Mob API for mods to add monsters, animals and more.
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  1. Mobs Redo API
  2. =============
  3. Welcome to the world of mobs in minetest and hopefully an easy guide to defining
  4. your own mobs and having them appear in your worlds.
  5. Registering Mobs
  6. ----------------
  7. To register a mob and have it ready for use requires the following function:
  8. mobs:register_mob(name, definition)
  9. The 'name' of a mob usually starts with the mod name it's running from followed
  10. by it's own name e.g.
  11. "mobs_monster:sand_monster" or "mymod:totally_awesome_beast"
  12. ... and the 'definition' is a table which holds all of the settings and
  13. functions needed for the mob to work properly which contains the following:
  14. 'nametag' contains the name which is shown above mob.
  15. 'type' holds the type of mob that inhabits your world e.g.
  16. "animal" usually docile and walking around.
  17. "monster" attacks player or npc on sight.
  18. "npc" walk around and will defend themselves if hit first, they
  19. kill monsters.
  20. 'hp_min' has the minimum health value the mob can spawn with.
  21. 'hp_max' has the maximum health value the mob can spawn with.
  22. 'armor' holds strength of mob, 100 is normal, lower is more powerful
  23. and needs more hits and better weapons to kill.
  24. 'passive' when true allows animals to defend themselves when hit,
  25. otherwise they amble onwards.
  26. 'walk_velocity' is the speed that your mob can walk around.
  27. 'run_velocity' is the speed your mob can run with, usually when attacking.
  28. 'stand_chance' has a 0-100 chance value your mob will stand from walking.
  29. 'walk_chance' has a 0-100 chance value your mob will walk from standing,
  30. set to 0 for jumping mobs only.
  31. 'jump' when true allows your mob to jump updwards.
  32. 'jump_height' holds the height your mob can jump, 0 to disable jumping.
  33. 'stepheight' height of a block that your mob can easily walk up onto,
  34. defaults to 1.1.
  35. 'fly' when true allows your mob to fly around instead of walking.
  36. 'fly_in' holds the node name that the mob flies (or swims) around
  37. in e.g. "air" or "default:water_source".
  38. 'keep_flying' when true mobs like birds no longer stop and stand.
  39. 'stay_near' when set allows mobs the chance to stay around certain nodes.
  40. 'nodes' string or table of nodes to stay nearby e.g. "farming:straw"
  41. 'chance' chance of searching for above node(s), default is 10.
  42. 'runaway' if true causes animals to turn and run away when hit.
  43. 'pushable' when true mobs can be pushed by player or other mobs.
  44. 'view_range' how many nodes in distance the mob can see a player.
  45. 'damage' how many health points the mob does to a player or another
  46. mob when melee attacking.
  47. 'knock_back' when true has mobs falling backwards when hit, the greater
  48. the damage the more they move back.
  49. 'fear_height' is how high a cliff or edge has to be before the mob stops
  50. walking, 0 to turn off height fear.
  51. 'fall_speed' has the maximum speed the mob can fall at, default is -10.
  52. 'fall_damage' when true causes falling to inflict damage.
  53. 'water_damage' holds the damage per second infliced to mobs when standing in
  54. water.
  55. 'lava_damage' holds the damage per second inflicted to mobs when standing
  56. in lava or fire or an ignition source.
  57. 'light_damage' holds the damage per second inflicted to mobs when light
  58. level is between the min and max values below
  59. 'light_damage_min' minimum light value when mob is affected (default: 14)
  60. 'light_damage_max' maximum light value when mob is affected (default: 15)
  61. 'suffocation' when > 0 mobs will suffocate inside solid blocks and will be
  62. hurt by the value given every second (0 to disable).
  63. 'floats' when set to 1 mob will float in water, 0 has them sink.
  64. 'follow' mobs follow player when holding any of the items which appear
  65. on this table, the same items can be fed to a mob to tame or
  66. breed e.g. {"farming:wheat", "default:apple"}
  67. 'reach' is how far the mob can attack player when standing
  68. nearby, default is 3 nodes.
  69. 'docile_by_day' when true has mobs wandering around during daylight
  70. hours and only attacking player at night or when
  71. provoked.
  72. 'attack_chance' 0 to 100 chance the mob will attack (default is 5).
  73. 'attack_monsters' when true mob will attack monsters.
  74. 'attack_animals' when true mob will attack animals.
