers as deprecated.
- Fix skinned meshes not playing their last frame. Also clarified animation documentation to describe current behavior more exactly.
- Add IWriteFile::flush interface (thx @ JLouisB for the patch).
- CLightSceneNode::updateAbsolutePosition does now light recalculations. This is to fix using animators with lights.
- Fix Collada export for objects with rotations around more than 1 axis.
- Add ISceneNodeAnimatorCameraMaya::setTargetMinDistance and getTargetMinDistance.
- Add override font to IGUITreeView
- CGUIComboBox now updates selection-list when font changes while it's open (thx @ rubixcuber for bugreport)
- CAnimatedMeshSceneNode::setMesh does now set the animation speed again to that of the mesh (had been changed in 1.7, but not for obvious reasons)
- .x meshloader regards now AnimTicksPerSecond (thx @qian for a test-model and bugreport)
- Interface getMeshType moved from IAnimatedMesh up to IMesh.
- Add b3d mesh-writer. Static writer written by Hendu, support for animated meshes added by JLouisB, testing and bugfixes by CuteAlien.
- Node-collision functions of SceneCollisionManager like getSceneNodeFromScreenCoordinatesBB will now ignore collisions against empty boundingboxes.
- Cameras return again an empty boundingbox (at 0,0,0) instead of returning the frustum boundingbox (was changed in very old Irrlicht version).
You can access the frustum boundingbox through the frustum itself.
This means cameras no longer show up in the node-collision of the SceneCollisionManager (showing up there because of their frustum bounding-box was too confusing).
- Fix problem in IrrlichtDevice::setResizable on X11 that caused window titlebars to hide occasionally under the taskbar in some systems (Ubuntu, Mint).
- Added new IRenderTarget interface.
- Replace the swprintf and snprintf defines by swprintf_irr and snprintf_irr to avoid conflicts with the standard libraries (and other libraries).
- XBox support removed as it would need DX8 (this was about the original XBox).
- Support for Direct3D 8 removed after svn revision 5052 due to lack of maintenance.
- _IRR_IMPLEMENT_MANAGED_MARSHALLING_BUGFIX removed. This was a bugfix for VS2003 (in combination with .NET) which we haven't supported in a while.
- VS 2005 support removed after svn revision 5048.
- WinCE 6 supported removed after svn revision 5046.
- NVidia CG support removed after svn revision 5045 due to lack of maintenance. NVidia has also stopped supporting this.
- TA burningvideo:
enabled triangle fan again so that skybox works.[need more testmeshes if other trianglefan than skybox doesn't work]
correct vc2013 project files for x64,static lib
correct alphablend vs add [was broken]
- Add a new core::rect constructor which takes a dimension parameter and set's left-top to 0.
- mtl (obj) format reader and write now regards texture scaling and translation. (thx @thanhle for noticing and patch proposal).
- Added Visual Studio 2013 project files.
- Added new color formats: ECF_R8, ECF_R8G8, ECF_D16, ECF_D32, ECF_D24S8.
- Can now enable/disable background drawing for IGUITable.
- Bugfix: Cloning CBillboardSceneNode now copies colors and sizes.
- EditBox works now with numpad on X11
- Added helper functions for converting between wchar and utf-8. Patch provided by Hendu.
- Added sphere frustum culling support. Patch provided by Hendu.
- Fixed issues with setViewPort method under OpenGL. (reported by anontypist)
- Fixed several selection, highlighting and clipping bugs in CGUITreeview (thx @ AReichl for the patch + test)
- Removed DllMain from the static windows build (thx @ AReichl for reporting)
- Fixed maximize/minimize under Linux by supporting NETWM hints. Patch provided by hendu.
- ISceneNode::deserializeAttributes uses now old values for parameters which are not in the attributes (thx @entity for noticing).
- Add interface for easier access to scrollbars for IGUIListBox, IGUITreeView and IGUITable
- Fix serializing colors as strings. Was previously mixing up strings with number-arrays and hex color values. Now using hex color values always, but also fixed the the handling when it get's number-array strings.
- Fix IAttributes::setAttribute implementation for textures (did do nothing before).
- Added support for separate blending in OpenGL and D3D9 drivers.
- Added pack_textureBlendFuncSeparate and unpack_textureBlendFuncSeparate functions, which allow to use separate blending functions in OpenGL.
- Added BlendFactor field to SMaterial which allow user to set blending factor per SMaterial set call without use EMT_ONETEXTURE_BLEND type.
- Fixed issue with blending operation set to EBO_NONE and some transparent material types.
- Add a code profiler (stop-watch style)
- Add IGUITable::getItemHeight to access item (row) height
- Add override font to IGUITable
- IGUITable can now disable the active column.
- IGUIElement::getElementFromPoint now virtual
- Fixed issue with wrongly enabled Z-writing for transparent shader materials. Thanks Hendu for this fix.
- Allow more control over particle behavior. This also changed the default behavior.
- ISceneNodeAnimators can now be disabled and paused.
- Maya camera no longer get's stuck in "rotating" state when a mouse-up event is lost (thx @ JLouisB for reporting).
- Focus behavior of IGUIEnvironment now controllable (right-click focus, mouse-over focus). Disabled elements no longer get the focus unless users enforce it.
- Buttons can now now have 7 more image-states, 1 more sprite-state and the sprites are now scaleable.
- Spritebanks can now draw scaled sprites and are a little easier to use.
- Improved i18n key input for X11 (languages like cyrillic work now).
- Fix bug that ListBox would not allow to 'tab' to the next element (thx @ FlavourBoat for reporting)
- IGUIEnvironment::getNextElement now public (was only in CGUIEnvironment before).
- Add an overwrite mode to editbox. Patch provided by Adam(aka kingadami).
- Add IGUIImages::setDrawBounds/getDrawBounds to allow coding stuff like progress bars.
- Add IGUIImages::setSourceRect/getSourceRect to allow using only parts of an image (can also be used to mirror and scroll them).
- Dev-Cpp project file removed (wasn't really supported for some time already)
- Collada dae-loader now set's the vertex colors (thx @sf17k for report and test-models)
- IAttributes interface changed. Parameters are now passed by const-ref instead of per value.
- Fix c::b project obj folder names. Some static builds had used the shared folders (thx @ gerdb for reporting)
- Add ITexture::getSource which can be used to check where the last IVideoDriver::getTexture call found the texture.
- Add IMeshTextureLoader interface and replace texture-loading algorithms in most meshloaders.
- CGUICheckBox no longer gives up focus on EMIE_LMOUSE_LEFT_UP (thx @Demre and @REDDemon for reporting)
- Bugfix: IGUIElement::addChild now prevents setting an element as it's own child.
- GUI editor improvements (prevent crash, improve UI)
- Add IrrlichtDevice::setWindowSize.
- Bugfix: getFont for xml-fonts now also works for fonts inside archives (thx @Neirdan for bugreport)
- Added function irr::core::mergeFilename
- Add ISceneNodeAnimator::setStartTime/getStartTime to allow resetting movement animators.
- Improve speed for finalizing skinned meshes (removal of unnecessary frames after loading) (thx @ichtyander for the testmodel)
- Collada loader now instantiates camera nodes which had been ignore so far (thx @NemoStein for the test .dae)
- line2d::intersectWith has a new parameter to allow ignoring intersections with coincident lines
- vector2d::equals now has an tolerance parameter for passing the epsilon (like vector3d had). Note that this changes the default
behavior of vector2d::equals as well as functions using it like the operators for ==, !=, <, >, <=, >= when using vector2d with f64
as the tolerance is increased in that case (for f32 and integer values it shouldn't make any difference).
- Material renderers which offers blending feature (eg. EMT_TRANSPARENT_ALPHA_CHANNEL, EMT_ONETEXTURE_BLEND etc.) require SMaterial::BlendOperation set to other value than EBO_NONE.
- Removed support for built-in T&L variables in ASM/GLSL shaders (variables related to vertices eg. gl_MultiTexCoord0 are still supported). This change allow us to reduce CPU overhead in shader material renderers.
- IGUIEnvironment::hasFocus has now a parameter checkSubElements as subelements are usually seen as part of an element. Default unfortunately must be false due to backward compatibility.
- Add IGUIElement::isTrulyVisible which works like ISceneNode::isTrulyVisible and checks for parent visibility as well.
- Improved DDS loader and added support for DXTn (DXT1-5) compressed textures in OpenGL and Direct3D9 drivers.
- Add function ISceneNode::getTransformedBoundingBoxEdges.
- Improve automatic compiling under Solaris (proposed by curaga)
- Add in IGUICheckBox: setDrawBackground, isDrawBackgroundEnabled, setDrawBorder, isDrawBorderEnabled
- IGUISpinBox now passes on the EGET_BUTTON_CLICKED, EGET_EDITBOX_CHANGED and EGET_EDITBOX_ENTER events from it's sub-elements.
- IGUISpinBox no longer validates values after each character type but only on KEY_ENTER and when losing focus. New behavior can be set with IGUISpinBox::setValidateOn
- IAttributes::getAttributeAs functions now can have a customizable default-parameter to return when attributeName is not found
- Added ECFN_DISABLED value (it works like ECFN_NEVER worked before) and changed ECFN_NEVER behaviour
(it works like its equivalent value in OpenGL/Direct3D).
- Removed boolean interface from IShaderConstantSetCallBack, please use integer interface instead of them.
- Add a LeakHunter class which can be enabled with compile-flag _IRR_COMPILE_WITH_LEAK_HUNTER_ to find leaking IReferenceCounted objects.
- Add _IRR_COMPILE_WITH_XML_ define to allow compiling Irrlicht without xml (patch written by curaga)
- Add functions to set/get cursor character and blinktime to IGUIEditBox
- Collada exporter calculates values for orthographic camera now on export
- Collada exporter now exports the camera up-vector correctly.
- Add IColladaMeshWriter::findGeometryNameForNode
- Add getters IGUIButton::isDrawBorderEnabled and IGUIButton::isDrawBackgroundEnabled
- changed CSkyBoxSceneNode to drawIndexedTriangleList instead of drawIndexedTriangleFan (because software renderers don't have fans.. and i needed the demo functionable)
- added x64 to vs2008 project ( buildAllExamples_v9 ) [paths: obj64, win64-visualstudio]
- burningvideo: getMaxTextureSize adjusted [ changed meaning of SOFTWARE_DRIVER_2_TEXTURE_MAXSIZE
- burningvideo: mipmaplevel adjusted ( not that bad bokeh...(sometimes) )
Changes in 1.8.5
- Update script to generate tutorial.html's in example folders. Add missing ones. Update existing ones. Thanks @Guillian J for noticing those were outdated.
- Update libpng to 1.6.37 (from 1.6.23)
- Fix CIrrDeviceSDL::getVideoModeList which didn't return video modes before. Thx @kas1e for report and patch.
- CIrrDeviceMacOSX now sets the SEvent.MouseInput Shift and Control values on mouse events like the other devices. Thanks @ Zero King for patch (#321)
- isWindowFocused in IrrDeviceSDL device now returns the input focus like the other devices. Before it was returning a mouse-over-window state.
- Prevent SDL device from dropping OpenGL resources on Win32 when setResizable was called with OpenGL driver. Thanks @ kas1e for reporting (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=52083&start=0)
And thanks to http://www.bytehazard.com/articles/sdlres.html for the workaround.
- Fix isWindowActive when using SDL device. Before it was only active when the mouse was over the window. Thanks @ kas1e for reporting (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=52083&start=0)
- Fix SViewFrustum::clipLine. Was before clipping at wrong points (inverse places along lines).
- Fix compilation on OSX and prevent capturing mouse cursor when Window is not on top (Patch #319)
Thanks at Artem Shoobovych for bugreport and patch (https://sourceforge.net/p/irrlicht/patches/319/)
- Fix serialization of OverrideTextColorEnabled flag in CGUITab. Thanks @ chronologicaldot for reporting (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=52344&p=303891#p303891)
- CFileSystem::getAbsolutePath no longer wrongly converts an empty filename to "/" on unix platforms.
This fixes the bug that CFileSystem::createAndOpenFile("") returned a (strange behaving) non-null file pointer.
Additional check also added in createAndOpenFile to early out on empty names.
- Fix bug in cursor positions when compiled with newer Windows SDK's (v110 in VS2012) and running on Systems >= Windows Vista in windowed mode.
Thanks @Mustapha Tachouct for the bugreport and patch proposal. Also thanks @BakeMyCake for an earlier report.
- IOSOperator::getSysteMemory() no longer returns incorrect values with >2GB. Thanks @Eduline - human development for report and patch.
- Increase KEY_KEY_CODES_COUNT to fix problem with laptop keyboards which return the keycode 0xff for the function key. Thx @Klokancz for bugreport and patch.
- Fix bug when calling activateJoysticks on windows several times. It had appened joystick information instead of replacing it, thereby increasing joystick number on each call.
Only happened compiling with _IRR_COMPILE_WITH_DIRECTINPUT_JOYSTICK_ (which is the default). Linux and SDL implementation not affected.
Thx @Andrea Demetrio for the bugreport.
- Fix bug in fast_atof when reading floating point numbers with more than 16 digits past the dot. Those produced completely wrong results (sometimes even causing INF numbers).
This bug also did cause many meshloaders to have problems with certain meshes (basically all text-based formats are affected).
- Accuracy of fast_atof is back to older Irrlicht versions (fixes test warnings, usually not a noticable problem).
- Fix crash in eventhandling when calling remove() on a contextmenu while it has focus.
- CImageLoaderJPG::isALoadableFileFormat uses a test which allows to load more jpg formats (for example uncompressed jpg's). Thx @Yaron Cohen-Tal for report, test-image and his help with the patch.
Changes in 1.8.4 (9th July 2016, svn r5321)
- Tests on Unix now have a short pause between switching drivers to avoid certain X11 errors.
- Fix CEnumAttribute::getInt() which could crash (thx @ luthyr for reporting)
- No longer try to run tests for drivers not supported on a platform
- Update lights and renderTargetTexture tests to work with Windows 10 (can't have so tiny Windows anymore).
- Deprecate CMatrix4::transformBox as the result is no longer a boundingbox. Use CMatrix4::transformBoxEx instead (which has been available for a long time).
- Fix CSceneCollisionManager::getPickedNodeBB which could sometimes miss collisions.
- Add -U__STRICT_ANSI__ option to c::b project files to allow compiling with -std=c++11 and add an error when trying to compile with Irrlicht with __STRICT_ANSI__
- Update libpng to 1.6.23
- Update zlib to 1.2.8
- Fix some compile warnings in aes which got handled as errors by some c++11 compilers.
- Get rid of some misleading-indentation warnings in gcc6
- Fix serialization of the InputReceiverEnabled flag in CCameraSceneNode
- Fix pasting text from X11 applications to Irrlicht. Thanks @est31 for the patch.
- Tests give now a warning when stabilizing screenshots failed. Aslo trying more often now (a hack as taking screenshots otherwise fails often in windowed mode on some systems).
Changes in 1.8.3 (13.9.2015)
- Fix the fix for compiling on GCC5 (thanks to est31 for report and patch)
Changes in 1.8.2 (30.8.2015)
- Add VS2013 project files
- Fix compiling with IRR_LINUX_XCURSOR_
- Fix compiling with NO_IRR_COMPILE_WITH_LIBJPEG_ (thx to anontypist for report and patch).
- Fix compiling on GCC5 on MinGW (thanks to Slipxy for finding the bug and to osense for reporting it).
- Fix loading of .X and .B3D models with non-normalized quaternion rotations (thanks to JLouisB for a test-model).
- Fix compiling on Free BSD (thanks to leper for reporting and patch)
- Fix bug with multiple SetPixelFormat calls. (reported and fixed by anontypist)
- Fix bug related to memory release in PNG image loader. Thanks elephoenix for it.
- Fix crash in CGUIListBox when users pressed end key folled by any other key in an empty, focused list box (thanks at porcus for report and patch).
- Fix use of enabling defines for wal2 (halflife) image loader. Thanks to hendu for noticing.
- Fix userClipPlane test by inserting the stabilizeScreenBackground call
- Demo enables antialiasing now correct (thanks to Mel for noticing).
- Update glext.h (bug #429)
- Example 22 no longer select a random texture after loading a new texture (thanks at mongoose7 for reporting).
- Fix bug in IGUISkin serialization which messed up serialization of the button-pressed offsets (thanks at Midnight for reporting).
- IGUIStaticText::getTextHeight returns now the correct height for texts with newlines even WordWrap is not set.
- Crashfix for CGUIEditBox. CGUIEditBox::setMultiLine must break text when changed or other functions like getTextDimension can crash afterward for strings with newline characters.
- CGUIEditBox and the GUI-Editor now convert pasted text correctly using mbstowcs.
- C::B project files work again on newer Linux-distributions which have cleaned up their dev-lib dependencies.
- Makefile for the new IrrFontTool links now correctly to libfontconfig
Changes in 1.8.1 (17.11.2013)
- Improved OpenGL performance under OSX (Thanks devonsoft for reporting).
- Fixed OSX compilation issues.
