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Wuzzy 776015c350
Rename “Irrlicht” to “IrrlichtMt” in documentation 6 months ago
sfan5 042131d91d
Mainmenu: Improve "Join Game" tab (#11078) 7 months ago
Zughy 92aac69b36
"Browse online content" formspec improvement (#10756) 10 months ago
Andrey 5066fe7583
MainMenu: Add clear button and icon for search input (#10363) 10 months ago
rubenwardy 9a64a9fd94
Update ContentDB dialog (#9949) 1 year ago
Muhammad Rifqi Priyo Susanto b1e58c9c35 Android: Modify touch screen GUI's buttons (#7240) 4 years ago
Tre 5ef9056e89 Add a refresh button to the serverlist (#6957) 4 years ago
Loïc Blot f6a97c5c8a
Happy new year 2018: update LICENSE.txt 4 years ago
rubenwardy a039d981ac Change README to Markdown format, add LICENSE.txt (#6244) 4 years ago