  75. 'attack_npcs' when true mob will attack npcs within range.
  76. 'attack_players' when true mob will attack players nearby.
  77. 'owner_loyal' when true non-docile tamed mobs attack anything player
  78. punches when nearby.
  79. 'group_attack' when true has same mob type grouping together to attack
  80. offender.
  81. 'group_helper' string containing mob name that attacks alongside
  82. current mob when group attacking.
  83. mob is attacking in groups.
  84. 'attack_type' tells the api what a mob does when attacking the player
  85. or another mob:
  86. 'dogfight' is a melee attack when player is within mob reach.
  87. 'shoot' has mob shoot pre-defined arrows at player when inside
  88. view_range.
  89. 'dogshoot' has melee attack when inside reach and shoot attack
  90. when inside view_range.
  91. 'explode' causes mob to stop and explode when inside reach.
  92. 'explosion_radius' the radius of explosion node destruction,
  93. defaults to 1
  94. 'explosion_damage_radius' the radius of explosion entity & player damage,
  95. defaults to explosion_radius * 2
  96. 'explosion_timer' number of seconds before mob explodes while its target
  97. is still inside reach or explosion_damage_radius,
  98. defaults to 3.
  99. 'allow_fuse_reset' Allow 'explode' attack_type to reset fuse and resume
  100. chasing if target leaves the blast radius or line of
  101. sight. Defaults to true.
  102. 'stop_to_explode' When set to true (default), mob must stop and wait for
  103. explosion_timer in order to explode. If false, mob will
  104. continue chasing.
  105. 'arrow' holds the pre-defined arrow object to shoot when
  106. attacking.
  107. 'dogshoot_switch' allows switching between attack types by using timers
  108. (1 for shoot, 2 for dogfight)
  109. 'dogshoot_count_max' contains how many seconds before switching from
  110. dogfight to shoot.
  111. 'dogshoot_count2_max' contains how many seconds before switching from shoot
  112. to dogfight.
  113. 'shoot_interval' has the number of seconds between shots.
  114. 'shoot_offset' holds the y position added as to where the
  115. arrow/fireball appears on mob.
  116. 'specific_attack' has a table of entity names that mob can also attack
  117. e.g. {"player", "mobs_animal:chicken"}.
  118. 'runaway_from' contains a table with mob names to run away from, add
  119. "player" to list to runaway from player also.
  120. 'blood_amount' contains the number of blood droplets to appear when
  121. mob is hit.
  122. 'blood_texture' has the texture name to use for droplets e.g.
  123. "mobs_blood.png", or table {"blood1.png", "blood2.png"}
  124. 'pathfinding' set to 1 for mobs to use pathfinder feature to locate
  125. player, set to 2 so they can build/break also (only
  126. works with dogfight attack and when 'mobs_griefing'
  127. in minetest.conf is not false). Adding {unbreakable=1}
  128. to node groups stops them being broken by mobs.
  129. 'immune_to' is a table that holds specific damage when being hit by
  130. certain items e.g.
  131. {"default:sword_wood", 0} -- causes no damage.
  132. {"default:gold_lump", -10} -- heals by 10 health points.
  133. {"default:coal_block", 20} -- 20 damage when hit on head with coal blocks.
  134. {"all"} -- stops all weapons causing damage apart from those on list.
  135. 'makes_footstep_sound' when true you can hear mobs walking.
  136. 'sounds' this is a table with sounds of the mob
  137. 'distance' maximum distance sounds can be heard, default is 10.
  138. 'random' random sound that plays during gameplay.
  139. 'war_cry' what you hear when mob starts to attack player.
  140. 'attack' what you hear when being attacked.
  141. 'shoot_attack' sound played when mob shoots.
  142. 'damage' sound heard when mob is hurt.
  143. 'death' played when mob is killed.
  144. 'jump' played when mob jumps.
  145. 'fuse' sound played when mob explode timer starts.
  146. 'explode' sound played when mob explodes.
  147. 'drops' table of items that are dropped when mob is killed, fields are:
  148. 'name' name of item to drop.
  149. 'chance' chance of drop, 1 for always, 2 for 1-in-2 chance etc.
  150. 'min' minimum number of items dropped, set to 0 for rare drops.
  151. 'max' maximum number of items dropped.