- [KNOWN BUG] Software driver doesn't work properly under OSX 10.9.
- For speed improvement the following attributes accessible by ISceneManager::getParameters() are no longer updated in release:
"culled", "calls", "drawn_solid", "drawn_transparent", "drawn_transparent_effect".
They can be enabled by compiling Irrlicht with the define _IRR_SCENEMANAGER_DEBUG.
Thanks @hendu for reporting, see http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=48211 for the discussion.
- Fix compile problem with CIrrDeviceSDL on VS2008 (and maybe other systems). Thanks @HellFlip for reporting.
- Fix quaternion::rotationFromTo() (Thanks @takamoto for reporting)
- Fix iszero for s64 (Thanks @chronologicaldot for reporting)
- Fix crash in SoftwareDriver2 when Material was EMT_DETAIL_MAP but texture[1] was not set (Thanks for fix by chronologicaldot)
- Fix buffer overrun in x-loader (Thanks for fix by Otaka)
- Fix cursor visibility update problem under Windows 8 (Thanks @luthyr for reporting)
- Fix irredit links in loadScene/saveScene docs.
- Fix issue in CAnimatedMeshSceneNode::clone which caused a crash. (reported and fixed by luthyr)
- Fix compiling errors for c++ builder (thx @Greatwolf for many patches and @cfanderek for reminding)
- Initialized IColladaMeshWriter::GeometryWriting which was uninitialized.
- Fix linker trouble with irr::core::equalsByUl when compiling Irrlicht as managed code (thx @ Memorial76 for a report + testcase)
- Fix crashes in CCubeSceneNode::clone and CSphereSceneNode::clone (reported by marsupial)
- Fix the clipping in the listbox drawing which was only showing the right line of the sunken pane (reported by Mloren and Abraxas).
- Initialize slider in example 05 correct (reported by Zerochen)
- Fix crash in CMeshSceneNode::clone when the mesh had no shadow (reported by christianclavet, bug-fix found by Nadro)
Changes in 1.8 (7.11.2012)
- Let sphere mesh use full opaque color, just as all the other ones do
- Gcc on Win32 (MinGW) now also works with the _w file access functions when compiled with _IRR_WCHAR_FILESYSTEM. (thx @ alexzk for reporting compile troubles)
- Fix a bunch of off-by one errors in irr::core::string in functions equals_substring_ignore_case, findFirst, findFirstChar, findNext, findLast, findLastChar, replace, remove and removeChars.
This prevents some potential memory access errors, find functions no longer try to find the \0, replace no longer replaces the \0 and remove no longer tries to remove it (which did remove the last character instead).
- matrix4::setRotationAxisRadians added
- user clipplanes fixed
- Skip rendering of lines, points, and polygons, as these lead to crahses due to wrong access to the vertex lists. A fix would need major rewrite of the vertex cache, or at least some other render methods.
- Add mipmap generation for makeColorKeyTexture
- Add another saveScene overload which allows to pass in a user-created XMLWriter. Patch suggested by eversilver.
- quaternion conversions to and from matrix4 no longer invert rotations.
To test if your code was affected by this you can set IRR_TEST_BROKEN_QUATERNION_USE in quaternion.h and try to compile your application.
Then on all compile-errors when you pass the matrix to the quaternion you can replace the matrix with the transposed matrix.
For all errors you get on getMatrix() you can use quaternion::getMatrix_transposed instead.
- CGUIEnvironment::loadGui - loading a gui into a target-element no longer messes up when the gui-file contained guienvironment serialization.
- Colladawriter now exports materials per node when those are used in Irrlicht
- Colladawriter now writing matrices for node transformations as old solution did not work with CDummyTransformationSceneNode's.
- Colladawriter no longer create an extra node for the scenemanger as <visual_scene> has that job in Collada.
- Colladwriter no longer makes all Scenenodes children of ambient-light as that can be parallel on the same layer instead.
- Colladareader now creates the ambient-light correct instead of creating a point-light for it.
- Add new parameter to array reallocate function. This prevents a reallocation in case the array would become smaller. As the reallocation operation is quite time consuming, this can be avoided on request now, on the expense of more memory consumption.
- Add IAnimatedMeshSceneNode::getLoopMode (asked for by JLouisB)
- CSceneNodeAnimatorCameraFPS now resets the key-input when it was disabled (thx @ gerdb for reporting and patch-proposal)
- Properly destroy OpenGL resources on linux (thx @curaga for the patch)
- Fix diplay bux in the attribute-panel of the GUIEditor. Fixes bug 3517314 (thx @Darkcoder for reporting).
- Allow caching cursor position on X11 to work around slow XQueryPointer calls (thx @Hendu for reporting+patch proposal)
- Make sure after EGET_EDITBOX_ENTER and EGET_COMBO_BOX_CHANGED event processing no more code is executed for the corresponding editbox or combobox objects to allow clearing the environment on those actions (see comments on bug-id 2995838).
- Fix string::replace which failed replacing substrings at the end when the replacement was longer
- Struct packing works now with gcc 4.7 changes on MinGW (thx @Sudi for reporting).
- Struct packing uses now same solution throughout (by including headers in corresponding places)
- User can now set characters used for decimal point in fast_atof for localisation.
- Add parameter useAlphaChannel to second IGUIEnvironment::addImage function.
- Get rid of unnecessary warning "Could not load sprite bank because the file does not exist" for "#defaultfont".
- Fix MRT disabling. Bug found and fixed by hendu.
- core:::array::reallocate returning now immediately when it has nothing to do. Should reduce a lot of memory thrashing on irrArrays.
- Start mesh animations at first OnAnimate , before start-frame was rather random. Thx @Auria for reporting and patch proposal.
- renderTargetTexture now working with ECF_R5G6B5
- add -fPic in c::b linux fast math shared build.
- Fix by Auria for starting the animated meshes only at first OnAnimate instead of at random times and animation frames.
- Add support for MAX_COMBINED_TEXTURES, which allows more texture support than with the original fixed pipeline texture check under OpenGL. Now, more than 4 textures should also work with newer gfx cards and drivers, which often only support 4 fixed pipeline textures.
- triangle3d::isPointInsideFast now using some epsilon to catch all points on the borders.
- triangle3d::getIntersectionOfPlaneWithLine calculates now with higher precision for more exact results.
- triangle3d::isOnSameSide (used by isPointInside) calculates now with higher precision and uses some epsilon to make it work with larger integers and less floating point troubles. Slightly slower now.
- new function equalsByUlp to test for spacing between floating point numbers.
- speedup for collada writing.
- speedup for xml-writing.
- Fix 8bit grey image TGAs, which were not working due to missing palette. Also switched to RGB8 format, as otherwise a loss in precision would occur. Thanks to Klunk for the error report and a test image.
- fixed issues with a D3D driver and Aero effects.
- Fix font-drawing in CGUIButton to use EGDF_BUTTON again (thx @DJLinux for reporting).
- Add texture cache with proper reference handling. This avoids deletion of textures while still being active on the GPU. Test case and fix by m(att)giuca
- CFileSystem::removeFileArchive now checking for normalized path
- Fix zip's with passwords on 64-bit systems (thx @ Dr. Gladman for writing the bugfix)
- replace asserts in tests with macro assert_log to allow running all tests through on problems.
- added IGUIElement::setName and IGUIElement::getName (similar to ISceneNode)
- irr::s64 support
- line2d::getClosestPoint can now also get the closest point on the line additional to only checking for closest point on the line-segment.
- avoid division by zero in line2d::getClosestPoint when start- and endpoint are identical
- Support for sw drivers under OSX
- Fix font-loading which got broken by fixed xml-loading. Thanks @ pc0de for finding and providing a test and patch.
- Don't crash draw2DSpriteBatch when it get's no textures.
- Add support for int passing in setShaderConstant
- Support for better collada texture wrapping support on loading.
- Fix for render context change where only the window id is given. We now try to change only the window ID, keeping context and display unchanged. Suggestion by vovo4ka from the forum.
- XML-reader now ignores all whitespace-only EXN_TEXT elements as old way didn't work in cross-platform way (and arguably also not well on Windows).
- CXMLReader initializes IsEmptyElement now.
- line2d::intersectWith and and line2d::getClosestPoint work now also with integers.
- line2d::intersectWith and and line2d::getClosestPoint work now also with integers.
- line2d::getMiddle and line3d::getMiddle work now also with integers. But can be slower for compilers which are not optimizing division by 2 to multiplication by 0.5 for floats.
- Add Nadro's initial Cg support. Example 10 is enhanced to allow also Cg shaders.
- Add mipmap support from FBO extension, patch by Nadro.
- Add vertex optimization algorithm submitted by curaga
- rename texureBlend functions to textureBlend
- Add threshold for slerp calculation, switching between linear and slerp at this point.
- Fix for bug 3401933 - vertex color interpolation with shadow volumes in the scene
- Fixed bug in button sprites reported by RdR
- Fixed button state sprite animations for pressed, focused and hovered.
- Added serialization for terrain smooth factor, patch by RdR
- Implemented more button states for sprite banks, patch submitted by RdR
- Add IGUIEnvironment::getHovered to get the element most recently known to be under the mouse cursor
- Add FPS settings for animated meshes, which allows to push animation speed from files to Irrlicht animation system
- Maya camera updates
- Add support for bsp brush entities. Written by Hendu.
- weighted normals recalculation fixed
- Billboard improvements
- API docs updates
- triangle selector improvements
- OSX improvements by Auria
- Add new methods for adding and removing file archives based on ifilearchive pointers.
- Add getBackgroundColor, isDrawBackgroundEnabled and isDrawBorderEnabled to IGUIStaticText (thx 4 patch from Nalin).
- Reduction of multiple skinning the same mesh and frame in one render cycle
- Added ISceneNodeAnimatorCameraFPS::getKeyMap and a new ISceneNodeAnimatorCameraFPS::setKeyMap.
- CSceneNodeAnimatorCameraFPS uses now SKeyMap instead of SCamKeyMap (structs were identical which was confusing and there wasn't any explanation in comments, so I decided to simplify it).
- Add some workaround to MeshViewer to show how we can currently fix the FPS-cam when users to alt-tab while moving. We can improve that some day when we have focus-events, but this works for now.
- Fix LZMA decompression
- Ply normal fixes
- HW buffers only support rendering with both vertex and index buffers
- Enables VBOs for water node
- Octree support for non-standard vertex meshes
- Fix rotationFromTo
- Added ConstIterator
- Fix for getScreenCoordinatesFrom3DPosition to use proper RTT sizes
- Add IGUIComboBox::setMaxSelectionRows and IGUIComboBox::getMaxSelectionRows
- Scenemanager switches from type ESNT_UNKNOWN to type ESNT_SCENE_MANAGER.
- Add getActiveFont to all elements which have setOverrideFont for cleaner code
- Add getOverrideFont to all elements which have setOverrideFont to have a consistent interface
- IGUIEditBox: added missing serialization for Border
- IGUIEditBox: remove bug that added spaces to the end of each line
- IGUIEditBox: fix crash that happened when wordwrapping was enabled, spaces were entered beyond the border and then cursor-key was pressed.
- IGUIEditBox::setDrawBackground added.
- CGUISkin::draw3DSunkenPane no longer ignores fillBackGround in non-flat mode. Also borderlines are no longer drawn overlapping to avoid ugly corners.
- CDummyTransformationSceneNode::clone() added.
- IParticleSystemSceneNode::doParticleSystem now public to allow rendering outside scenegraph.
- getRelativeFilenames updates and fixes
- Renamed IOSOperator::getOperationSystemVersion to getOperatingSystemVersion. Changed return type from wchar_t to core::stringc, as that's the internal representation the name is built on.
- Added IGUITabControl::insertTab, IGUITabControl::removeTab, IGUITabControl::clear and IGUITabControl::getTabAt
- Add 32bit support to some mesh manipulator methods
- Fix mipmap locking under OpenGL
- Improvement of screenshot function to support more color formats and targets
- getAngle fix to avoid NaNs
- Available gfx memory output in log messages
- Improved 2d render settings and caching
- Initial suppport for sRGB render functions
- Improved terrain scene node rendering
- Paletted png image support fixed
- Gamma settings in image loaders improved
- Support for relative filenames in serialization
- Access to selectors inside meta selectors implemented
- DirectInput joystick support
- Support for scaling with draw2dimage with burnings video
- More gl extensions have correctly initialised return values
- Some fixes for quaternion to euler function
- Properly return nullptr if RTT creation fails on low levels
- Added IGUIListBox::getItemAt
- Add more image formats tried to load by q3 level loader
- Add fast_atof improvements from assimp, also strtoul10 method
- Add blend equation function for MRTs
- Add new material fields for blend operation and polygon offset (depth bias).
- Reorder texture stage assignments
- Improved VSync handling
- Fix Ogre loader for materials with more than one texture
- Fix createMeshCopy material handling
- Framework target for OSX project added
- Terrain scene node fixes
- Fix HSL color class
- Fix color selection GUI element
- Transparency issues in particle system fixed
- Particle sphere emitter rand values fixed
- Support Unicode SHY dynamic hypen in word wrap
- Fix OBJ reader sometimes running over EOF
- Added IGUITable::getColumnWidth
- Billboard text animates in OnAnimate now
- Fix mountpoint reader to properly sync file names and firectories
- Added the ability to open an archive from an IReadFile*, added a FileToHeader tool with instructions of how to make a portable app that consists of a single executable file.
- Added suppport for right-to-left (RTL) text, supplied by Auria from STK
- Added ISceneManager::createSceneNodeAnimator to create animators by name
- The Makefile now creates a symlink from the soname to the binary name during install. Binary compatibility is only confirmed between same minor releases.
- Added SMF mesh loader, loads meshes from 3D World Studio. Originally written by Joseph Ellis
- The loader selection process now consistently checks loader lists in reverse order, so new loaders added to Irrlicht override the internal ones. This applies when adding external mesh, image, scene and archive loaders, image writers, plus node, animator and GUI element factories.
- Added getters to retrieve mesh, scene and archive loaders.
- Added ISceneLoader interface and .irr loader. Users can now add their own scene loaders to the scene manager and use them by calling loadScene.
- Renamed IGUIElement::bringToBack to sendToBack, like in Windows
- Send EGET_ELEMENT_CLOSED event when context menus should be closed (thx @ Mloren for reporting).
- Added treeview to GUI editor, provided by Armen
- Added root type for GUI environment
- zip archive fixes: Fix directory tags in file list. Fix loading of stream zip files which have file sizes only in the central directory.
- Fixed panel scrollbars in GUI editor, reported by Armen
- Fix b3d loading of files with mixed mesh/bone sections.
- Fix particle emitters which used integer random numbers so far. The distributions of the particles should be much better (and the code also somewhat faster) now.
- Add new random method frand: Returns a random number in the interval [0..1] and gives better distributions than using fmodf on the integer number.
- Add node parameter to saveScene and loadScene. saveScene saves the given node and all descendants to the file (if 0, the full scene is saved as before). loadScene loads all elements of the scene as childs of the given node. As before, 0 would load the file on the top level (scenemanager).
- Add method to make a filename relative to a given directory.
- Fix setMesh to correctly update the joints cache.
- Fix setting transition time of skinned meshes back to 0.
- Add some getters to IGUIImage: getImage, getColor
- Fix OpenGL FBODepthTexture to create less overhead
- Fix MRT disabling under OpenGL
- API change: Added write only lock mode for textures. The lock method has changed the signature and uses an enum parameter now instead of a bool. The default is still to lock for read/write (previously 'false'). The old 'true' value should be replaced by ETLM_READ_ONLY.
- Speedup deleting of particles
- Add function IParticleSystemSceneNode::clearParticles
- Fix RTT render states under OpenGL
- Fix AntiAliasing setup under Windows/OpenGL in case no AA is available
- Fix transformation matrices when RTT used
- API change: getScreenCoordinatesFrom3DPosition has a new parameter, which needs to be set to true to get the original behavior. Now, the method returns coordinates which would fit as render coordinates of a currently enabled viewport. With the parameter set to true the result would fit only after the viewport is reset to full window rendering.
- More checks for Stencilbuffer
- Improve render state resets
- Fix MRT handling
- Fix file search
- Add flag and method to disable clipping of the text to the gui element rectangle in GUI static text.
- addShadowVolumeSceneNode now replaces an existing shadow. One should avoid to call this method multiple times without changing any parameter, as it is quite time consuming and cannot recognize the duplicate calls.
- Add function IGUIEnvironment::removeFont (TODO: Does not remove the texture from cache so far)
- Fixed mem leak in mountfilesystem
- Update to libjpeg 8b, zlib 1.2.5, bzip2 1.0.6, libpng 1.4.4 and lzma from 9.20 SDK
- Functions in IMeshCache expecting IAnimatedMesh* parameters removed as similar functions with IMesh* can be used since a while. Fixes also problems when IAnimatedMesh* got upcasted to IMesh*. (thx @ Greenya for reporting)
- Fix blend states for MRTs
- 64bit targets for MSVC added
- The following functions will now use a "ISceneNode *" instead of a "const ISceneNode *":
ITriangleSelector::getSceneNodeForTriangle, ISceneNodeAnimatorCollisionResponse::getCollisionNode, ISceneCollisionManager::getCollisionPoint and ISceneCollisionManager::getCollisionResultPosition.
