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David Leal dfa19cce98 Fix LDoc URL 2023-07-14 08:27:36 +02:00
Jordan Irwin da78601a77
Some Fixes for HTML Docs Generated by LDoc (#60)
* LDoc: set min-height for "content" element
* LDoc: move generation script to .ldoc directory
* LDoc: add some output messages to script
* LDoc: copy inventory image textures to reference dir instead of linking to remote files.
* LDoc: hack to compensate for "shields:" prefix being trimmed from item names
* Fix helmet_diamond & chestplate_crystal names in docstrings
2021-07-31 14:03:20 +02:00
Jordan Irwin c790b20169
Add Support for Generating HTML Documentation with LDoc (#58)
* Add Python scripts to generate temp files that can be parsed by LDoc
* Add config & script for generating HTML docs with LDoc...
* Add Lua docstrings for API & items
* Add workflow for building API reference docs on gh-pages branch
* Add LDoc's default stylesheet
* LDoc: make navigation panel fixed
2021-07-30 16:12:29 +02:00
BuckarooBanzay 502eb142da run actions on pull-requests too 2020-08-31 07:43:19 +02:00
BuckarooBanzay f81cb10f20 add luacheck and integration test workflows / fix luacheck errors
partially attends to (the ObjectRef issue)
2020-02-13 12:26:32 +01:00