Miroir du dépôt minetest. https://gitlab.com/minetest/minetest.git
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sfan5 4e4fb4db2a Bump version to 5.1.0 4 months ago
CPACK_WIX_UI_BANNER.BMP Windows: Cpack wix installer (#6153) 1 year ago
CPACK_WIX_UI_DIALOG.BMP Windows: Cpack wix installer (#6153) 1 year ago
Info.plist Standalone bundle for OSX (w/ dependencies!) 5 years ago
debpkg-control Gitlab-CI enhancements (#5629) 2 years ago
kubernetes.yml Add a basic kubernetes deployment file (#7979) 1 year ago
minetest-icon-24x24.png Compress textures 6 years ago
minetest-icon.icns Fix OSX packaging finally 5 years ago
minetest-icon.ico Move icon files to misc/ 8 years ago
minetest-xorg-icon-128.png Finally set a window icon on X11 3 years ago
minetest.exe.manifest Windows: Add manifest file and set "High DPI Aware" true 3 years ago
minetest.svg Rename minetest-icon.svg to minetest.svg - Fixes #1564 4 years ago
net.minetest.minetest.appdata.xml Bump version to 5.1.0 4 months ago
net.minetest.minetest.desktop Update .appdata and .desktop files 3 years ago
winresource.rc Fix msvc annoyances (#5963) 2 years ago