  152. Note: If weapon has {fire=1} damage group set then cooked items will drop.
  153. Note2: A function can now be passed which can also return drops table, e.g.
  154. drops = function(pos)
  155. -- do something
  156. return { {name = "farming:bread"}, {name = "default:dirt", chance = 2} }
  157. end
  158. 'visual' holds the look of the mob you wish to create:
  159. 'cube' looks like a normal node
  160. 'sprite' sprite which looks same from all angles.
  161. 'upright_sprite' flat model standing upright.
  162. 'wielditem' how it looks when player holds it in hand.
  163. 'mesh' uses separate object file to define mob.
  164. 'visual_size' has the size of the mob, defaults to {x = 1, y = 1}
  165. 'collisionbox' has the box in which mob can be interacted with the
  166. world e.g. {-0.5, -0.5, -0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 0.5}
  167. 'selectionbox' has the box in which player can interact with mob
  168. 'textures' holds a table list of textures to be used for mob, or you
  169. could use multiple lists inside another table for random
  170. selection e.g. { {"texture1.png"}, {"texture2.png"} }
  171. 'child_texture' holds the texture table for when baby mobs are used.
  172. 'gotten_texture' holds the texture table for when self.gotten value is
  173. true, used for milking cows or shearing sheep.
  174. 'texture_mods' holds a string which overlays a texture on top of the
  175. mob texture e.g. "^saddle.png"
  176. 'mesh' holds the name of the external object used for mob model
  177. e.g. "mobs_cow.b3d"
  178. 'gotten_mesh" holds the name of the external object used for when
  179. self.gotten is true for mobs.
  180. 'rotate' custom model rotation, 0 = front, 90 = side, 180 = back,
  181. 270 = other side.
  182. 'glow' has mob glow without light source, 0 to 15 or nil to disable
  183. 'double_melee_attack' when true has the api choose between 'punch' and
  184. 'punch2' animations. [DEPRECATED]
  185. 'animation' holds a table containing animation names and settings for use with mesh models:
  186. 'stand_start' start frame for when mob stands still.
  187. 'stand_end' end frame of stand animation.
  188. 'stand_speed' speed of animation in frames per second.
  189. 'walk_start' when mob is walking around.
  190. 'walk_end'
  191. 'walk_speed'
  192. 'run_start' when a mob runs or attacks.
  193. 'run_end'
  194. 'run_speed'
  195. 'fly_start' when a mob is flying.
  196. 'fly_end'
  197. 'fly_speed'
  198. 'punch_start' when a mob melee attacks.
  199. 'punch_end'
  200. 'punch_speed'
  201. 'punch2_start' alternative melee attack animation.
  202. 'punch2_end'
  203. 'punch2_speed'
  204. 'shoot_start' shooting animation.
  205. 'shoot_end'
  206. 'shoot_speed'
  207. 'die_start' death animation
  208. 'die_end'
  209. 'die_speed'
  210. 'die_loop' when set to false stops the animation looping.
  211. Using '_loop = false' setting will stop any of the above animations from
  212. looping.
  213. 'speed_normal' is used for animation speed for compatibility with some
  214. older mobs.
  215. Note: Up to 5 different animations can be used per action e.g.
  216. stand_start, stand_end, stand1_start, stand1_end .. up to stand4_start
  217. Node Replacement
  218. ----------------
  219. Mobs can look around for specific nodes as they walk and replace them to mimic
  220. eating.
  221. 'replace_what' group of items to replace e.g.
  222. {"farming:wheat_8", "farming:carrot_8"}
  223. or you can use the specific options of what, with and
  224. y offset by using this instead:
  225. {
  226. {"group:grass", "air", 0},
  227. {"default:dirt_with_grass", "default:dirt", -1}
  228. }
  229. 'replace_with' replace with what e.g. "air" or in chickens case "mobs:egg"
  230. 'replace_rate' how random should the replace rate be (typically 10)
  231. 'replace_offset' +/- value to check specific node to replace
  232. 'on_replace(self, pos, oldnode, newnode)' is called when mob is about to
  233. replace a node.
  234. 'self' ObjectRef of mob
  235. 'pos' Position of node to replace
  236. 'oldnode' Current node
  237. 'newnode' What the node will become after replacing
  238. If false is returned, the mob will not replace the node.
  239. By default, replacing sets self.gotten to true and resets the object
  240. properties. (DEPRECATED, use on_replace to make changes).
