9586 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
ROllerozxa 6fedee16f0
Readd TGA to the list of valid texture formats. (#11598) 2 days ago
Lars Müller 719a12ecac
Chop game background in mainmenu (#10796) 2 days ago
sfan5 4feb799b7e Add Windows-specific CreateTempFile() implementation 3 days ago
sfan5 b480a3e9fd Fix broken handling of NodemetaChanged packets 5 days ago
sfan5 75bf9b75ca
Make sure relevant std::stringstreams are set to binary 5 days ago
sfan5 766e885a1b
Clean up/improve some scriptapi error handling code 6 days ago
Jude Melton-Houghton 7423c4c11e
Send to clients node metadata that changed to become empty (#11597) 6 days ago
DS 2cefe51d3b
Split vector.new into 3 constructors 6 days ago
sfan5 bbfae0cc67
Dynamic_Add_Media v2 (#11550) 1 week ago
Buckaroo Banzai bcb6565483
Add missing zstd-libs to final Docker image 1 week ago
NeroBurner 7f3401412e
Fix movement in random_input mode (#11592) 2 weeks ago
20kdc a3e32d81c5
Add hint to error message on how to build with in-tree Irrlicht 2 weeks ago
Wuzzy ff9945dc6e
Fix falling mesh nodes being half size (#11389) 2 weeks ago
sfan5 e912008cb3 Update README for zstd changes 2 weeks ago
sfan5 31d2b9edcd Don't look for zlib and zstd manually on Windows 2 weeks ago
sfan5 e5edda28ce Drop Ubuntu 16.04 from gitlab-ci, add 20.04 instead 2 weeks ago
sfan5 70dafcf5da Check for required libzstd APIs in cmake 2 weeks ago
lhofhansl d1624a5521
Switch MapBlock compression to zstd (#10788) 2 weeks ago
sfan5 beac4a2c98 CI: Bump IrrlichtMt to 1.9.0mt3 2 weeks ago
pecksin 040aed37ab Remove closing paren as weblink delimiter 3 weeks ago
sfan5 6a1424f2b1
Async-related script cleanups 3 weeks ago
fn ⌃ ⌥ 0f8a6d78a7
CI: Add macOS workflow (#11454) 3 weeks ago
savilli 3f1adb49ae
Remove redundant on_dieplayer calls 3 weeks ago
NeroBurner 1d69a23ba4
Joystick sensitivity for player movement (#11262) 3 weeks ago
Treer 149d8fc8d6
Add group-based tool filtering for node drops (#10141) 3 weeks ago
Lean Rada d36dca3aba
Optimize vector length calculations (#11549) 3 weeks ago
Loïc Blot a7188bd6f5
Add debian 11 to Gitlab-CI (#11571) 3 weeks ago
Loïc Blot ff3aa18436
fix: update to alpine 3.14 (#11570) 3 weeks ago
JosiahWI ef84c3b8b9
Set policies through CMake 3.9 to allow enabling IPO (#11560) 3 weeks ago
Wuzzy 63e8224636
Fix 6th line of infotext being cut off in half (#11456) 3 weeks ago
SmallJoker eea488ed75
Inventory: Fix rare out-of-bounds access 4 weeks ago
DS dad87a360b
Use utf-8 for the Irrlicht clipboard (#11538) 4 weeks ago
sfan5 fad835cf64
Fix server-only builds on older CMake versions (#11566) 4 weeks ago
SmallJoker 0c1e9603db
HUD: Reject and warn on invalid stat types (#11548) 4 weeks ago
sfan5 a72d13064f Allow lib/irrlichtmt to work for server builds (headers-only) 4 weeks ago
Wuzzy 6fd8aede48
Show status message when changing block bounds (#11556) 4 weeks ago
sfan5 e7b05beb7d
Validate staticdata and object property length limits (#11511) 4 weeks ago
Wuzzy 1320c51d8e
Fix scaled world-aligned textures being aligned inconsistently for non-normal drawtypes 4 weeks ago
rubenwardy 24b66dede0
Add fwgettext util function 4 weeks ago
SmallJoker 3b842a7e02 Fix inconsistent integer comparison warnings 1 month ago
Wuzzy 2eec997e97
Clarify the meaning of "rightclick"/"use" in documentation (#11471) 1 month ago
Lean Rada 328d949225
Start sprite animation at the beginning (#11509) 1 month ago
sfan5 4419e311a9 Cap iterations of imageCleanTransparent sanely 1 month ago
Treer 963fbd1572
Fix access violation in create_schematic() (#11534) 1 month ago
SmallJoker b3b075ea02 Fix segfault caused by shadow map on exit 1 month ago
Hugues Ross 47c146120a
Add disable_settings to game.conf to get rid of "Enable Damage"/"Creative Mode"/"Host Server" checkboxes (#11524) 1 month ago
x2048 442e48b84f
Move updating shadows outside of RenderingCore::drawAll. (#11491) 1 month ago
DS 0709946c75
Fix a segfault caused by wrong textdomain lines in translation files (#11530) 1 month ago
hecks eefa39e47b
Remove statement semicolons from a lua script 1 month ago
DS 1ab29f1716
Fix GUIEditBoxWithScrollBar using a smaller steps than intlGUIEditBox (#11519) 1 month ago