As collision functions often are followed by changing node positions users where so far forced to using const_casts (found by Greenya).
- Add vector3d::getAs3Values (patch provided by slavik262)
- Add function to SViewFrustum to get corners of the near plane (patch provided by Matt Kline, aka slavik262)
- ParticleFadeOutAffector::setFadeOutTime can no longer be set to invalid values
- ParticleFadeOutAffector uses now throughout u32 for fadeOutTime (found by greenya)
- Add missing access function CParticleSystemSceneNode::getAffectors() (seen by B@z)
- Add missing setters/getters for particle emitters (seen by B@z)
- Compile-defines can now be disabled from Makefiles/Projectfiles instead of having to change IrrCompileConfig.h each time.
- IGUITabControl::setActiveTab should only take IGUITab* and not IGUIElement* (thx to greenya for finding)
- Disabled state is now extended to sub-elements
- Make disabled state for several elements more visible
- Bugfix: Icons in tabcontrol get now affected immediately by skin-changes
- Proper cleanup if visual not created
- XML reader bugfix
- Disable mipmaps in 2d mode everywhere
- Add xml example written by Yoran Bosman.
- Fix cursor cleanup under Linux when using multiple devices
- Fix collada parser
- Fix MRT reset under D3D
- Add a generic attribute interface for querying video driver attributes which are not necessarily of type bool. This interface allows to check certain supported features, such as the number of user clip planes, supported lights and textures, MRTs, and other things. The interface might change in the future, but it's fully functional already. The supported attributes are listed in the API docs of the function:
The following names can be queried for the given types:
* MaxTextures (int) The maximum number of simultaneous textures supported by the driver. This can be less than the supported number of textures of the driver. Use _IRR_MATERIAL_MAX_TEXTURES_ to adapt the number.
* MaxSupportedTextures (int) The maximum number of simultaneous textures supported by the fixed function pipeline of the (hw) driver. The actual supported number of textures supported by the engine can be lower.
* MaxLights (int) Number of hardware lights supported in the fixed function pipeline of the driver, typically 6-8. Use light manager or deferred shading for more.
* MaxAnisotropy (int) Number of anisotropy levels supported for filtering. At least 1, max is typically at 16 or 32.
* MaxUserClipPlanes (int) Number of additional clip planes, which can be set by the user via dedicated driver methods.
* MaxAuxBuffers (int) Special render buffers, which are currently not really usable inside Irrlicht. Only supported by OpenGL
* MaxMultipleRenderTargets (int) Number of render targets which can be bound simultaneously. Rendering to MRTs is done via shaders.
* MaxIndices (int) Number of indices which can be used in one render call (i.e. one mesh buffer).
* MaxTextureSize (int) Dimension that a texture may have, both in width and height.
* MaxGeometryVerticesOut (int) Number of vertices the geometry shader can output in one pass. Only OpenGL so far.
* MaxTextureLODBias (float) Maximum value for LOD bias. Is usually at around 16, but can be lower on some systems.
* Version (int) Version of the driver. Should be Major*100+Minor
* ShaderLanguageVersion (int) Version of the high level shader language. Should be Major*100+Minor.
- Fix getRotationDegrees
- Add creation parameter which allows to disable highres timers on Windows upon device creation.
- Several transparency setup bugs fixed. Now, alpha_vertex_blend uses proper alpha blending instead of a mixed add/alpha blending.
- Added a method to get real time and date in a human readable struct
- Fix add folder archives method to support files without trailing slashes.
- fix transparent_reflection_2_layers
- Add support for MSVC 2010
- Fix "unsupported format" warning on RTT usage
- Add IGUIElement::bringToBack (patch written by DtD, although I'm to blame for the function-name)
- BurningVideo
- add Normalmap Rendering (one light only), pushed Burningvideo to 0.46
- add Stencil Shadow Rendering (one color only and 32 bit only),
pushed Burningvideo to 0.47
- internal vertexformat changed
- changed fixpoint from 9 to 10 bit fract resolution
- renamed createBurningVideoDriver to createBurningVideoDriver and uses SIrrlichtCreationParameters like opengl
- internal interfaces for the trianglerenders unified.
- Example 11, changed the light billboards to use the light color.
allow to disable the bump/parallax on the earth like in the room ( with transparency )
- added DDS Image files, DXT2, DXT3, DXT4, DXT5, based on code from nvidia and Randy Reddig
- added Halflife 1 Model Loader (based on code by Fabio Concas)
Halflife, Counter-Strike 1.6 working
-> Load all Textures ( can even optimize it to texture atlas ), all bone animation, all submodels.
-> But to make use of the values (named animation, mouth animation)
the Interface for IAnimatedMeshSceneNode has to be redone.
->can handle float frames numbers, the interface for getMesh should be reworked
This is my idea of a new getMesh interface for IAnimatedMesh
//! Returns the IMesh interface for a frame.
/** \param frameA: Frame number as zero based index.
The Blend Factor is in the fractional part of frameA
The Mesh will be calculated as
frame = integer(frameA) * (1-fractional(frameA )) + frameB * fractional(frameA)
FrameNr KeyFrameA KeyFrameB
40.0 1 0
40.1 0.9 0.1
40.5 0.5 0.5
40.9 0.1 0.9
41.0 0 1
\param frameB: Frame number as zero based index. The other KeyFrame which is blended with FrameA.
\param userParam: for Example Level of detail, or something else
virtual IMesh* getMesh(f32 frameA, s32 frameB = 0,s32 param = 0) = 0;
For now i used the (unused, always 255) detail level parameter and set a blend percentage as
s32 frameNr = (s32) getFrameNr();
s32 frameBlend = (s32) (core::fract ( getFrameNr() ) * 1000.f);
return Mesh->getMesh(frameNr, frameBlend, StartFrame, EndFrame);
So no interface is affected.
-> TODO: Quaternion Rotation is done private hand made and should be done with irrlicht quaternions
- Included 357kb Yodan.mdl mesh and copyright info file from Doug Hillyer
to the media directory, used in example 7. collision as 4th model.
- added Halflife 1 Texture Loader
Valve uses WAL archive types like quake2. textures are inside model files
I reworked the existing ImageloaderWAL and added named Halflife textures to wal2 ( they have no extension )
and an LMP (palette/texture) loader into the same file (all using 32bit now)
- added WAD Archive Loader (Quake2 (WAL2) and Halflife (WAL3) are supported)
- CFileList
added Offset Parameter to SFileListEntry and removed the private array from the archive loaders.
CFileList::addItem now uses automatic incremental id if id = 0
- added void splitFilename, splits a path into components
- added parameter make_lower to substring ( copy just lower case )
string<T> subString(u32 begin, s32 length, bool make_lower = false ) const
- ColorConverter added
//! converts a 8 bit palettized or non palettized image (A8) into R8G8B8
static void convert8BitTo24Bit(const u8* in, s16* out, s32 width, s32 height, const s32* palette, s32 linepad = 0, bool flip=false);
//! converts a 8 bit palettized or non palettized image (A8) into A8R8G8B8
static void convert8BitTo32Bit(const u8* in, u8* out, s32 width, s32 height, const u8* palette, s32 linepad = 0, bool flip=false);
- In IGUITreeView "clearChilds" and "hasChilds" deprecated for "clearChildren" and "hasChildren" (thx @Greenya for noticing)
- add CGUIEditBox::getOverrideColor and CGUIEditBox::isOverrideColorEnabled
- add dimension2d::operator-
- Add logging level ELL_DEBUG
- Add parameter DisplayAdapter to creation params to allow selecting the card when more than one card is in the system.
- Added support for custom cursors
- WM_SYSCOMMAND - SC_KEYMENU message is now ignored (F10 and ALT in Win32 windowed mode)
- Avoid argument lookup ambiguity in swap when used in combination with stl. Using same trick as boost now and use 2 different template parameters in it.
- Add UseMipMap flag in material
- Add occlusion query support. Based on code by Nadro
- Add support for vertex_array_bgra extension in OpenGL driver. This will speed up OpenGL rendering quite a lot as it skips the silly color conversion thing we have to do otherwise.
- Replace raw xml char implementation with template struct in order to decouple the type from POD types. May also help for 64bit problems or changes needed there.
- Fixed bug causing memory access violation in string::replace found and patched by Nalin.
- Fix windows32 class unregister
- Add parameter to line2d::intersectWith to allow getting intersections outside the segments (thx Yoran).
- External windows are not destroyed anymore
- clamp values in getRotationDegrees to avoid nan values
- texture size in terrain mesh fixed
- ms3d fixes
- Add new matrix methods for infinite projection matrix
- Support new OpenGL 2.x shader creation
Changes in 1.7.4 (not yet released)
- fixed getDepthFunction in IQ3Shader which always returned ECFN_EQUAL due to missing break (found by the cppcheck tool)
- STL loader improved to handle arbitrary file starts
- Compiler problem with gcc4.6 and big endian systems fixed
- Change include order to get example 21 compiling on MinGW.
- Irrlicht.dll has correct name now again (was named libIrrlicht.dll in c::b). This fixes bugreport 3518765 reported by tetho.
- Fix linker path in example 16 for C::B project file (linker path was in include path section).
- Link with opengl32 and gdi32 in Example 14 in C::B.
- Remove --no-export-all-symbols which got recently added to the windows build as that flag is not known by gcc on Windows.
- Fix bug in example 23 where Width and Height got mixed up. Thanks @Lazier for reporting.
- Fix for R5G6B5 converter submitted by XMight
- Fix conversion warning under mingw, found by Randajad
- Set EMF_NORMALIZE_NORMALS correct for syndey model in Demo (thanks @ Midnight for reporting).
- SceneNodeAnimatorFlyCircle fixes serialization of RadiusEllipsoid (was writing Radius). Thx @ wing64 for reporting.
- Yield on Linux now uses nanosleep with 1ns as 0 isn't guaranteed to yield (thx @ hendu for finding + fix)
Changes in 1.7.3 (20.02.2012)
- SceneNodeAnimatorFlyCircle fixes serialization of RadiusEllipsoid (was writing Radius). Thx @ wing64 for reporting.
- Yield on Linux now uses nanosleep with 1ns as 0 isn't guaranteed to yield (thx @ hendu for finding + fix)
- GUIEditor attributes have now scrollbar to be editable
- Remove warning when compiling line2d::intersectWith with other types than f32.
- Document that triangle3d::isPointInside should not be used with int's.
- triangle3d::isPointInsideFast handles 'on-border' cases now consistently.
- Some more editbox fixes
- Harden Linux joystick usage, in case the driver returns illegal values
- Some more editbox fixes
- Harden Linux joystick usage, in case the driver returns illegal values
- Bugfix: vector2d.normalize() and vector3d.normalize() had returned wrong results with very short vectors since Irrlicht 1.5. Thanks to Willem Swart for Bugreport + testcase.
- Unknown keymappings now use the X11 keycode instead of 0 to make such keys at least usable in games.
- KeyMapping for KeyInput.Key on X11 ignores states like shift&ctrl now like on Windows.
- Additional keymappings for X11 (tested with german and us keyboards which seem to work now in all cases).
- Fix crash in multiline editbox when pasting several lines into it on Windows (found by Reiko)
- example 09.Meshviewer no longer catches keys while a modal dialog is open
- Fix SSharedMeshBuffer
- Fix right handed ortho matrix
- editbox no longer displays cursor when disabled
- editbox autoscrolling now at least works good enough to actually show the text which the user is typing in.
- editbox no longer moves text into next line when it fails wrapping creating senseless empty lines which mess up scrolling.
- Fix crash in editbox when scrolling up with empty first lines caused by textwrapping.
- Fix endianess conversions
- Changes to isPointInside
- Fix focus problem when removing an unfocused modal dialog reported by Reiko here: http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=44358
- Fix md2 normals problem again
- Add integer template specialization for vector3d::getSphericalCoordinateAngles which rounds angles to nearest integer now.
- Recalculate FrameRect and ScrollPos in CGUIEditBox when AbsoluteRect gets changed (thx @ serengeor for report + testcase)
- Fix crash in editbox
- Fix crash in editbox
- Fix 'k' in bigfont.png (thx @ Scrappi for reporting)
- fix serialization for CBillboardSceneNode, it had missed 2 color (thx for finding + patch from pc0de)
- EMIE_MOUSE_WHEEL messages now handled correctly in several gui-element when wheel isn't just 1.0 or -1.0 (thx @ Reiko for reporting)
- Fix problems in Textwrapping in CGUIStaticText. Did use wrong size and did ignore last word of the text (thx @ Reiko for bugreport)
- Fix crash in collada (.dae) loading
- Fix bug handling in case RTT is not properly created
- Fix SColorf interpolation
- Fix bug handling in case RTT is not properly created
- Fix SColorf interpolation
- Fix memory-leaks in example 22 MaterialViewer
- Fix array::erase which did destroy objects more than once when used with a range (thx @ RedDragCZ for reporting + testcase).
- Copy now all membervariables for CCameraSceneNode when cloning.
- ICameraSceneNode::IsOrthogonal is correctly serialized and cloned now.
- CGUIScrollBar passes unused mousemove-events now to parent element. Fixes focus-bug in ComboBox reported by REDDemon here: http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=43474&highlight=
- Fix getAngle and getAngleWith
- Fix clipping in CGUITabControl
- Fix clipping in CGUITable, reported by ceyron
- Skip bone weights and additional information in ms3d file if no joint was defined before.
- Fix mem leak in CImage, found by mloren.
- Fix tga writing, reported by xirtamatrix
- Tab-positions care now about the borders correctly
- TabControl now respositions it's tabs when setTabVerticalAlignment is changed (thx @ ceyron for reporting+testcase)
- CGUIModalScreen now no longer takes focus itself, but tries to give it first child when possible to fix modal windows losing focus all the time
- Modal screens no longer blinks when gui-elements call removeFocus on themself (thx @ yaten for reporting+testcase)
- Fix crash in multiline-editbox when selecting with mouse (thx @ ceyron for reporting and testcase)
- Fix render context creation for OpenGL under Windows.
- Fix the reset problem of d3d9 driver in combination with hardware buffers.
- Fix .x loader in case of unused vertices.
- Avoid empty line in texts with very large words. Text wrapping would introduce an empty line in earlier versions.
- Add a new attribute which assigns hw mapping hint to the whole Mesh.
- Allow creation of water scene node without mesh.
- Fix regeneration of skydome.
- Fix scene node type and factory support for volume light
- Q3 maps no longer crash when faces try accessing lightmaps which are not mentioned to be loaded in the file.
- Fix crash on null-readfile in texture loading
- Get particles saved before 1.7.2 (for example in irrEdit) working again (thx to smashly for problem reporting)
- Fix IGUIScrollBar setMax and setMin which had been restricted wrongly (reported by REDDemon)
- Fix CNullDriver::createImage - Creating the image from a texture-rectangle which doesn't start at 0,0 works now again (thx @ ceyron for bugreport+testcase)
- Menu no longer sets highlight state when clicking disabled menu-item (reported by Mloren)
- Treeview can now be disabled
Changes in 1.7.2 (15.11.2010)
- Fix in d3d9 driver, which caused a crash when device creation failed. Bug found and fixed by Kostya
- Fix a wrong access to Value instead of ValueW. Found and fixed by vroad.
- Fix line loop rendering in d3d drivers. Fix submitted by tonic.
- Fix tar recognition in tar reader.
- Fix blend mode setup in OpenGL driver, when using the material2d override, as pointed out by Auria
- Avoid crash due to tcoords2 handling. Might need some more fixing to work correctly.
- Fix 2d line intersections. Has had problems with consecutive, but non-overlapping line segments and with overlapping line segments.
- Fix image creation from texture, found by dataslayer
- Fix crashes when taking Screenhots for DirectX in Windowed mode (thx to agamemnus for reporting)
- StaticText does now serialize the background color
- Fix gui-elements which didn't care when skin-colors changed. That made it impossible to make the gui slowly transparent (thx to PI for reporting).
Note that it couldn't be completely fixed for the SpinBox without breaking the interface, so for that element you have to enforce this by calling for example element->setValue(element->getValue()) once.
- Fix CXMLReaderImpl::getAttributeValueAsInt which returned wrong values with large integers (thx to squisher for finding)
- Fix compile problem in swap when using irrlicht in combination with stl (backport from trunk r3281)
- Fix serialization in CParticleSystemSceneNode (found by B@z)
- Prevent crash in BillboardTextSceneNode when a custom font is used. Found and fixed by Nalin (bugtracker id: 3020487)
- Fix problem in animation system that currentFrame got messed up after long pauses (especially when not starting at frame 0).
See forum thread (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=210537#210537) and bug id 2898876.
Also remove BeginFrameTime in CAnimatedMeshSceneNode as it hasn't been used anymore since some time.
