Miroir du dépôt minetest. https://gitlab.com/minetest/minetest.git
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sfan5 31d2b9edcd Don't look for zlib and zstd manually on Windows 3 weeks ago
buildbot Don't look for zlib and zstd manually on Windows 2 weeks ago
ci Shave off buffer copies in networking code (#11607) 1 day ago
wireshark Handle UTF-16 correctly in Wireshark dissector 8 months ago
bump_version.sh Move build/android directory to root of project (#11283) 3 months ago
fix_format.sh Disable clang-format, clean up scripts 7 months ago
gather_git_credits.py Add script that sorts contributions for use in credits 7 months ago
generate-texture-normals.sh Add texture bumpmapping feature. 8 years ago
reorder_translation_commits.py Utility script to help with Weblate commit import 1 year ago
test_multiplayer.sh Add basic client-server test to CI 5 months ago
updatepo.sh Add fwgettext util function 1 month ago