  241. Custom Definition Functions
  242. ---------------------------
  243. Along with the above mob registry settings we can also use custom functions to
  244. enhance mob functionality and have them do many interesting things:
  245. 'on_die' a function that is called when the mob is killed the
  246. parameters are (self, pos)
  247. 'on_rightclick' its same as in minetest.register_entity()
  248. 'on_blast' is called when an explosion happens near mob when using TNT
  249. functions, parameters are (object, damage) and returns
  250. (do_damage, do_knockback, drops)
  251. 'on_spawn' is a custom function that runs on mob spawn with 'self' as
  252. variable, return true at end of function to run only once.
  253. 'after_activate' is a custom function that runs once mob has been activated
  254. with these paramaters (self, staticdata, def, dtime)
  255. 'on_breed' called when two similar mobs breed, paramaters are
  256. (parent1, parent2) objects, return false to stop child from
  257. being resized and owner/tamed flags and child textures being
  258. applied. Function itself must spawn new child mob.
  259. 'on_grown' is called when a child mob has grown up, only paramater is
  260. (self).
  261. 'do_punch' called when mob is punched with paramaters (self, hitter,
  262. time_from_last_punch, tool_capabilities, direction), return
  263. false to stop punch damage and knockback from taking place.
  264. 'custom_attack' when set this function is called instead of the normal mob
  265. melee attack, parameters are (self, to_attack).
  266. 'on_die' a function that is called when mob is killed (self, pos)
  267. 'do_custom' a custom function that is called every tick while mob is
  268. active and which has access to all of the self.* variables
  269. e.g. ( for health or self.standing_in for node
  270. status), return with 'false' to skip remainder of mob API.
  271. Internal Variables
  272. ------------------
  273. The mob api also has some preset variables and functions that it will remember
  274. for each mob.
  275. '' contains current health of mob (cannot exceed
  276. self.hp_max)
  277. 'self.texture_list' contains list of all mob textures
  278. 'self.child_texture' contains mob child texture when growing up
  279. 'self.base_texture' contains current skin texture which was randomly
  280. selected from textures list
  281. 'self.gotten' this is used for obtaining milk from cow and wool from
  282. sheep
  283. 'self.horny' when animal fed enough it is set to true and animal can
  284. breed with same animal
  285. 'self.hornytimer' background timer that controls breeding functions and
  286. mob childhood timings
  287. 'self.child' used for when breeding animals have child, will use
  288. child_texture and be half size
  289. 'self.owner' string used to set owner of npc mobs, typically used for
  290. dogs
  291. 'self.order' set to "follow" or "stand" so that npc will follow owner
  292. or stand it's ground
  293. 'self.nametag' contains the name of the mob which it can show above
  294. Spawning Mobs in World
  295. ----------------------
  296. mobs:spawn({
  297. name = "mobs_monster:tree_monster",
  298. nodes = {"group:leaves"},
  299. max_light = 7,
  300. })
  301. Spawn functions require the following settings, some of which already have a
  302. default setting and can be omitted:
  303. 'name' is the name of the animal/monster
  304. 'nodes' is a list of nodenames on that the animal/monster can
  305. spawn on top of (defaults to {"group:dirt", "group:stone"}
  306. 'neighbors' is a list of nodenames on that the animal/monster will
  307. spawn beside (default is {"air"})
  308. 'interval' is same as in register_abm() (default is 30)
  309. 'chance' is same as in register_abm() (default is 5000)
  310. 'min_light' is the minimum light level (default is 0)
  311. 'max_light' is the maximum light (default is 15)
  312. 'min_height' is the minimum height a mob can spawn (default: -31000)
  313. 'max_height' is the maximum height a mob can spawn (default is 31000)
  314. 'active_object_count' number of this type of mob to spawn at one time inside
  315. map area (default is 1)
  316. 'day_toggle' true for day spawning, false for night or nil for
  317. anytime
  318. 'on_spawn' is a custom function which runs after mob has spawned
  319. and gives self and pos values.
  320. The older spawn functions are still active and working but have no defaults like
  321. the mobs:spawn, so it is recommended to use the above instead.