- Add framerate and current frame information for animations in example 09 and do some minor cleanup.
- Added another test for xml-reader.
- Fix serialization in several particle emitters and affectors (thx to Ion Dune for reporting).
- Fix compile-error on VS for vector2d::getAngleTrig when used with integers. (thx to greenya for reporting)
- Fix bug in dimension2d::getInterpolated that caused wrong results when used with integers as template parameter. (thx to Greenya for noticing a warning which made me look over this code).
- Remove 2 minor memory leaks in meshloaders (found by tool cppcheck-1.43)
- reduce file dependencies for IGUIEventReceiver.h (thx ngc92)
- Initialize GUIEvent.Element in several places (found by greenya)
- Add EGDS_MESSAGE_BOX_MAX_TEXT_WIDTH and deprecated EGDS_MESSAGE_BOX_MAX_TEST_WIDTH (thx to greenya for reporting).
- Fix colors in irr files.
- Fix several places where "used" in core::string was used wrongly preventing some memory corruption
- Remove additional slash in pathnames in X-Loader
- Fix crash in CGUIListBox when environment was cleared on events
- Bugfix: Clear up depth-textures which could not be attached in OpenGL to prevent crashes.
- Fix arrowMesh boundingbox.
- Fix rounding problem in getInterpolated in the color classes
- Scrollbar in GUIListbox now uses default id -1 instead of 0
- Fix octree clipping issues.
- Fix obj loader.
- clone function fixes.
- Fix tooltips.
- Fix Ogre parser.
Changes in 1.7.1 (17.02.2010)
- Fix octree with frustum+parent checks enabled (didn't clip at all before). Now using plane-checks instead of edge-checks for frustum-box intersection.
- Prevent that X11 selects larger resolutions in fullscreen even when perfect fits are available.
- Ignore setResizable also on X11 when we're fullscreen to avoid messing up the window mode.
- Work around a crash when pressing ESC after closing a Messagebox (found by Acki)
- Prevent borland compile warnings in SColorHSL::FromRGB and in SVertexColorThresholdManipulator (found by mdeininger)
- Improve Windows version detection rules (Patch from brferreira)
- Make it compile on Borland compilers (thx to mdeininger)
- Make sure that CAnimatedMeshSceneNode::clone calls the virtual updateAbsolutePosition for the new object
- Fix that clones got dropped too often when SceneNodes without parent got cloned (found by Ulf)
- Make sure TAB is still recognized on X11 when shift+tab is pressed. This does also fix going to the previous tabstop on X11.
- Send EGET_ELEMENT_LEFT also when there won't be a new hovered element
- Fix tooltips: Remove them when the element is hidden or removed (thx to seven for finding)
- Fix tooltips: Make (more) sure they don't get confused by gui-subelements
- Fix tooltips: Get faster relaunch times working
- Fix tooltips: Make sure hovered element is never the tooltip itself
- Fix string::remove which got in an endless loop when remove was called with an empty string (found and fixed by Ulf)
- Correctly release the GLSL shaders
- Make sure we only release an X11 atom when it was actually created
- Fix aabbox collision test, which not only broke the collision test routines, but also frustum culling, octree tests, etc.
- Fix compilation problem under OSX due to wrong glProgramParameteri usage
- mem leak in OBJ loader fixed
- Removed some default parameters to reduce ambigious situations
Changes in 1.7 (03.02.2010)
- Implement minimize and deminimize under OSX.
- Define sorting order for vector2d and vector3d in operators <, <=, > and >= to fix bugs 2783509 and 2783510. Operators order now by X,Y,Z and use float tolerances.
- Ogre mesh 32bit indices fixed.
- Fix tooltips for gui-elements with sub-element like IGUISpinBox (id: 2927079, found by ArakisTheKitsune)
- ITimer no longer stops when started twice
- wchar_t filesystem updates under Windows.
- Joystick POV fixed under Windows, ids fixed under OSX.
- Some updates to skinned mesh for better bones support and scaling animations.
- OSX supports external window id in creation parameters now.
- Fix bbox collision tests.
- Updates for win32 key handling
- new convenience method for flat plane creation.
- Sky dome and other meshes use VBOs by default now.
- Speed up b3d loading for files with many frames, material color flags and vertex color support enhanced.
- Add hasType to IGUIElement as a dynamic_cast substitute.
- Add another parameter to IGUISkin::draw3DWindowBackground to allow getting the client area without actually drawing
- Add function getClientRect to IGUIWindow for getting the draw-able area
- Fix bug that menus on IGUIWindows with titlebar got drawn too high (id: 2714400)
- Renamed OctTree to Octree
- Allow getting a ConstIterator from a non-const core:list
- Add swap functions to irrMath and to the core classes.
- Deprecate map::isEmpty() and replace it with map::empty() to make it similar to other base classes.
- Allow to set the logging level already in SIrrlichtCreationParameters.
- Add clearSystemMessages to devices (implemented only for Linux and Win32 so far).
- Support changing the render window from beginScene also with OpenGL driver.
- Add getMaterial2D which allows to alter the 2d render state settings, such as filtering, anti-aliasing, thickness, etc.
- Fix incorrect cursorpos for resizable windows on Windows Vista (found and patched by buffer)
- Change the beginScene window parameter from void* to SExposedVideoData&. This will allow to manage contexts for OpenGL at some point.
- Add bzip2 and LZMA decompression modes for zip loader.
- Add OBJ_TEXTURE_PATH and B3D_TEXTURE_PATH to SceneParameters to allow setting texture-paths for obj and b3d.
- Irrlicht keeps now filenames additionally to the internally used names, thereby fixing some problems with uppercase-filenames on Linux.
- Bugfix: Mousewheel no longer sends EMIE_MOUSE_WHEEL messages twice on Linux.
- Use latest jpeglib
- refactoring: E_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE and IAttribute have now own headers
- CStringWArrayAttribute speedup
- SceneNodeAnimatorFollowSpline can now loop and pingpong
- Meshviewer.example got some fast-scale buttons.
- Support AES-encrypted zip files. Should work with 128, 196, and 256 bit AES. This addition also adds a new PRNG, SHA, and other algorithms to the engine, though no interface is yet added for them. The implementation of the encryption algorithms is provided by Dr Brian Gladman.
- flattenFilename and getAbsolutePath fixed and properly added at several places.
- Added geometry shaders for OpenGL. A first version of the code was submitted by Matthew Kielan (devsh).
- Bugfix: irrArray should no longer crash when using other allocators.
- Add MaterialViewer example.
- Texture activation now back in setMaterial, which simplifies writing external material renderers (OpenGL only).
- Checkbox uses now disabled text color when disabled.
- Changed colors for window-title caption to keep them readable when not active.
- Draw sub-menus to left side if they would be outside main-window otherwise.
- Give ListBox better defaults for the ScrollBar stepsizes.
- Double and triple click events now for each mouse-button. Old events for that got removed.
- Fix adding archives twice, which caused multiple archives of the same name and type covering each other. This one required a texture name change from using backslashes to slashes under Windows.
- Give access to texture mipmaps. You can provide custom mipmap textures upon generation, regeneration, and locking.
Make sure the provided data is large enough and covers all miplevels. Also the returned pointer (from lock) will only cover the smaller data of the mipmap level dimension chosen (level 0 is the original texture).
- Separate TextureWrap mode into U and V fields
- Add mirror texture wrap modes
- windows show now active/inactive state
- remove unneeded drop/grab calls found by manik_sheeri
- fix rounding problem in IGUIElements which have EGUIA_SCALE alignments.
- MessageBox supports now automatic resizing and images.
- Let maya-cam animator react on a setTarget call to the camera which happened outside it's own control
- New contextmenue features:
automatic checking for checked flag.
close handling now customizable
serialization can handle incomplete xml's
setEventParent now in public interface
New function findItemWithCommandId
New function insertItem
- new vector3d::getSphericalCoordinateAngles method.
- new triangle3d::isTotalOutsideBox method.
- Newly introduced VertexManipulator interface. This allows for very easy creation of vertex manipulation algorithms. Several manipulators, e.g. vertex color changer and transformation algorithms are already available.
- createMeshWith1TCoords avoids vertex duplication
- getRotation now handles matrices with scaling as well
- Ogre format animations now supported.
- irrArray: Fixed issues with push_front and reallocation
Changed behavior for set_pointer and clear, when free_when_destroyed is false
- NPK (Nebula device archive) reader added, it's an uncompressed PAK-like format
- SSkinMeshBuffer::MoveTo* methods renamed to convertTo*
- Multiple Render Target (MRT) support added, including some enhanced blend features where supported
- Directory changing fixed for virtual file systems (Archives etc)
- Fix texture matrix init in scene manager and driver
- More draw2dimage support in software drivers
- Sphere node now properly chooses a good tesselation based on the parameters
- Active camera not registered twice anymore
- Parallax/normal map shader rotation bug under OpenGL fixed
- bump map handling for obj files fixed
- Fog serialization added
- New context menu features added
- Bounding Box updates for skinned meshes fixed
- The current FPS for an animated scene node can be queried now, added some variables to serialization
- Scrollbars fixed
- Fixed 2d vertex primitive method to correctly handle transparency
- Fullscreen handling has been enhanced for Windows, now proper resolution is restored on Alt-Tab etc.
- Cameras can now be added to the scene node without automatically activating them
Clone method added
- New video driver method getMaxTextureSize
- PAK archive reader fixed
- TRANSPARENT_ALPHA_CHANNEL_REF uses modulate to enable lighting
- LIGHTMAP_ADD now always uses add operator
- Some Unicode file system fixes
- destructor of irrString not virtual anymore, please don't derive from irrString
Some new methods added, for searching and splitting
Assignment operator optimized
- new lightness method for SColor
- draw3DTriangle now renders filled polygons, old behavior can be achieved by setting EMT_WIREFRAME
Changes in 1.6.1 (13.01.2010)
- Fix pingpong for CSceneNodeAnimatorFlyStraight (found by gbox)
- Fix bug with IGUIEditBox where the cursor position is reset on text change.
- Make sure the window top-left corner on Windows is not negative on start so that Windows sytem-menu is always visible.
- Fix problem that the window did sometimes not get the keyboard focus in X11 in fullscreen. Add more debug output in case focus grabbing goes wrong.
- Fix screensize in videodriver when we didn't get the requested window size. This also prevents that gui-clicks are no longer synchronized with gui-drawing and elements can't be hit anymore.
- Bugfix: Prevent a crash when getTypeName was called for the guienvironment. EGUIET_ELEMENT got changed for this.
- Bugfix: Horizontal centered font with linebreaks draw now all lines. For example multiline TextSceneNodes work again.
- Bugfix: spinbox can no longer get in an endless loop due to floating point rounding error (found by slavik262)
- !!API change!! Disabled AntiAliasing of Lines in material default
Please enable this manually per material when sure that it won't lead to SW rendering.
- IGUIComboBox: clicking on the statictext displaying the active selection does now close and open listbox correctly. (Bug found by Reiko)
- Scrollbuttons in IGUITabControl adapt now to tab-height.
- Fix texturing of cylinder mesh
- Fix modal dialog position (found by LoneBoco: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2900266&group_id=74339&atid=540676)
- Fix DMF loading
- Fixing left+right special keys (ctrl, shift, alt) on Win32 (thanks to pc0de for good patch-ideas).
- Make stringarrays for enums in IGUISkin a little safer
- Add support for keys KEY_PRINT, KEY_HOME (on numpad) and KEY_NUMLOCK on Linux.
- Fix material handling in createMeshWith1TCoords
- Fix another (OldValue == NewValue) before drop()/grap(), this time in CTextureAttribute::setTexture.
- Fix LIGHTMAP_LIGHTING for D3D drivers.
- AntiAliasing disabled for debug render elements.
- Bugfix: CGUIToolBar::addButton does no longer mess up when no image is set and does now actually work with the text.
- Fix ninja animation range which got messed up a little when b3d animations got fixed (thx gbox for finding)
Changes in 1.6 (23.09.2009)
- Added IFileSystem::createEmptyFileList, exposed IFileList::sort, addItem and added getID
- Fix MAKE_IRR_ID so it can be used from outside the irr namespace (Micha's patch)
- Renamed some methods in ISkinnedMesh to match the official Irrlicht naming scheme according to createXXX()
- Change debug data to draw using lines instead of arrows, which is much faster. Patch by pc0de
- Fix a bug with FPS camera animator causing stutters. Patch by FuzzYspo0N
- Fix scrolling controls in CGUITabControl
- Fix a bug when getting optimal texture size in D3D drivers, by Jetro Lauha (tonic)
- Fix for UFT8 filenames displayed in file dialog, patch by MadHyde.
- Added const method for array::binary_search, potentially slow as it doesn't sort the list!
- Add support for scaling button images.
- Irrlicht can now come with multiple device types compiled in, the device to use is selected by SIrrlichtCreationParameters.DeviceType. This defaults to EIDT_BEST which automatically select the best device available starting with native, then X11, SDL and finally the console.
- Added support for EXP2 fog distribution. This required a change in the setFog parameters where now an enum value instead of the bool linear is given.
- IFileSystem changes:
- Renamed the following functions-
IFileArchive::getArchiveType to getType
IFileSystem::registerFileArchive to addFileArchive
IFileSystem::unregisterFileArchive to removeFileArchive
IFileArchive::openFile to createAndOpenFile
- New enum, E_FILE_ARCHIVE_TYPE. getType on IArchiveLoader and IFileArchive now both return this.
- IFileSystem::addFileArchive takes a parameter to specify the archive type rather always using the file extension. IFileSystem::addZipFileArchive, addFolderFileArchive and addPakFileArchive now use this but these functions are now marked as deprecated. Users should now use addFileArchive instead.
- Added TAR archive loader.
- The ZIP archive loader can now load gzip files, combined with the TAR loader this means Irrlicht now has native support for .tar.gz
Currently this must be done in two calls, for example:
- Fix highlighting in IGUIEditBox where kerning pairs are used in the font. For example in future italic, OS or other custom fonts.
- IOSOperator::getTextFromClipboard returns now const c8* instead of c8*
- Support for copy&paste on linux (X11) added (fixing bug 2804014 found by Pan)
- bugfix for 2795321 found by egrath: Don't rely anymore on broken XkbSetDetectableAutoRepeat.
- bugfix: CMountPointReader::openFile no longer returns true for empty files. Corresponding test added.
- Direct3D now also uses screen coordinates in 2d mode, just like OpenGL. This means that screen coords are going from 0..ScreenWidth and 0..ScreenHeight instead of -1..1.
- ALT+F4 keypress now closes Windows SDL device
- Allow Direct3D drivers in SDL, patch by Halifax
- Added compiler error when attempting to compile with VC6.
- Use setWindowTextA in Windows device for WIN64 platform, posted by veegun
- ELL_ERROR log events are now created when shaders fail to compile or link, reported by Halan
- irrList now uses irrAllocator, fixed by Nox
- Added IGUIWindow::setDraggable and IGUIWindow::isDraggable, by Nox
- Added SGI RGB file reader by Gary Conway, for loading Silicon Graphics .rgb, .rgba, .sgi, .int and .inta textures
- Renamed setResizeAble to setResizable
- Added new device method minimizeWindow which minimizes the window (just as if the minimize button has been clicked).
- SkyDome is now serialized correctly
- Added PLY mesh reader and writer
- Ensure ListBox on combo box doesn't hang off the bottom of the GUI root, by Matthias Specht
- Made IGUIElements recalculate clipping rectangle after setNotClipped, reported by Aelis440
- Bug fix for the combo box where it showed white text instead of skin color before being focused, fix posted by drewbacca
- EGDS_MESSAGE_BOX_HEIGHT is now honoured, bug reported by Spkka
- Fixed a bug in the edit box where events are sometimes sent to a null parent, reported by Sudi.
- Coordinate system fix for OpenGL in SDL device
- Added generic console device. You can now use Irrlicht to create and manipuate graphics on a shell where no graphics hardware
or windowing system is available. To enable it uncomment #define _IRR_USE_CONSOLE_DEVICE_ in IrrCompileConfig.h
- The console device can now present images from the software drivers and display them as ASCII art in the console
- By default it replaces the default font in the skin, to prevent fonts from being huge.
- Fixed problems with changing cursor visibility while mouse is pressed on windows
- Allow control of background drawing in listbox
- Allow control of drawing background and titlebar in windows
- Improved window serialization
- Add mouse events EMIE_MOUSE_DOUBLE_CLICK and EMIE_MOUSE_TRIPLE_CLICK (thx to Ulf for patch proposal)
- Set "ButtonStates" for mouse events also on Linux (was only for Windows formerly)
- Add Shift+Control states to mouse event
- bugfix (2003238): serialize modal screens
- allow stacking modal screens
- allowing hiding modals
- replace many IsVisible checks with virtual isVisible() checks in IGUIElement
- bugfix: reset selected row when clearing CGUITable
- prevent editbox from recalculating its textbreaking each frame
- let spinbox react on each textchange without waiting for enter to prevent getting value changes without corresponding EGET_SPINBOX_CHANGED events.
