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Niklp ecd67f0eab
Update translations (#59)
* Update translations

* Fix usage of translation api in log message

* Fix %s usage in
2023-08-20 17:54:38 -04:00
wsor4035 546cd7110f
make homedecor game agnostic (#28)
* make materials.lua with hades, minetest game, farlands items

* make textures file for central handling

* make mods game agnostic

* take out the trash

* handle multiple seats in sofas

* add github luacheck workflow and various luacheck fixes

* add fluxionary scope creep

* fix devtest breaking right to a name policy

Co-authored-by: wsor4035 <>
Co-authored-by: SFENCE <>
2022-05-03 15:21:14 -04:00
ExeVirus f9ca183f2a # Compression Commit
This commit performs both lossless and lossy compression on every .obj and .png in homedecor. The .png files were all 100% losslessly compressed using ect.exe and optipng.exe (more details below) at maximum settings. The .obj files were lossy-compressed so that comments were removed, trailing 000's were removed and all numbers rounded to 3 decimal places max. Blender exports at 6 decimal places but for minetest, 3 decimal places is the absolute maximum a person with anything under a 256K screen will ever need.

## Results
Original entire modpack size: 6343.5 KB
New entire modpack size:      5312.2 KB
Total Reduction:              1031.3 KB  (16.3% less)
Please note that actual media size is likely more like 4,500 KB so media reduction is more around 20-25%.

## Details / What actions were actually performed

Used these programs:

Ran this command on every .obj: (fast)

luajit.exe compress.lua -f <file> -precision 3

Ran these commands on every .png: (slow)
ect.exe  -9 -strip --allfilters-b <file>
optipng.exe -o7 -strip all -clobber <file>

Note that for future compression, I recommend only using optipng.exe instead of both. ECT can get better results but it takes a LOT longer and only ever saves another 1-2% of the file size. Not worth an extra 10-20 seconds per texture file in my opinion.

## Time spent

Roughly 2 Hours from start to finish + commit + PR
2021-01-23 07:28:20 -05:00
Louis Royer 1090c9139c .luacheckrc on each mod 2020-08-05 16:01:47 +02:00
Louis Royer 9d28edc3ff MT5 translation for homedecor_foyer
- Add screwdriver in optional_depends
2020-08-05 16:01:39 +02:00
TenPlus1 0cd8bd7780 remove homedecor_i18n and merged into homedecor_common, fixed meseon global error 2019-04-21 16:25:21 +01:00
Vanessa Dannenberg b08c0905c0 Split the big "homedecor" mod into multiple sub-mods
Any of these new submods can be run without any other
components that were once part of the big "homedecor"
mod, other than homedecor_common and homedecor_i18n

Reduced dependencies where possible, but each submod still
has its various dependencies more or less the same as before,
i.e. some need basic_materials, others need unifieddyes,
some need building_blocks, and so on.

All of the stuff that used to be under homedecor/handlers
got moved to homedecor_common, as did any models and/or textures
that are used by more than one other homedecor component.

All the miscellaneous items that didn't warrant their own
mod ended up in homedecor_misc, which can also be thought
of as the remains of the original "homedecor" mod, renamed.
2019-04-20 17:02:42 -04:00