8640 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  sfan5 0e698e63b3 Fix autoscale_mode segfault if tile doesn't have texture 1 day ago
  SmallJoker 42a9b45c21
Lua API: Log incorrect parameter types as error (#9954) 1 day ago
  SmallJoker a08d18acad
ContentCAO: Update light of all attached entities (#9975) 1 day ago
  Hugues Ross f849917bbe
imageScaleNNAA: Fix image clipping on rect- instead of image dimensions (#9896) 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 51de4ae297
Devtest: Fix missing/incorrect liquid properties (#9955) 4 days ago
  sfan5 4c8e1c3200 Clean up CAO nametag handling and remove deprecated AO_CMD 1 week ago
  sfan5 db7c262ee8 content_cao: Do not expire visuals when not necessary 1 week ago
  MoNTE48 34862a6442 Add disable_jump check for the player's feet 5 months ago
  Wuzzy 65a6a316d0 Add minetest.is_creative_enabled 1 week ago
  rubenwardy 9a64a9fd94
Update ContentDB dialog (#9949) 5 days ago
  sfan5 471e567657 Value copy / allocation optimizations mostly in server, SAO and serialize code 1 week ago
  sfan5 2fd5f38c45 Change item entity collisionbox so that they don't sink into the ground 1 week ago
  sfan5 03dae5fba6 Fix falling entity not falling through players 1 week ago
  rubenwardy f90ca96c73
Make ContentDB downloads not block the UI (#9948) 1 week ago
  sfan5 58f523e363
Fix liquids refusing to flow in X+ or Z+ in some cases (#9874) 1 week ago
  Paramat ba553e22e4
Devtest game: Update biome registrations (#9936) 1 week ago
  rubenwardy 8713924811 Fix devtest being ignored by .gitignore 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 1afd6d682a
Devtest: Fix crash in player unittest (#9937) 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 083b285f43
Rename “Minimal development test” to “Development Test” (#9928) 1 week ago
  Paramat b546e8938d
L-System trees: Remove hardcoded use of 'mapgen_dirt' alias (#9931) 1 week ago
  SmallJoker 5311a27523 Silence GCC warning in mapblock_mesh 1 week ago
  rubenwardy 212a1123e0 Fix build on FreeBSD, broken since open_url 1 week ago
  rubenwardy b3c79906d4
Add engine version string to ContentDB API request (#9890) 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 6456aba73f
Replacement for Minimal Development Test (PR) (#9450) 1 week ago
  SmallJoker a9b74f4c39
Add chat_font_size setting (#9736) 1 week ago
  sfan5 f51cf7c68a
Fix two bugs in content_cao 1 week ago
  sfan5 5430770b68 Fix constant re-queueing of emerges that will always be unsuccessful 3 weeks ago
  sfan5 a9d6be8b6f Fix documentation of emergequeue_limit settings 3 weeks ago
  ANAND 8ee2ece3c9
lua_api.txt: Fix minor typo (#9917) 1 week ago
  sfan5 10c3002aea Optimize particlespawner sending by not sending to distant players 1 week ago
  sfan5 9d6e7e48d6 Implement spawning particles with node texture appearance 1 week ago
  sorcerykid 15ba75e4cf Add on_authplayer callback and 'last_login' to on_joinplayer (#9574) 1 week ago
  Awkor 037422fdba
Modernize include guards and add missing ones (#9898) 1 week ago
  Lejo1 e79bc40c0a Check for valid base64 before decoding (#9904) 1 week ago
  SmallJoker 7ab0c0662a MacOS: Fix environ not being found 1 week ago
  sfan5 1357ea1da2
Cleanup of particle & particlespawner structures and code (#9893) 1 week ago
  Paramat 1bcdc2d7e9
Various documentation fixes in settingtypes.txt (#9910) 1 week ago
  Vitaliy 82e4137893
Cache liquid alternative IDs (#8053) 1 week ago
  Paramat 42fcfb75e8
Allow more than 255 biomes, document new maximum (#9855) 1 week ago
  sfan5 c47a680db7 Stop wasting memory on identical textures when texture filtering is disabled 2 weeks ago
  sfan5 732c8008f4 CSM: Fix crashing minetest.get_item_def() 1 week ago
  Wuzzy c94d37827d
Rework functionality of leveled nodes (#9852) 2 weeks ago
  LoneWolfHT 7d3972a504
Add ability to scale HUD text (#9814) 2 weeks ago
  sfan5 0fc51db772 Add missing sao->isGone() checks 2 weeks ago
  sfan5 11723cffe0 builtin: Move common/async_event.lua to mainmenu/async_event.lua 2 weeks ago
  sfan5 52430d34d3 content_mapblock: Move static initialization out of functions 2 weeks ago
  sfan5 be38a44ffe Client: Add sum and average to packetcounter 2 weeks ago
  rubenwardy a9c3a42323
Add core.open_url() to main menu API (#8592) 2 weeks ago
  ANAND c1ce4be756
Make automatic_rotate relative, allow setting rotation (#8468) 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy ab745685c7
Error msg if trying to teleport attached player (#9824) 2 weeks ago