- new test for zipreader
- prevent dropping objects accidentally in many set functions
- Reversed change in vector3d::normalize.
Works now again as documented and a corresponding test has been added.
Does fix bug 2770709 (https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2770709&group_id=74339&atid=540676)
- Animations can now be paused by setting the fps to 0.
- Avoid fp-precision problem in getPickedNodeBB (see also http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=33838&highlight=).
This change might also fix the problem with picking nodes found by aanderse (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=32890&highlight=)
- implemented isALoadableFileFormat ( File *file ) for the Archive Loader
- PixelBlend16 and PixelBlend16_simd are working for the new rules.
- bugfix. CLightSceneNode didn't correctly update it's attributes
- vector template and equals tests
also set the equal test for s32 to behave like the f32 routine.
The function equals always implements a weak test.
that means a tolerance MUST always be used if you use the equal function. default is 1.
- VideoDriver drawPixel
The HW renderes are using the alpha components for blending.
The Software Renderes and image loaders are using CImage::setPixel copy.
so setPixel is engaged to either blends or copy the pixel
default: false
- Burningvideo
added RenderMaterial EMT_SPHERE_MAP
pushed burningsvideo to 0.43
added RenderMaterial EMT_REFLECTION_2_LAYER
pushed burningsvideo to 0.44
to use AlphaRef 0.5 like Direct3D
One Note: in OpenGL there is know difference between sphere_map and reflection layer
both using GL_TEXTURE_GEN_MODE GL_SPHERE_MAP, whereas in d3d one time using camera_normal
on sphere and reflection on refletcion_layer.
The visual difference is that on sphere map the "image is not moving" when you rotate the
viewer. For Burning i took the opengl visual. always moving
- rename quake3 SEntity to IEntity to be confom with IShader
- fixed createMeshWith2TCoords, normals were missing during copy.
- added
//! Creates a copy of the mesh, which will only consist of S3DVertex vertices.
IMesh* CMeshManipulator::createMeshWith1TCoords(IMesh* mesh) const
- added io::IFileSystem* CSceneManager::getFileSystem()
- added virtual const c8* ISceneManager::getAnimatorTypeName(ESCENE_NODE_ANIMATOR_TYPE type);
- added CSceneNodeAnimatorFlyCircle::radiusEllipsoid.
if radiusEllipsoid == 0 the default circle animation is done
else radiusEllipsoid forms the b-axe of the ellipsoid.
-> gummiball bouncing
- added ISceneManager::createFlyStraightAnimator variable bool ping-pong
used in loop mode to device if start from beginning ( default ) or make ping-pong
-> straight bouncing
- changed IFileSystem::registerFileArchive
remove the index of the hierarchy and added a new interface method
//! move the hirarchy of the filesystem. moves sourceIndex relative up or down
virtual bool moveFileArchive( u32 sourceIndex, s32 relative ) = 0;
- bugfix and changes in SViewFrustum::SViewFrustum
wrong size of Matrices copy.
therefore also changed SViewFrustum::setTransformState to not tap
in the pitfall again of wrong memory...
- moved
//! EMT_ONETEXTURE_BLEND: has BlendFactor Alphablending
inline bool textureBlendFunc_hasAlpha ( E_BLEND_FACTOR factor ) const
from the material renderes ( 3x declared ) to SMaterial.h
- updated managed light example to use standard driver selection
- BurningsVideo
- LightModel reworked.
Point Light & Direction Light works for Diffuse Color as expected
Specular and Fog still have problems ( needs new pixel shader )
pushed burningsvideo to 0.42 for this major step
- removed obsolete matrix transformations
- cleaned line3d.h vector3d.h template behavior.
many mixed f32/f64 implementations are here. i'm not sure if this should be
the default behavior to use f64 for example for 1.0/x value, because they
benefit from more precisions, but in my point of view the user is responsible
of choosing a vector3d<f32> or vector3d<f64>.
- added core::squareroot to irrmath.h
-> for having candidates for faster math in the same file
- added AllowZWriteOnTransparent from SceneManager to burningsvideo
-added hasAlpha() to ITexture
This info can be used for e.q to downgrade a transparent alpha channel blit
to add if the texture has no alpha channel.
The FileSystem is now build internally like for e.g. the image- and meshloaders.
There exists a known list of ArchiveLoaders, which know how to produce a Archive.
The Loaders and the Archives can be attached/detached on runtime.
The FileNames are now stored as io::path. where c16 is toggled between char/wchar
with the #define flag _IRR_WCHAR_FILESYSTEM, to supported unicode backends (default:off)
Replaced most (const c8* filename) to string references.
Basically the FileSystem is divided into two regions. Native and Virtual.
Native means using the backend OS.
Virtual means only use currently attached IArchives.
each FileSystem has it's own workdirectory and it's own methods to
- create a FileTree
- add/remove files & directory ( to be done )
Hint: store a savegame in a zip archive...
basic browsing for all archives is implemented.
Example 21. Quake3Explorer shows this
- a file filter should be implemented.
- The IArchive should have a function to create a filetree
for now CFileList is used.
Class Hierarchy:
IArchiveLoader: is able to produce a IFileArchive
- ZipLoader
- PakLoader
- MountPointReader ( formaly known as CUnzipReader )
-MountPoint (known as FolderFile)
- addArchiveLoader
- changed implementation of isALoadableFileExtension in all loaders
to have consistent behavior
- added a parameter to IFileList * createFileList
allows to query files in any of the game archives
standard behavior listtype = SYSTEM ( default)
- CLimitReadFile
added multiple file random-access support.
solved problems with mixed compressed & uncompressed files in a zip
- IrrlichtDevice
virtual bool setGammaRamp( f32 red, f32 green, f32 blue, f32 brightness, f32 contrast ) = 0;
virtual bool getGammaRamp( f32 &red, f32 &green, f32 &blue ) = 0;
and calculating methods to DeviceStub.
- irrlicht.h
changed exported irrlicht.dll routines createDevice, createDeviceEx, IdentityMatrix
to extern "C" name mangling.
- ParticleSystem
removed the private (old?,wrong?) interface from the ParticleEffectors
to match the parent class irr::io::IAttributeExchangingObject::deserializeAttributes
- Generic
- vector3d<T>& normalize() optimized
added reciprocal_squareroot for f64
- dimension2d
added operator dimension2d<T>& operator=(const dimension2d<U>& other)
to cast between different types
- vector2d bugfix operator+=
- C3DSMeshLoader renamed chunks const u16 to a enum
removing "variable declared but never used warning"
- added a global const identity Material
changed all references *((video::SMaterial*)0) to point to IdentityMaterial
removed warning: "a NULL reference is not allowed"
- modified IRRLICHT_MATH to not support reciprocal stuff
but to use faster float-to-int conversion.
- core::matrix4
i tried to optimize the identity-check ( w.r.t. performance)
i didn't succeed so well, so i made a define for the matrix isIdentity -check
for now it's sometimes faster to always calculate versus identity-check
but if there are a lot of scenenodes/ particles one can profit from the
fast_inverse matrix, when no scaling is used. further approvement could
be done on inverse for just translation! ( many static scenenodes are not rotated,
they are just placed somewhere in the world)
one thing to take in account is that sizeof(matrix) is 64 byte and
with the additional bool/u32 makes it 66 byte which is not really cache-friendly..
- added buildRotateFromTo
Builds a matrix that rotates from one vector to another
- irr::array. changed allocating routine in push_back
added a new method setAllocStrategy,
safe ( used + 1 ), double ( used * 2 + 1)
better default strategies will be implemented
- removed binary_search_const
i added it quite a long time ago, but it doesnt make real sense
a call to a sort method should happen always. i just wanted to safe
a few cycles..
- added binary_search_multi
searches for a multi-set ( more than 1 entry in the sorted array)
returns start and end-index
- changed some identity matrix settings to use core::IdentityMatrix
- added deletePathFromFilename to generic string functions in coreutil.h and
removed from CZipReader and CPakReader
- s32 deserializeAttributes used instead of virtual void deserializeAttributes in
ParticleSystem ( wrong virtual was used)
- strings & Locale
- started to add locale support
- added verify to string
- added some helper functions
i have access to a XBOX development machine now. I started to compile
for the XBOX. Question: Who did the previous implementation?. There
is no XBOX-Device inhere. maybe it's forbidden because of using the offical
Microsoft XDK. I will implement a native or sdl device based on opendk.
irrlicht compiles without errors on the xbox but can't be used.
- Windows Mobile
reworked a little. added the mobile example to the windows solution for
cross development.
added maximal 128x128 texture size for windows mobile ( memory issues )
- Collision Speed Up
The Collision Speed Up greatly improves with many small static child-nodes
- added COctTreeTriangleSelector::getTriangles for 3dline from user Piraaate
- modified createOctTreeTriangleSelector and createTriangleSelector
to allow node == 0, to be added to a meta selector
- CSceneNodeAnimatorCollisionResponse has the same problem as CSceneNodeAnimatorFPS
on first update:
Problem. you start setting the map. (setWorld). First update cames 4000 ms later.
The Animator applies the missing force... big problem...
changed to react on first update like camera.
- add Variable FirstUpdate. if set to true ( on all changes )
then position, lasttime, and falling are initialized
-added #define OCTTREE_USE_HARDWARE in Octree.h
if defined octtree uses internally a derived scene::MeshBuffer which has
the possibility to use the Hardware Vertex Buffer for static vertices and
dirty indices;-)
if defined OCTTREE_USE_HARDWARE octree uses internally a derived scene::CMeshBuffer
so it's not just a replacement inside the octree. It also in the OctTreeSceneNode.
#define OCTTREE_PARENTTEST is also used. It's skip testing on fully outside and takes everything on fully inside
- virtual void ISceneNode::updateAbsolutePosition()
- changed inline CMatrix4<T> CMatrix4<T>::operator*(const CMatrix4<T>& m2) const
- changed inline bool CMatrix4<T>::isIdentity() const
to look first on Translation, because this is the most challenging element
- virtual core::matrix4 getRelativeTransformation() const
Hierarchy on Identity-Check
1) ->getRelativeTransform -> 9 floating point checks to be passed as Identity
2) ->isIdentity () -> 16 floating point checks to be passed as Identity
- inline void CMatrix4<T>::transformBoxEx(core::aabbox3d<f32>& box) const
added isIdentity() check
- changed CSceneNodeAnimatorCollisionResponse
- added CSceneNodeAnimatorCollisionResponse::setGravity
needed to set the differents Forces for the Animator. for eq. water..
- added CSceneNodeAnimatorCollisionResponse::setAnimateTarget
- added CSceneNodeAnimatorCollisionResponse::getAnimateTarget
- changed CSceneNodeAnimatorCollisionResponse::animateNode to react on FirstUpdate
- TODO: set Gravity to Physically frame independent values..
current response uses an frame depdended acceleration vector.
~9.81 m/s^2 was achieved at around 50 fps with a setting of -0.03
may effect existing application..
- SceneNodes
- CSkyDomeSceneNode
moved radius ( default 1000 ) to constructor
added Normals
added DebugInfo
added Material.ZBuffer, added SceneManager
- CVolumeLightSceneNode:
changed default blending OneTextureBlendgl_src_color gl_src_alpha to
EMT_TRANSPARENT_ADD_COLOR ( gl_src_color gl_one )
which gives the same effect on non-transparent-materials.
Following the unspoken guide-line, lowest effect as default
- changed SceneNode Skydome from f64 to f32
- AnimatedMesh Debug Data:
mesh normals didn't rotate with the scenenode fixed ( matrix-multiplication order)
- Camera SceneNode setPosition
Camera now finally allow to change position and target and updates all
effected animators..
- Device:
added the current mousebutton state to the Mouse Event
so i need to get the current mouse state from the OS
- CGUIFont:
- added virtual void setInvisibleCharacters( const wchar_t *s ) = 0;
define which characters should not be drawn ( send to driver) by the font.
default: setInvisibleCharacters ( L" " );
- added MultiLine rendering
should avoid to us CStaticText breaking text in future
- CGUIListBox
- changed Scrollbar LargeStepSize to ItemHeight
which easy enables to scroll line by line
- CGUIScrollBar
- bug: event lost when moving outside the window
- bug: Scrollbar notifyListBox notify when the scrollbar is clicked.
- changed timed event in draw to OnPostRender
- added GUI Image List from Reinhard Ostermeier, modified to work
- FileOpenDialog
changed the static text for the filename to an edit box.
- changed the interface for addEditBox to match with addStaticText
- changed the interface for addSpinBox to match with addEditBox
- added MouseWheel to Spinbox
- changed CGUITable CLICK_AREA from 3 to 12 to enable clicking on the visible marker
- CGUISpritebank
removed some crashes with empty Sprite banks
- IGUIScrollBar
added SetMin before min was always 0
changed ScrollWheel Direction on horizontal to move right on wheel up, left on wheel down
- IComboBox: added ItemData
- optimized IsVisible check in IGUIElement::draw
- Image Loaders
- added TGA file type 2 ( grayscale uncompressed )
- added TGA file type (1) 8 Bit indexed color uncompressed
- added convert_B8G8R8toA8R8G8B8
- added convert_B8G8R8A8toA8R8G8B8
- Media Files
- added missing shaders and textures to map-20kdm2.
Taken from free implementation
- ball.wav. adjusted DC-Offset, amplified to -4dB, trim cross-zero
- impact.wav clip-restoration, trim cross-zero
- added gun.md2, gun.pcx to media-files
- added new irrlicht logo irrlicht3.png
- OctTree
#define OCTTREE_PARENTTEST ( default: disabled )
used to leave-out children test if the parent passed a complete frustum.
plus: leaves out children test
minus: all edges have to be checked
- added MeshBuffer Hardware Hint Vertex to octtree
- CQuake3ShaderSceneNode:
- removed function releaseMesh
Shader doesn't copy the original mesh anymore ( saving memory )
so therefore this (for others often misleading ) function was removed
- changed constructor to take a (shared) destination meshbuffer for rendering
reducing vertex-memory to a half
- don't copy the original vertices anymore
- added deformvertexes autosprite
- added deformvertexes move
- added support for RTCW and Raven BSPs ( qmap2 )
- added polygonoffset (TODO: not perfect)
- added added nomipmaps
- added rgbgen const
- added alphagen
- added MesBuffer Hardware Hint Vertex/Index to Quake3: static geometry, dynamic indices
- added Quake3Explorer examples
- added wave noise
- added tcmod transform
- added whiteimage
- added collision to Quake3Explorer
- renamed SMD3QuaterionTag* to SMD3QuaternionTag* ( typo )
- updated quake3:blendfunc
- added crouch to Quake3Explorer
(modifying the ellipsiodRadius of the camera animator )
added crouch to CSceneNodeAnimatorCameraFPS
still problems with stand up and collision
- Quake3MapLoader
modified memory allocation for faster loading
- Quake3LoadParam
added Parameter to the Mesh-Loader
- added
The still existing missing caulking of curved surfaces.
using round in the coordinates doesn't solve the problem.
but for the demo bsp mesh it solves the problem... (luck)
so for now it's switchable.
- BurningVideo
- pushed BurningsVideo to 0.40
- added blendfunc gl_one_minus_dst_alpha gl_one
- added blendfunc gl_dst_color gl_zero
- added blendfunc gl_dst_color src_alpha
- modified AlphaChannel_Ref renderer to support alpha test lessequal
- addded 32 Bit Index Buffer
- added sourceRect/destRect check to 2D-Blitter ( slower, but resolves crash )
- added setTextureCreationFlag video::ETCF_ALLOW_NON_POWER_2
Burning checks this flag and when set, it bypasses the power2 size check,
which is necessary on 3D but can be avoided on 2D.
used on fonts automatically.
- added Support for Destination Alpha
- Direct3D8
- added 32 Bit Index Buffer
- compile for XBOX
- Direct3D9
- fixed crash on RTT Textures DepthBuffer freed twice.
added deleteAllTextures to destructor
- NullDriver
- removeallTextures. added setMaterial ( SMaterial() ) to clean pointers for freed textures
- ISceneCollisionManager::getSceneNodeAndCollisionPointFromRay() allows selection by BB and triangle on a heirarchy of scene nodes.
- Triangle selectors created from animated mesh scene nodes will update themselves as required to stay in sync with the node.
- IVideoDriver has methods to enumerate the available image loaders and writers.
- Octtree scene nodes are now IMeshSceneNodes rather than ISceneNodes, and so you can call getMesh() on them.
- New scene parameter B3D_LOADER_IGNORE_MIPMAP_FLAG to ignore the often missing mipmap flag in b3d files. If this parameter is true, the old pre Irrlicht-1.5 behavior is restored.
- Added Mipmap LOD Bias attribute to MaterialLayer.
- Added ColorMask support to selectively disable color planes on rendering.
- Added support for all available depth test functions.
- Add an outNode to getCollisionPoint() that returns the scene node that was hit, as well as the triangle.
- Initial support for Alpha To Coverage, needs some more fixing until it works on all supported platforms.