  322. mobs:register_spawn(name, nodes, max_light, min_light, chance,
  323. active_object_count, max_height, day_toggle)
  324. mobs:spawn_specfic(name, nodes, neighbors, min_light, max_light, interval,
  325. chance, active_object_count, min_height, max_height, day_toggle, on_spawn)
  326. A simpler way to handle mob spawns has been added with the mobs:spawn(def)
  327. command which uses above names to make settings clearer:
  328. For each mob that spawns with this function is a field in mobs.spawning_mobs.
  329. It tells if the mob should spawn or not. Default is true. So other mods can
  330. only use the API of this mod by disabling the spawning of the default mobs in
  331. this mod.
  332. mobs:spawn_abm_check(pos, node, name)
  333. This global function can be changed to contain additional checks for mobs to
  334. spawn e.g. mobs that spawn only in specific areas and the like. By returning
  335. true the mob will not spawn.
  336. 'pos' holds the position of the spawning mob
  337. 'node' contains the node the mob is spawning on top of
  338. 'name' is the name of the animal/monster
  339. Making Arrows
  340. -------------
  341. mobs:register_arrow(name, definition)
  342. This function registers a arrow for mobs with the attack type shoot.
  343. 'name' is the name of the arrow
  344. 'definition' is a table with the following values:
  345. 'visual' same is in minetest.register_entity()
  346. 'visual_size' same is in minetest.register_entity()
  347. 'textures' same is in minetest.register_entity()
  348. 'velocity' the velocity of the arrow
  349. 'drop' if set to true any arrows hitting a node will drop as item
  350. 'hit_player' a function that is called when the arrow hits a player;
  351. this function should hurt the player, the parameters are
  352. (self, player)
  353. 'hit_mob' a function that is called when the arrow hits a mob;
  354. this function should hurt the mob, the parameters are
  355. (self, player)
  356. 'hit_object' a function that is called when the arrow hits an object;
  357. this function parameters are (self, player)
  358. 'hit_node' a function that is called when the arrow hits a node, the
  359. parameters are (self, pos, node)
  360. 'tail' when set to 1 adds a trail or tail to mob arrows
  361. 'tail_texture' texture string used for above effect
  362. 'tail_size' has size for above texture (defaults to between 5 and 10)
  363. 'expire' contains float value for how long tail appears for
  364. (defaults to 0.25)
  365. 'glow' has value for how brightly tail glows 1 to 10 (default is
  366. 0 for no glow)
  367. 'rotate' integer value in degrees to rotate arrow
  368. 'on_step' is a custom function when arrow is active, nil for
  369. default.
  370. 'on_punch' is a custom function when arrow is punched, nil by default
  371. 'collisionbox' is hitbox table for arrow, {0,0,0,0,0,0} by default.
  372. Spawn Eggs
  373. ----------
  374. mobs:register_egg(name, description, background, addegg, no_creative)
  375. This function registers a spawn egg which can be used to properly spawn in a mob.
  376. Animals are spawned as tamed unless sneak/shift is held while spawning.
  377. 'name' this is the name of your new mob to spawn e.g. "mob:sheep"
  378. 'description' the name of the new egg you are creating e.g. "Spawn Sheep"
  379. 'background' the texture displayed for the egg in inventory
  380. 'addegg' would you like an egg image in front of your texture (1 = yes,
  381. 0 = no)
  382. 'no_creative' when set to true this stops spawn egg appearing in creative
  383. mode for destructive mobs like Dungeon Masters.
  384. Explosion Function
  385. ------------------
  386. mobs:explosion(pos, radius) -- DEPRECATED!!! use mobs:boom() instead
  387. mobs:boom(self, pos, radius)
  388. 'self' mob entity
  389. 'pos' centre position of explosion
  390. 'radius' radius of explosion (typically set to 3)
  391. This function generates an explosion which removes nodes in a specific radius
  392. and damages any entity caught inside the blast radius. Protection will limit
  393. node destruction but not entity damage.
  394. Capturing Mobs
  395. --------------
  396. mobs:capture_mob(self, clicker, chance_hand, chance_net, chance_lasso,
  397. force_take, replacewith)
  398. This function is generally called inside the on_rightclick section of the mob
  399. api code, it provides a chance of capturing the mob by hand, using the net or
  400. lasso items, and can also have the player take the mob by force if tamed and
  401. replace with another item entirely.