- Added support for Anti-Aliasing modes per material
- Added an ICollisionCallback to ISceneNodeAnimatorCollisionResponse, to inform the application that a collision has occurred. Thanks to garrittg for this.
- Added an startPosition parameter to createFlyCircleAnimator() to allow starting the animator at any position on the circle.
- Many uses of dimension2d<s32> changed to dimension2d<u32>, including IImage, ITexture and screen dimensions. You will have to change (at least) createDevice() calls to use dimension2d<u32>
- Added Doublebuffer flag to SIrrCreationParameters, for better finetuning
- Added Stereo-Framebuffer support for professional OpenGL cards
- Added IFileSystem::createMemoryWriteFile() to allow creation of an IWriteFile interface that uses an application supplied memory buffer.
- Added an IVideoDriver::writeImageToFile() overload that can take an IWriteFile interface.
- (Internal) Replaced CMemoryReadFile with CMemoryFile, that also implements an IWriteFile interface.
- Added an optional light manager to the scene manager to allow the user application to turn lights on and off during scene rendering. This can be used to produce "zoned" lighting. See example 20.ManagedLights.
- Added a method to flip the Y movement of the FPS camera.
- The Anisotropy filter can now be set to the AF value per texture layer. So no forced MAX_ANISOTROPY anymore. .irr files will probably fail, though.
- AntiAlias parameter in SIrrCreationParameters is now an u8 value specifying the multisampling level (0 for disabled, 4,6,8, and others for anti-aliasing)
- D3D devices use DISCARD for windowed renderbuffers now, can be faster.
- Changed behavior of PixelBlend16() / PixelBlend16_simd() so that they treat the 1 bit alpha of the source pixel as boolean, i.e. they draw either the source pixel, or the destination pixel, rather than "blending". (Issue revealed by the fix to IVideoDriver::makeColorKeyTexture()).
- IVideoDriver::makeColorKeyTexture() bug fixed so that only alphas, not whole texel colors, are zeroed. An optional parameter allows using the old (buggy) behavior for backwards compatibility.
- position2d is now a synonym for vector2d. position2d is therefore marked as deprecated, although it's unlikely to be removed.
- ISceneNodeAnimator now has a hasFinished() method.
- ISceneNodeAnimatorCollisionResponse exposes the target node. Setting the node again resets the last position, allowing the node to be teleported.
- Add a hitPosition out parameter to ISceneCollisionManager::getCollisionResultPosition() - this is a (small) API breaking change.
Changes in version 1.5.2 (16.12.2009)
- Properly check boundaries in getFont and setFont.
- Reinit values in the driver when scene manager is cleared.
- Normals handling fixed in createMeshWithTangents, existing normals are not always destroyed now.
- Fix terrain smoothing, bug found by loverlinfish
- SOLARIS recognition removed. Please specify the platform define manually. This allows for compilation under sparc/Linux and sparc/Solaris
- Some uninitialized variables fixed
- FreeBSD joystick support added (for Debian package)
- Fix cursor problems found by buffer and by rvl2 as described in http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=34823&highlight=
- OSX/XCode updates
- MS3D loader bug fixed
- Float parse bug fixed
Changes in version 1.5.1 (05.08.2009)
- Make sure a missing font does not corrupt the skin.
- Fix getAngle in vector2d as suggested by xray. This has only a minor impact on s32 vectors.
- bugfix: CGUIFont::getCharacterFromPos regards now kerning (found by Arras)
- Add support for range fog in some OpenGL versions.
- Fix for shadow volume removal, submitted by vitek.
- Avoid using X11 autorepeat to deal with broken X11 versions.
- Speculars are properly exported into mtl files now, instead of corrupting them.
- Binary type loading in attributes fixed.
- bugfix: Use make_lower throughout for spritebank filenames (found and patched by Ion Dune)
- STL loader fixed: Right-handedness corrected, normals and bboxes are correctly added now.
- bugfix: CUnZipReader::openFile no longer returns true for empty files. Corresponding test added.
- Big endian issues in .x loader fixed.
- HSLColor methods repaired.
- copyToScaling fixed.
- Fixed problem with highlighting menus when mouse was outside sub-menu area.
- bugfix (2796207): menu acted (wrongly) on left-click down instead of left-click up.
- bswap16 fallback macro fixed
- getBaseName fixed to work correct with dots in filenames.
- static method isDriverSupported allows for simple check of available drivers.
- Some defines added to check for the Irrlicht version of the library.
- Make sure all renderstates are properly initialized
- Wrong size for main depth buffer fixed.
- Fix 3ds shininess to the allowed range.
- Fix loading of Collada files from irrEdit 1.2
- Remove texture pointers after texture clear.
- WindowsCE pathnames fixed.
- Some virtuals are now overridden as expected.
- Incomplete FBOs are properly signalled now
- Update to libpng 1.2.35, fixed issues on 64bit machines with system's libpng.
- Fixed wrong grab/drop in setOverrideFont
- Added draw2dRectOutline
- rectf and recti added.
- Fix ALPHA_CHANNEL_REF to a fixed check for alpha==127 as expected.
- Fixed OSX device bug where screen size was not set in fullscreen mode.
- cursor setVisible changed to be called less often.
- OpenGL version calculation fixed.
- OSX device now supports shift and ctrl keys.
- Fixed ambient light issues in burningsvideo.
- device reset for d3d fixed when using VBOs.
- Fix dimension2d +=
- MD2 mesh loader: Now uses much less memory, reduced number of allocations when loading meshes.
- OpenGL render state (texture wrongly cached) fixed.
- Fixed animator removal.
- Checnged collision checks for children of invisible elements to also be ignored (as they're actually invisible due to inheritance).
- Fix terrain to use 32bit only when necessary, make terrain use hw buffers. Heightmap loading and height calculation fixed. Visibility and LOD calculations updated.
- Some mem leaks fixed
- FPS camera resets the cursor better
Changes in version 1.5 (15.12.2008)
- Construction calls for FPS camera changed to take speed in units/milliseconds, just as the setSpeed method does.
- Code::Blocks workspaces added. C::B projects (using gcc) now output to /lib/gcc and /bin/gcc, when built on either Windows or Linux.
- Added a test suite in the /tests directory. This can be used to perform regression tests, and should be updated with new tests to verify fixes or validate new features.
- Changed the preferred way of altering light node's radius: Use the new member methods of ILightSceneNode instead of directly modifying the SLight structure.
- Changed the initial attenuation back to (0,1/radius,0). To override this value simply change the attenuation in the SLight (lightnode->getLightData().Attenuation.set(x,y,z))
- Dirty fix for OSX device setResizable and a bug fix to do with resizing the device.
- Terrain heightmap and texture were flipped in order to draw them as expected (looking onto the terrain from high above will just look like the actual texture/heightmap).
- Significant internal change to the way that FPS camera jump speed and collision response animator gravity interact. The behavior is now much more realistic, but it will require you to adjust your jump speed and gravity.
- Skybox won't be culled anymore by nearplane or farplane.
- BBoxes of animated meshes (skinned meshes) are updated again.
- Lost devices (as found with D3D) are properly handled now. So the screen can be resized or minimized without crashing the app.
- Renamed IGUIElement::setRelativePosition(const core::rect<f32>& r) to IGUIElement::setRelativePositionProportional(), as it has radically different functionality from setRelativePosition(const core::rect<s32>& r)
- Added IGUIElement::setRelativePosition(const core::position2di & position) to set a new position while retaining the existing height and width.
- Many Collada fixes. z_up coords are supported now, texture coords are properly loaded. Transparency is supported.
- Camera scene node rotation and target can now be bound together so that changing one automatically changes the other (as the FPS camera has always done). See ICameraSceneNode::bindTargetAndRotation()
- Removed the extra libpng files for OSX. OSX now also uses the default libpng.
- Enhanced PCX support with some more color formats and write support.
- Fixed LMTS problems with extra data in files.
- Removed VS6 .dsw / .dsp project files - VS6 is no longer supported.
- Particles can be scaled during animations. Particle scaling needs to happen in the emitter now, instead of in the Particle system scene node. Deprecation methods will guide the user.
- ISceneNode::setParent and addChild now updates node SceneManager pointers if the node was from another SceneManager.
- Basic support for joystick input events on Windows, Linux, SDL and OSX. Tested with wired Logitech and Thrustmaster wired controllers and XBox 360 wireless controller ( http://tattiebogle.net/index.php/ProjectRoot/Xbox360Controller/OsxDriver )
- Fixed scaled octree nodes being incorrectly frustum culled.
- FSAA under OpenGL and Win32 added. Now all hw drivers and platforms should support it.
- Unlimited RTT fix for D3D systems. Depth buffers are now shared if possible, otherwise a new depth buffer is generated. In order to save VidMem one should create RTTs starting with the largest one.
- Avoid RTTs with nonFBO-support under OpenGL which are larger than the screen. Since we rely on rendering into textures in this case we need to clamp the size by the screensize.
- Fixes for getAbsoluteFilename under Linux in order to return a filename instead of en empty string in case the file doesn't exist.
- Use absolute path names when creating / finding textures.
- Font tool implementation for Linux with xft, by Neil Burlock.
- Support for normals and UV coords from DeclData in .x files.
- Modified line2d<T>::intersectWith() to cover more cases.
- Added IVideoDriver::drawPixel().
- Moved the window pointer from endScene to beginScene, as this is required for OpenGL support of external window pointers.
- Fix for terrain culling.
- Added minimize button to win32 window (if resizable)
- Major API change: RTTs are now created via addRenderTargetTexture instead of createRenderTargetTexture, which allows to retrieve them from the texture cache, but also changes the way of removing the RTTs, and especially one must not drop the pointer anymore.
- WindowsCE-Bugfix
- disableFeature can be used to override feature support of the video driver.
- draw2DImage can now also handle RTTs under OpenGL (which were flipped before).
- Ogre mesh format fixes for proper texture support.
- Added .obj mesh writer.
- Some core::string constructors made explicit to avoid unintended conversions. Just add core::stringc() or core::stringw() around the old code to avoid warnings.
- IdentityMatrix is now a properly defined global, with external visibility on all platforms.
- Bugfix for context releases with glx 1.3 on error.
- Removed constraints for sizes of the terrain scene node.
- Support for 32bit indices in a special MeshBuffer class.
- isBetweenPoints return true now even for the begin and end points, i.e. line segments are now including their start and end.
- Fix XML reader creation for non-existing files and invalid callbacks.
- Changed interpretation of MaterialTypeParam==0 in transparent materials. Now it's consistent with all other values, but one has to set the value to 0.5 to get the old behavior (slightly faster rendering, but no smooth borders)
- Replaced transformBox by transformBoxEx in some internal methods to avoid major malfunction of the transformations.
- Fix use of zip file inside zip files.
- Avoid loading textures which are not used by the mesh in b3d loader.
- Added scaleTCoords methods to MeshManipulator
- Enable use of other meshes for shadow mesh generation, can be used to speed up shadow generation and rendering for complex meshes. Patch based on a version by tonic.
- Fixed usage of SIrrCreationParameters struct, which dind't have copy constructor and assignment operator anymore, since the Irrlicht version string was made const.
- New glext.h (version 41) and glxext.h (version 20) supporting OpenGL 3.0
- Added support for read-only locking of textures. Can speed up those calls.
- Added support for locking RTTs under OpenGL.
- Implementation of UserData events from system events.
- ICameraSceneNode::setIsOrthogonal replaced by a parameter to setProjectionMatrix.
- All meshbuffers are now dynamically allocated to avoid problems with grabbed buffers, which may be deleted before the last drop happens (due to static memory allocation).
- Enhanced scene graph traversal with example from rogerborg.
- FPS camera disabling of event receiver works better now.
- scene deserialization allows for a user defined callback after a new scene node is created.
- Fixed tangent mesh loading from .irrmesh files.
- OpenGL clamp modes are now properly set.
- IMeshManipulator::transformMesh renamed to transform, also supports meshbuffers now.
scaleMesh renamed to scale, supports meshbuffers as well.
- vector3d::rotationToDirection added.
- New mesh generators for cone and cylinder.
- Hardware accelerated Vertex and Index Buffer support finally integrated into Irrlicht. Thanks to a resource handling idea by Klasker and the almost immediate implementation by Luke, Irrlicht now supports VBOs under OpenGL and D3D.
Hardware buffers make rendering the same vertices much faster. To use this feature with a mesh, simply set a usage type via MeshBuffer->setHardwareMappingHint(scene::EHM_STATIC). The driver will upload the vertices and indices on the next draw and reuse this information without the need to upload it each frame.
Vertex and Index buffers can also be updated separately, which is e.g. useful for the terrain node's LOD.
- Changed FBO creation according to Nadro's patch. Seems to have zbuffer problems currently.
- Update to libpng 1.2.29
- Compiler flag for PerfHUD support added.
- recalculateNormals and tangent space creation enhancements by ryanclark.
- Added getColorFormat methods for device and driver, returning the color format of the device's window and the driver's framebuffer.
- Added isFullscreen method.
- Added isWindowFocused and isWindowMinimized methods.
- Screenshots are now always made from the frontbuffer, so always the last completely rendered image is captured. However, overlapping windows may corrupt those parts of the screenshot (as was previously happening with d3d already).
- New device creation parameter to disable Irrlicht's system event handling.
- New device creation parameter to specify depth bits.
- New device creation parameter to request alpha channel in framebuffer.
- Draw2DImage methods under OpenGL now also handle RTTs correctly.
- Fixed RTT bug which lead to strangely clamped textures.
- Speed improvement for screenshots on some Intel cards under OpenGL.
- My3D file loader fixed.
- Terrain mesh performance increased.
- Fixed mem leak in cube node.
- Compiler errors in shaders won't corrupt the material renderer list anymore.
- Quake3 shader files now have properly working texture matrices again.
- FPS and Maya style cameras are now standard cameras with a special animator.
- ISceneNodeAnimator now inherits IEventReceiver
- New method ISceneNodeAnimator::isEventReceiverEnabled, returns false by default
- CCameraSceneNode::OnEvent passes events to animators with enabled event receivers
- ISceneNodeAnimatorCameraFPS and ISceneNodeAnimatorCameraMaya interfaces for changing camera settings at run-time.
- Changed SExposedVideoData to use void* instead of s32. Fixed 64bit portability.
- Added support for front face culling.
- Fix for HLSL shaders in one file.
- Billboard::setColor bug fix by rogerborg.
- Scene node sorting uses squared distances now.
- Enhanced API for hte math functions. Many of them will now return a reference to *this for chained method invocations.
- prevent .x loader to load .xml files.
- AntiAlias support for OSX device.
- Period character handling bug fixed.
- New filesystem methods for filename handling.
- added getVideoModeList and getDesktopResolution support for OSX
- Octree supports tangent meshes now. Some performance improvements for the generation.
- Fix mouse pointer and fullscreen mode problems in OSX.
- Make cube and sphere scene node a mesh scene node (for access to the cube/sphere mesh).
- Support for normal maps in 3ds files. Mem leak fixed. Loading for files with keyframe data fixed.
- BillboardTextSceneNode is now an IBillboardSceneNode and an ITextSceneNode.
- Support for external windows under Linux.
- .X loader bug fixes.
- Better debug visualization for MeshSceneNodes.
- Fixed bug in material serialization when using the NullDriver.
- Fix for Win32 CursorControl::setVisible
- Support for LWO files.
- Support for Collada 1.4 files.
- Better and faster terrain smoothing by Frosty Topaz.
- Fixed a performance bug in ISceneNode constructor reported by izhbq412
- Win32 device now makes the cursor invisible immediately when setVisible(false) is called.
- Command line tool for mesh conversion added.
- Added volume light scene node
- .obj files now won't duplicate vertices unnecessarily. This allows recalculation of smooth normals and other things, and is also faster when rendering. The loading is a little slower now.
They also support normal maps and texture clamping now. Group support added, can be ignored via scene manager attribute scene::OBJ_LOADER_IGNORE_GROUPS.
Normals will be calculated if the file doesn't provide them.
- Better fix for hires timers on dual core machines by RogerBorg
- added Initial Windows Mobile 6 Version.
- Windows Mobile 6 SDK
- Visual Studio 2005
- Added checks to avoid buffer overrun in b3d loader. Enabled normals calculation in all cases, previously it was not done for lightmapped meshes.
Fixed transparency support. Added mipmap creation flag support which might disable mipmap creation too often. Should be checked.
- Burningvideo: MipMap Selection repaired
- renamed private Driver function getTextureSizeFromImageSize to getTextureSizeFromSurfaceSize
- Added collision manager speedup patch by RogerBorg.
- D3D drivers now releases the IImage member from initialization, thus freeing lots of memory. The image is accessible via the driver anyway.
- SDL device character handling enhanced.
- MeshBuffers can now access the elements of the S3DVertex base class in all vertex types directly, instead of using the getVertices() pointer access. This simplifies simple mesh manipulations as it does not require a switch statement over all vertex types.
- More OpenGL renderstate bugs fixed
- GLSL changes for setting arrays. Also allow for only pixel or vertex shader to be set.
- Bugfix for removeChild in AnimatedMeshSceneNode.
- Some bugfixes for Joint handling and skinned meshes. Added getJointCount in IAnimatedMeshSceneNode and isStatic in ISkinnedMesh.
- Added WAL image format support based on the original loader by Murphy McCauley, written for Irrlicht around version 0.7.
- OpenGL RTTs now also support alpha values.
- New method driver->getVendorInfo() to query information about the actual hardware driver.
- Fixed somed CQuake3ShaderSceneNode problems.
- Changed BurningsVideo internal Vertex Format. version changed to 0.39
- SceneManager:
Removed the seperate rendering states for quake3 Shader Scene Nodes.
Nodes are now solid or transparent. ( but still more states are needed )
- GUI:
- Editbox didn't draw children
- Checking IsEnabled is now consistent across all GUI elements
- Move window to front bug fixed.
- Disabling the BMP loader now compiles without the built-in font
- Added setTextAlignment to IGUIComboBox
- Avoid dropping skin pointer which is in use.
- Better warning for fonts without regions (sometimes wrong file is loaded by the user).
- Fixed a bug in CGUISpriteBank which caused a crash when a non-looping animated sprite reached the end of its animation.
- Modal screens no longer flash invisible children when rejecting a focus change.
- Finally added StarSonata patch with table element and TabControl additions. Table is based on MultiColor listbox by Acki, and has loads of changes by CuteAlien.
Changes in version 1.4.2 (22.9.2008)
- Unified the handling of zwrite enable with transparent materials on all hw accelerated drivers. This means that all transparent materials will now disable ZWrite, ignoring the material flag.
There is a scene manager attribute, though, which will revert this behavior to the usual SMaterial driven way. Simply call
SceneManager->getParameters()->setAttribute(scene::ALLOW_ZWRITE_ON_TRANSPARENT, true) and set the SMaterial flag as desired.
- Some changes for texture matrices in q3 shaders.
- Added BlindSide's irrAllocator patch for proper TextureMatrix release under Win32 with any CRT library.
- Added VC9 project files.
- Added getEmitter for particle system scene nodes.
- Fixed rounding problem in getScreenCoordinatesFrom3DPosition
- Fixed Software renderer color flicker, was a shift bug I believe.
- irrMap fix to make root node always black, by rogerborg.
- Possible core dump fixed in particle system node, by CuteAlien.
- Mem leak fixed in b3d loader.
- Avoid double rendering of child nodes of joints.
- Support for d3d draw2dimage clipping by CuteAlien.
- Fixed an animation transition bug, pointed out by wuallen.
- Fixed the major problem with OpenGL drivers, that claim to be 2.x compatible, but don't offer NPOT support (well, they do, but only in sw rendering...). Now we check for the extension string only.
- Fixed .obj loader bug which inserted vertices in wrong buffers.
- Fixed minor mem leak in Linux device.
Changes in version 1.4.1 (04 Jun 2008)
- MD3 meshes are movable again.
- New JPG image writer version by Vitek.
- Texture matrix fixes, all methods should now work as expected.
- Some container methods now return the this pointer after member functions have been called on them, in order to allow call chains.
- Some new methods for SColorf access, for uniform API of all colors.
- bug fix for SMaterialLayer equality check. Did only check the TextureMatrix pointers, instead of the matrices.
- New getMesh method for the SceneManager, which takes an IReadFile instead of a filename.
- Support for flags _WIN32 and _WIN64 in addition to WIN32 and WIN64 added, this simplifies usage of Irrlicht headers under MSVC.
- Fixed a crash in GUIMeshViewer
- new string method findLastChar by Halifax
- GUIEditBox got the 1 pixel shift after click fixed.
- Some debug visualization has been fixed for skinned meshes
- Undef PI symbol before declaring core::PI to avoid compilation problems
- SAnimatedMesh now properly returns properties of Meshes[0] if those exist, such that it should be usable in place of an SMesh again.
- Fixed 2d initialisation in opengl and d3d9 driver. This should fix problems with render states mixing up and distrubing, e.g. skin effects.
- Avoid a crash when passing setSkin the current skin
- Fixed current frame calculation for non-looped animations. Bug reported by greenya.
- Fixed bug in CBillboardSceneNode::setColor, reported by rogerborg
- Fixed clipping of menu, toolbar and combo box GUI elements, reported by greenya
- setNotClipped now applies all the way up to the root of the GUI environment, rather than just to the next parent
- Made new scene managers use the original manager's GUIEnvironment, reported by MasterGod
- Fixed IGUICheckBox::setEnabled, reported by Dorth
- Fixed the FollowSpline animator to avoid crashes when only one waypoint is given.
- OpenGL VolumeShadow now uses glPolygonOffset to avoid zbuffer artifacts.
- Fixed meshbuffer corruption in append methods.
- Fixed mem leaks in irrArray.
- Fixed minor bugs in ISceneNode and ISceneManager.
- Fixed the MeshCache handling of GeometryCreator meshes.
- Terrain LOD bugfix.
- Some Collada 1.3 loader enhancements and bug fixes.
- Fixed a bug in CGUISpriteBank which caused a crash when a non-looping animated sprite reached the end of its animation.
- Enhanced the .obj loader with the patch from ryanclark. This allows for recalculation of smoothed normals of the mesh, also should decrease the tri count on some meshes.
- Avoid the global Logger to be destroyed too early.
- Function setbit was renamed to setbit_cond to avoid name clashes.
- Fixed .x animations with multiple references to the same joint from different meshes. Fixed texture path problems.
- Support for Milkshape 1.8 files, also with multiple weights per joint.
- The config file now also supports _IRR_OSX_PLATFORM_ and _IRR_USE_OSX_DEVICE_. This allows to use the Linux device (X11 support) on OSX.
- Avoid terrain scene node crash when heightmap cannot be loaded.
- Speed improvements for WaterSceneNode.
- FlyCircle animator now also works for upvectors (Direction parameter) which are not (0,1,0). Is also faster now, since most calculations are done on init. Thanks to Dorth for working on this.
- The 3ds loader correctly creates a texture matrix when texture tiling properties are found in the file.
- Fix for S3DVertex comparison operators. Used some wrong logic.
- Bugfix getCurrentRenderTargetSize in D3D drivers. Due to signature differences a wrong virtual method was chosen. Thanks to Jiang for finding it.
Changes in version 1.4 (30 Nov 2007)
- Major API change: All material properties which are available per texture layer (curently texture, texture matrix, texture filters, and texture wrap mode) are separated into a new struct SMaterialLayer. You can access them via the array TextureLayer[] in SMaterial. The texture matrix methods in SMaterial are still alive, and also textures can be accessed via methods in SMaterial now. But still, many places in user code need some update (usually changing material.Textures[i] to material.TextureLayer[i].Texture etc.)
- Major API rewriting for proper const usage. Now, most getter methods are const and so are the larger parameters and return values. Moreover, many methods taking only unsigned numbers now use u32 instead of s32 in order to recognize this limitation from the method's signature.
- the base class for nearly all Irrlicht classes has been renamed from IUnknown to IReferenceCounted
- Fixed Skybox texture orientations. They are now displayed non-flipped. Existing skyboxes have to be changed, though: Exchange left and right texture. Textures from Terragen and other tools can be used directly, now. Quake maps will also need the right/left exchange.
- Added ITexture::isRenderTarget()
- Added STL mesh file format reader and writer.
- Added IMeshManipulator::createMeshWelded which creates a copy of the mesh with similar vertices welded together.
- Irrlicht now has its own file format for static meshes. It is based on xml and has the
extension .irrmesh. Irrlicht is able to write every IMesh to this file format, and of course to
read it back again.
- Irrlicht is now able to write Meshes out into files. Use ISceneManager::createMeshWriter()
to obtain an interface with which you can write out meshes. Currently, an own .irrmesh
file format is supported as well as the COLLADA file format.
- fixed the keyboard autorepeat difference between Linux and Windows. Thanks to denton we now have only KeyPressed events on both systems in case of autorepeat.
- Added several new particle emitters and affectors from IrrSpintz. Also some new getter and setter methods were added.
- D3D transparent materials do not disable zbuffer writing automatically anymore. This has to be done by the user to keep those settings configurable.
- OpenGL texture now also require a regenerateMipmapLevels() after unlocking. This is the same as for d3d devices now.
- Point sprite support in the driver. Point sprites use just one 3d vertex and a size to create a textured billboard on the GPU. This can provide fast particle systems, especially in combination with shaders. The proper particle extension will follow later on as it needs some more refactoring.
- OpenGL 2D drawing accuracy fix by tuXXX
- Added OnResize and getCurrentRenderTargetSize to the software video drivers.
- Added Spot light type for dynamic lights. Note that both position and direction for all dynamic lights are now determined by the LightSceneNode, the SLight attributes are only used for internal purposes.
API change! One can easily work around this change by setting the LightSceneNode's Position and Rotation instead of the SLight's. This change won't provoke a compile error, though, and can hence go unrecognized besides the visual problems.
The lights use a default direction (0,0,-1) which is rotated by the usual scene node transformations and can hence be modified by scene node animators.
A change in the Radius usage can lead to strange artifacts. Just increase the Radius in this case. further handling of Radius is to be discussed.
- Added per pixel fog support for OpenGL.
- Added driver support for user defined clip planes, based on mandrav's patch.
The OpenGL version is more picky about ModelView matrices, so it's best to set the projection plane at the time it is used.
- .obj files now load relative indices correctly. Collada files load textures.
- A new MeshBuffer implementation is publicly available. It supports a shared vertex list for all MeshBuffers, used for MS3D meshes.
- MeshBuffers can recalculate their BoundingBoxes on their own now, no need for MeshManipulators. New append methods help to merge MeshBuffers. take care that the types match!
- The new texture generation mode is working. With ETCF_NO_ALPHA_CHANNEL textures are generated without ALPHA bits reserved.
- D3D9 hardware mipmap updates are re-enabled, problems should be reported.
- In some cases fullscreeen modes under win32 should have a better frame rate now.
- Fixed the hillplane mesh to work with non-quadratic dimensions as well. Changed the interface also, so use a u32 dimension to specify the tilecount now.
- Hires timers are disabled on windows systems with more than one CPU, due to bugs
in the BIOS of many multi-core motherboards. To enable hires timers in your project,
use SetProcessAffinityMask to set to use only one CPU before creating the device.
- OpenGL render targets now the same way up as the other drivers. If you have
written opengl shaders that use render targets then you'll need to change your
texture coordinates accordingly.
- Fixed some OpenGL renderstate stuff. setBasicRenderstate returns with
active texture layer 0. The material renderer must return from OnUnset
with the same active texture layer. The alpha test is disabled and the
texture mode should be GL_MODULATE.
- Fixed CSoftwareTexture2::getOriginalSize, reported by CaptainPants. Added a
new method CSoftwareTexture2::getMaxMipMapSize to return the size of the largest
mipmap, which is used by texelarea instead of getOriginalSize.
- Changed parameter order of addArrowMesh and added default parameters such
that it's enough to set the color (or even just the name).
- Fixed bugs in MY3D and OBJ loader.
- Added IMeshCache::clearUnusedMeshes(). This allows the user to remove
meshes that are sitting in the mesh cache but aren't used by any scene nodes.
This is useful for example when changing levels.
- Added IUnknown::getReferenceCount()
- createDevice now reports errors if the driverType is unknown, previously it
created a window but populated it with a null driver without any warning.
- Fixed a bug in CBillboardTextSceneNode::setText where the old text was not
- Changed irrArray::linear_search to use the == operator rather than <
This may be slower in some cases, but it no longer returns false positives
when searching arrays of classes that override the < operator but
!(x<y) && !(y<x) does not necessarily mean x==y (vectors, positions etc).
- Fixed getSize/getOriginalSize method inversion in OpenGL textures.
- Added per texture-layer filter settings, i.e. one can choose to filter
only chosen texture layers. If all layers are set to the same value the
convenience function material.setFlag(EMF_BILINEAR_FILTER, boolean) can be
used, TRILINEAR_FILTER and ANISOTROPIC_FILTER do work, too. In all other
cases material.BilinearFilter[i] (resp. TrilinerFilter[i] or
AnisotropicFilter[i]) shall are to be used.
- Added adjustable Attenuation for dynamic lights. This allows to change the
intensity of a light based on its distance. The default attenuation changed
from (0,1/radius,0) to (1,0,0) which means no effect by distance. Good
values for distance effects simply add small values to the second and third
- Fixed a typo to do with 2nd light vectors in opengl parallax and normal map
- Fixes to menu and listbox (de)serialization, and custom listbox colors by CuteAlien.
- Added EGET_ELEMENT_CLOSED GUI event type. Absorb this event to cancel closing a window.
- Added _IRR_COMPILE_WITH_GUI_ to allow compiling without the GUI.
This is useful if you use another GUI system (ie CEGUI) or are using Irrlicht
inside another window. You will have to supply an external IGUIFont if you wish
to use font scene nodes as there will be no GUI environment available to load fonts.
- Added 7 more symbols to the built-in font and skin.
indicating there is more content in that direction.
EGDI_WINDOW_RESIZE: Window symbol for resizing by clicking the bottom right
corner of a window.
EGDI_EXPAND, EGDI_COLLAPSE: Plus and minus buttons for trees.
- Added IGUISkin::draw2dRectangle, so skins can override the default highlight.
- EGET_ELEMENT_FOCUS_LOST and EGET_ELEMENT_FOCUSED events can now be absorbed
by returning true in OnEvent. Absorbing these events will cancel the focus
- IGUIEnvironment::setFocus and removeFocus now return bools.
- New SEvent.GUIEvent.Element. Points to a second element that is being
used in the event. During a EGET_ELEMENT_FOCUS_LOST event it points
to the element which would like the focus.
- Fixed the default font icons so they have a black border and are not
invisible in default listboxes. Old font tool textures now keep their color
so colorful fonts are possible by editing the font's texture. The colors of
completely transparent areas are no longer kept when generating the texture
from an image. Added builtInFont.bmp for ease of editing.
- IGUIElement changes:
Most elements can now be accessed using the keyboard. Use space and return
to select or deselect, escape to cancel selection (ie while pressing a
button with space or return), and the cursor keys where appropriate.
Added navigation through the GUI using tab and the shift and control keys.
Use these new methods to control tab navigation:
setTabStop - set this to true if the focus will vist the element.
isTabStop - returns true if the focus will visit the element.
setTabOrder - Sets the order of focus within this tab group,
Only one element in each group should have the same TabOrder number.
Set to -1 to add to the end of the group.
setTabGroup - set this to true if the element is a group that contains
other elements, and can be navigated with ctrl+tab/ctrl+shift+tab.
isTabGroup - returns true if the element is a tab group.
getTabGroup - returns the tab group that the element belongs to.
getNextElement - searches for the next element which would be focused
within the element's children, only useful if you are doing your own
custom navigation.
Added isMychild, to check if an element is descended from this one.
Added isPointInside, which is called by getElementFromPoint. Override this
when making non-rectangular elements.
OnEvent no longer absorbs events by default.
Serialize/deserialize now call getter and setter functions, in case people
override these and don't use the internal protected variables.
added getAbsoluteClippingRect, returns the visible area of an element.
- Added IGUISpinBox, by Michael Zeilfelder (CuteAlien).
- IGUIEditBox new methods:
setWordWrap/isWordWrapEnabled, to split words on to the next line.
setMultiLine and isMultiLineEnabled, inserts a newline instead of sending
setPasswordBox/isPasswordBox to use the edit box for password input.
setTextAlignment, to align the text to left, right, top, bottom and centers
setAutoScroll, to enable and disable automatic scrolling with the cursor
- IGUIStaticText new methods setDrawBorder and setTextAlignment.
- IGUIListBox changes:
Added setAutoScrollEnabled and isAutoScrollEnabled, for automatic scrolling
when selecting or adding an item.
Scrollbars are now only visible when the list doesn't fit in the visible area.
You can now type an item's text to select it.
- IGUIScrollBar new methods set/getLargeStep
Changes in version 1.3.1 (20 Jun 2007)
- Fixed a bug with negative exponents in fast_atof, posted by RVL
- renamed IAnimatedMeshSceneNode::getAbsoluteTransformation to
getMD3TagTransformation to avoid conflicts with
- Added rect::constrainTo for locking a rectangle inside another without
resizing it
- Moved the OpenGL API functions from COpenGL driver into new extension
handler. Thereby, some renaming took place - the ARB and EXT suffix was
removed. Simply rename the functions in case you use them.
- matrix4 is now a template internally such that also int and double matrices
are possible now.
- CMeshBuffer is a new template replacing all previous SMeshBuffer* classes.
New mesh buffers can be easily implemented based on this code.
- Ogre 1.40 files now also load.
- New filename based methods in the MeshCache.
- CSphereSceneNode is now texture wrapped with sphere mapping by exactly one
texture. Only a small error on the top remained.
- The Sky box scene node now clamps its textures by default (meaning no
more ugly artifacts at the borders).
- Frustum culling fixed by using the fixed classifyPointRelation function.
- Some fixes in the 3d basic structures: plane3d.classifyPointRelation now
correctly returns the relation, it returned the opposite before. Also
renamed existsInterSection to existsIntersection for consistency.
triangle3d.isOnSameSide is now private - it's just a helper class not
intended for further use.
- Added IFileSystem::getFileDir, to get the directory when given a file
name. Submitted by Jeff Myers
- Updated to latest PNG library (1.2.18), fixing a vulnerability.
Also changed some data structures which should make the library 64bit
- Changed the external window pointer from s32 to void*. This makes the
mechanism 64bit safe, but also breaks the API. You have to cast to
void* now.
- Moved image scaling algorithms to CImage class and made them public. This
replaces lots of code from the hardware textures. It should also fix the
missing MipMaps in OpenGL if the driver does not support mipmap generation.
- Added support for texture creation flags in OpenGL. This changes some
textures to other color formats than in previous versions.
- MD2 normals fixed.
- Some defines for the platform choice have changed their names and semantics.
E.g. IRR_LINUX is now _IRR_LINUX_PLATFORM_ for os specific things and
_IRR_USE_LINUX_DEVICE_ to choose the original X11 IrrLinux device.
- Added an SDL device for cross-platform window support. Especially useful
for embedded systems and others without hardware acceleration. This device
is mutually exclusive with the other devices and requires linking against
the SDL library.
- Q3 shader crash fix.
- Fixed the too small D3D texture bug.
- The OpenGL texture is internally stored as a CImage now.
- Fixed some Borland compiler problems.
- ShadowVolume init bug fixed.
- MS3D rotation bug fixed.
- setFrameLoop bug fixed.
- Fixed OpenGL's draw2DImage texture inits to avoid texture confusion.
- Fixed getHeight from terrain scene node.
- The FPS counter now works as in previous releases, the accumulating counter
can be enabled by a parameter.
- getType() is now const correct (API Changes)
- Added scissor test to opengl draw2DImage method that ignored clip.
- Fixed a bug in rect::isValid, it was almost always true.
- Fixed wrong particle emission.
- Added LinuxDevice setResizeAble implementation.
- Enumeration values of the ESCENE_NODE_TYPE enum are no longer ints but four
character codes. If you were using them as index previously, this is no longer possible.
- There is now a way to set which scene manager should recieve user input, when working
with multiple scene managers: IrrlichtDevice::setInputReceivingSceneManager().
- ICursorControl now supports setting a reference rectangle.
If this rect is set, the cursor position is not being calculated relative to
the rendering window but to this rect. You can set the rect pointer to 0 to disable
this feature again. This feature is useful when rendering into parts of foreign windows
for example in an editor. See ICursorControl::setReferenceRect() for details.
(Windows only implementation currently)
- It is now possible to clone single scene nodes (ISceneNode::clone()) and to create copies
of a whole scene graph (ISceneManager::createNewSceneManager(cloneContent=true);
- IAttributes now supports a user pointer (void*)
- Added query methods to scene manager: Find Scene nodes by type
- Added min and max functions with 3 values: core::min_ and core::max_
- Fixed a crash when using Octtrees caused by unnecessary dropping of meshes when
deserializing the scene node.
- Removed an array::erase from Octtrees and Octtree triangle selector.
- Removed a bug which caused irrlicht to crash when using animated .x files as static meshes.
- Added EGUI_DEFAULT_FONT for skins, default fonts can now be set for windows, menus, buttons and tooltips.
use IGUISkin::setFont and getFont to use them. Fonts are not serialized with saveGUI yet
- Added EGDC_TOOLTIP_BACKGROUND for setting background color of tooltips.
- Tooltips now appear relative to mouse position, also they do not appear for 500ms.
- Fixed a memory leak when dropping the GUIEnvironment when a tooltip was present.
- Added IGUIStaticText::setDrawBackground and IGUIStaticText::setBackgroundColor.
- Fixed a messagebox focus bug when no 'okay' button was present.
- Added setColor and setScaleImage to GUIImage.
- GUIListBox highlighted area now clips properly.
- added getOSOperator to GUIEnvironment (for clipboard access in elements) and updated CGUIEditBox.
- Can now load/save gui environment from/to an element.
- Most element set functions now have a corresponding get or is function.
(API change) IGUIButton::getUseAlphaChannel is now isAlphaChannelUsed, to fit with other is* functions.
- Fixed a bug with resizing the gui environment when the device is resized
- Modal screens now resize to fit their parent.
- XML bitmap fonts now load textures from the XML file directory rather than the current one.
- Fixed a small bug with click areas in combo boxes.
- Fixed a bug in clear() when an element was hovered or had focus
- Fixed a bug when loading fonts with uppercase letters in the name in case-sensitive filesystems
GUI Editor:
- Added cut/copy/paste using clipboard and xml (via memory file). Will have problems in Linux due
to no clipboard support
- Added texture attribute element
- Added CGUIPanel, a container with optional scrollbars. Originally submitted by Asger Feldthaus
Changes in version 1.3 (15 Mar 2007)
- SMaterial structure changed:
- Enable Irrlicht to change TextureAddress Mode (Clamping), for each layer separately
- Added Texture matrices to SMaterial for all texture layers
- Removed the anonymous union/struct access to textures and material flags.
Now, Texture1..4 is removed - use Textures[i] instead
The Flags[x] is replaced by setFlags(x, bool) resp. getFlags(x)
- The methods OnPreRender and OnPostRender of ISceneNode have been changed to
OnRegisterSceneNode() and OnAnimate(). Also, they are now called at different
times: OnAnimate is called every frame before anything else, removing the
one-frame-lag Irrlicht suffered until now. To make most of your own scene
nodes work again, it should be enough to rename OnPreRender()
to OnRegisterSceneNode() and OnPostRender() to OnAnimate() in most cases.
- ISceneNode::getMaterialCount and getMaterial now use u32 instead of s32. You will also need
to update this in your custom scene nodes.
- matrix4 speed enhancement, testing for identity before multiply. faster check for identity
for the positive case using an additional boolean flag.
The internal array M is now private, changing the API. Use mat[x] instead of mat.M[x].
The pointer to M is acquired by mat.pointer(), some methods take a matrix4 reference
instead of a f32*.
- Some more suppport for tangent meshes
- Several alpha blend fixes in several drivers and methods
Font improvements:
- Changed built-in IGUIFont to IGUIFontBitmap and added options for more fonts.
CGUIFont now supports UCS-2 and may span many textures, loads from XML (Unicode support planned)
- Started a font tool for creating the new XML fonts, including generating vector fonts
(currently not backward compatible with old fonts, only works for Win2K+, some bugs still)
- Font interface now supports kerning- kerning pairs, per letter and global kerning widths,
although he internal font only supports global and per-letter.
- GUI enhancements:
- GUI Serialization with loadGUI and saveGUI, and serializable custom GUI elements via factories
- Started a GUI Editor as a GUI element factory example (work in progress)
- New IGUIElement functions: isSubElement & setSubElement for child elements created by their parents
(eg. a scrollbar on a list box). Set it if you don't want an element to be serialized
- GUI environment ELEMENT_FOCUS_LOST event now sets the element as the caller, focus_lost events
are now usually passed to parent elements, so elements now check if they are the caller before
updating (so users can catch focus lost events without them being eaten by the elements)
- Buttons, checkboxes and tab controls now only activate when the mouse is released over them.
- Windows mouse-up events are now caught outside the window, so mouse coords may now be negative.
could cause problems with draggable user windows, as they may now be dragged off screen.
- Elements can now automatically resize to fit their parents, or align themselves to an edge:
setAlignment(left, right, top, bottom) - sets how each edge aligns to its parent,
through EGUI_ALIGNMENT enum
EGUIA_UPPERLEFT - default behavior, aligns to top or left edge
EGUIA_LOWERRIGHT - aligns to the lower or right edge
EGUIA_CENTER - moves relative to the center of its parent
EGUIA_SCALE - uses relative scale
- setMaxSize, setMinSize - sets the maximum and minimum sizes for automatic resizing,
use 0 for no maximum size.
- setRelativePosition now takes a rect<f32> for relative positioning within their parents
- getFileSystem added to the GUI environment
- New IGUISpriteBank, used to hold 2d image data like fonts and GUI icons.
Icons provided by the built-in font are now accessed through the skin's sprite bank.
Users can override the icons by setting a different sprite bank and setting new sprites.
- Skins are now serializable and are loaded/saved with the GUI.
- IGUIStaticText getter/setter functions patch by rogerborg.
- added 3d TextSceneNode2. to view a Text in real 3D Space
in fact it is a combination of Billboard & TextSceneNode
- Burning Video (the second but only complete software renderer)
touching the 20fps border in the demo ( P4 mobile 2Ghz ). 15fps average.
( Compile config Release Fast-FPU )
- VertexCache for Tansformed & Light Vertices
boost small drawPrimitive Calls ( 2DRectangle, Billboard ) and Real Index Triangles
- Bilinear Dither
- clipping test ( compare instead of generic plane normal )
- support for NOT using vertexcolor
- added vertex to color to billboard.
shade top & shade down.
to support some static lighting effect on billboards
- Implemented line rendering for SoftwareDriver
- XMLWriter fix for 32bit wchar_t (esp. for big endian)
- updated to latest PNG library
- implemented CImagerWriterJpeg::writeImage
- The ISceneManager::addCameraSceneNodeFPS() has a new parameter named 'jumpSpeed'
and a Key Map Entry.
- added param to IIImageWriteFile::writeImage
control Parameter for the backend ( e.g. jpeg compression level )
- addContextMenu: CGUIEnvironment::addContextMenu set the focus on the submenu.
- Added IFileSystem::createMemoryReadFile for accessing memory like a file.
- Added core::map class submitted by Nastase Catalin (Kat'Oun)
- Fix vertex colors for .x and .ms3d, alpha bug in .obj
- Fixed 16bit depth screens under Windows.
- Implemented getMeshBuffer(SMaterial) for all AnimatedMeshes.
It was returning 0 for all implementations previously. User defined IMesh derivates
will also have to implement it now due to the removed empty implementation.
- Added yield() method to IrrlichtDevice which allows to pause the Irrlicht process for
a very short time. This allows other processes to execute without a major
penalty for the Irrlicht application.
- Added sleep() methd to IrrlichtDevice, for pausing the Irrlicht process for a longer
amount of time.
- Auto-split mesh to 16bit buffers in 3ds loader
- 8bit RGB332 image format support
- isActive() under Linux now behaves like the Windows variant: True iff window has focus
- Fixed(?) the glXGetProcAddress problems with different drivers
- B3D changes by Luke:
Texture scaling bugfix, support for alpha blending, new option to normalise weights,
animation code optimization, fixed memory leak
- Material ZBuffer flag changed to a u32 value
Reason: change ( off or on ) to , off, lequal, equal
Necessary for multi-pass if previous stage has had transparency
- DebugDataVisible is now an enum of flags
show normals is supported ( uses the new build in arrowmesh )
- New Function: GeometryCreator
addArrowMesh. build a closed cylinder and a cone
used to show normals as debug feature
- New Function:
CMeshManipulator::transformMesh(scene::IMesh* mesh, const core::matrix4& m) const
transforms VertexPosition and VertexNormal
- BUGFIX: CGUIButton notified Pressed when Mouse was clicked Inside ( correct )
but also left up outside rectangle ( incorrect)
- BUGFIX: Octree:getPolys(const scene::SViewFrustum& frustum, SIndexData* idxdata)
was recursive calling invisible children
- CFileList: Changed FileListEntry sorting to
a) Directory comes first
b) sorting ignores case
so it feel's more like common browers
- added a Texture transform to IVideoDriver::setTransform
- quaternion::getmatrix
in fact the getmatrix version is returning the transposed.
i'm quite sure that this is the wrong implementation.
so this should be verified to remove the getmatrix_transposed version...
- Quake3 Map Loader:
new loading method
- Bezier Patches with LOD more than 3
- Multiple Meshes, stay compatible with the previous version
- Indexed Triangle List
- initial support for quake3 Shaders and Entities
- Shaders are parsed. When it's possible to resolve a 2 Texture Scheme it's taken
Shaders exist in namespace scene::quake3
- The Example Quake3Map shows how to continue applying the Q3Shaders with SceneNodes
( for example animmap converts to TextureAnimator.)
TODO: use the Irrlicht Variable Syntax to remove redundant code..
- added getVertexPitch() to IMeshBuffer interface
- added generic isupper, isspace.. functions to coreutil.h to remove dependencies for ctype.h
( future: it's possibly to use binary comparison test..)
removed 1000's include of string.h and moved one to irrstring.h
in preparing of complete removing the MSVC.
- moved fast_atof.h to the public include
added strtol10 to remove dependencies for stdlib.h
anyway math.h is needed for powf
- core::vector3d
added getInterpolated_quadratic.
vector3d<T> getInterpolated_quadratic(const vector3d<T>& v2, const vector3d<T>& v3, const T d) const
// this*(1-d)*(1-d) + 2 * v2 * (1-d) + v3 * d * d;
- irrstring: added param start to findLast(T c, s32 start = -1 )
reason: to continue searching reverse on a specific position
(parameter is checked against boundaries )
- added operation reciprocal_squareroot to irrmath.
core::reciprocal_squareroot = 1.f / sqrtf ( x )
changed the core::vector3df normalize vector.
specialized templates are not allowed in irrlicht currently, so it's only for f32 for now.
a C function and a NVidia Version are in irrmath.h
- add Primitives to CFPSCounter
and changed interpolation to 1500ms instead of 2000ms
and rounding to ceiling..
- added Interface setAmbientLight to ISceneManager
it was a Bug, because SceneManager always calls Driver therefore AmbientLight has to be set in SceneManager.
- changed GUIFont & FontTool to support kerning ( on a global basis )
very basic mode.. apply an offset for position
useful for example if you want to apply an outline stroke in your favorite
and therefore let the texture grow.
and to correct the border back on drawing, specify the parameter in IGUIFont.
this is quite useful if you want to use more artistic fonts.
default = 0
better kerning would need a seperate coordinate set for each symbol.
- changed MD2_FRAME_SHIFT to lower framerate
-> lower IPol
problems can occur if somebody uses hardcoded frame-numbers instead
of Animation name...
- changed spelling "frustrum" to "frustum"
-> changed also SViewFrustrum.h to SViewFrustum.h
- changed Parameter AutomaticCulling from bool to enum E_CULLING_TYPE
to support more than two culling modes.
added Frustum culling ( it's a copy & paste from the octree )
added initial bounding sphere
used for culling point lights..
- Added getSystemMemory and getProcessorSpeedMHz for Windows and Linux to the OSOperator, submitted by Vitek.
Changes in version 1.2 (29 Nov 2006)
- Added Solaris/Sparc port (basically some compiler define statements). Irrlicht and the examples should compile out-of-the-box on Suns with the usual Makefiles and gnumake.
- Added texture matrix support for hardware accelerated drivers. This allows for efficient texture coord manipulations for complete meshes at once.
- Multisampling with OpenGL under Linux added
- Non-power-of-two textures are left unscaled if the driver supports such textures.
- new draw2DImage method that speeds up drawing many quads from the same texture. Font drawing is improved by this under OpenGL.
- TGA files are now always correctly flipped and loaded if compressed. All PNG color formats are now supported, including correct alpha handling.
- 3ds mesh loader fix in texture loading, now loads some textures that were not loaded before, but might introduce problems with very recent files. OGRE mesh loader bugfixes and lightmap support. Several B3d mesh loader updates. Obj and mtl loader enhancements.
- A new compile flag (IRR_OPENGL_USE_EXTPOINTER) allows Irrlicht to either use OpenGL extension function pointers or direct OpenGL calls.
- OpenGL now uses frame buffer objects for render targets larger than the screen, supplied by Mandrav
- Split ESNRP_LIGHT_AND_CAMERA passes into ESNRP_LIGHT and ESNRP_CAMERA to fix a problem with lights being rendered before cameras in OpenGL (thanks again to Vitek for finding this). ESNRP_LIGHT_AND_CAMERA is now deprecated.
- Fixed many OpenGL render state problems which were related to wrong texture states. The textures are now enabled and disabled by the material renderers in OnSetMaterial. Also enabled the texture state cache which helps preventing texture changes just as the one for D3Dx. Thanks to hey_i_am_real for some good hints on where the problem was located.
- Added compile flag _IRR_COMPILE_WITH_X11_ which is by default enabled. Disabling the flag removes all X11 dependencies from Irrlicht and allows for a headless Linux Irrlicht server - added by request :-)
- Win32 OpenGL driver tries to use the requested bpp size.
- Default texture format is now A8R8G8B8 if not explicitly specified. This fixes some color artifacts with lightmaps. Bugfix submitted by hey_i_am_real.
- In OnPostRender all transformations were taken as relative and multiplied with the root transformation matrix every time due to a wrong check for the real root node. This shoudl increase render performance for scenes with lots of (invisible) nodes.
- Added correct list copy constructor.
- Color selection dialog added.
- New GUI skin "Burning Skin".
it's a black & white skin. look elegant on true-color.