  402. 'self' mob information
  403. 'clicker' player information
  404. 'chance_hand' chance of capturing mob by hand (1 to 100) 0 to disable
  405. 'chance_net' chance of capturing mob using net (1 to 100) 0 to disable
  406. 'chance_lasso' chance of capturing mob using magic lasso (1 to 100) 0 to
  407. disable
  408. 'force_take' take mob by force, even if tamed (true or false)
  409. 'replacewith' once captured replace mob with this item instead (overrides
  410. new mob eggs with saved information)
  411. mobs:force_capture(self, clicker)
  412. Same as above but does no checks, it simply captures any and all mobs and places
  413. inside a spawn egg containing all of the mob information.
  414. Feeding and Taming/Breeding
  415. ---------------------------
  416. mobs:feed_tame(self, clicker, feed_count, breed, tame)
  417. This function allows the mob to be fed the item inside self.follow be it apple,
  418. wheat or whatever a set number of times and be tamed or bred as a result.
  419. Will return true when mob is fed with item it likes.
  420. 'self' mob information
  421. 'clicker' player information
  422. 'feed_count' number of times mob must be fed to tame or breed
  423. 'breed' true or false stating if mob can be bred and a child created
  424. afterwards
  425. 'tame' true or false stating if mob can be tamed so player can pick
  426. them up
  427. Protecting Mobs
  428. ---------------
  429. mobs:protect(self, clicker)
  430. This function can be used to right-click any tamed mob with mobs:protector item,
  431. this will protect the mob from harm inside of a protected area from other
  432. players. Will return true when mob right-clicked with mobs:protector item.
  433. 'self' mob information
  434. 'clicker' player information
  435. Riding Mobs
  436. -----------
  437. Mobs can now be ridden by players and the following shows its functions and
  438. usage:
  439. mobs:attach(self, player)
  440. This function attaches a player to the mob so it can be ridden.
  441. 'self' mob information
  442. 'player' player information
  443. mobs:detach(player, offset)
  444. This function will detach the player currently riding a mob to an offset
  445. position.
  446. 'player' player information
  447. 'offset' position table containing offset values
  448. mobs:drive(self, move_animation, stand_animation, can_fly, dtime)
  449. This function allows an attached player to move the mob around and animate it at
  450. same time.
  451. 'self' mob information
  452. 'move_animation' string containing movement animation e.g. "walk"
  453. 'stand_animation' string containing standing animation e.g. "stand"
  454. 'can_fly' if true then jump and sneak controls will allow mob to fly
  455. up and down
  456. 'dtime' tick time used inside drive function
  457. mobs:fly(self, dtime, speed, can_shoot, arrow_entity, move_animation, stand_animation)
  458. This function allows an attached player to fly the mob around using directional
  459. controls.
  460. 'self' mob information
  461. 'dtime' tick time used inside fly function
  462. 'speed' speed of flight
  463. 'can_shoot' true if mob can fire arrow (sneak and left mouse button
  464. fires)
  465. 'arrow_entity' name of arrow entity used for firing
  466. 'move_animation' string containing name of pre-defined animation e.g. "walk"
  467. or "fly" etc.
  468. 'stand_animation' string containing name of pre-defined animation e.g.
  469. "stand" or "blink" etc.
  470. Note: animation names above are from the pre-defined animation lists inside mob
  471. registry without extensions.
  472. mobs:set_animation(self, name)
  473. This function sets the current animation for mob, defaulting to "stand" if not
  474. found.
  475. 'self' mob information
  476. 'name' name of animation
  477. Certain variables need to be set before using the above functions:
  478. 'self.v2' toggle switch used to define below values for the
  479. first time
  480. 'self.max_speed_forward' max speed mob can move forward
  481. 'self.max_speed_reverse' max speed mob can move backwards
  482. 'self.accel' acceleration speed
  483. 'self.terrain_type' integer containing terrain mob can walk on
  484. (1 = water, 2 or 3 = land)
  485. 'self.driver_attach_at' position offset for attaching player to mob
  486. 'self.driver_eye_offset' position offset for attached player view
  487. 'self.driver_scale' sets driver scale for mobs larger than {x=1, y=1}
  488. mobs:line_of_sight(self, pos1, pos2, stepsize) [DEPRECATED]
  489. This function is for use within the mobs definition for special use cases and
  490. returns true if a mob can see the player or victim.
  491. ...'self' mob information
  492. 'pos1' position of mob
  493. 'pos2' position of vistim or player
  494. 'stepsize' usually set to 1
  495. Use this instead:
  496. mob_class:line_of_sight(pos1, pos2, stepsize)
  497. External Settings for "minetest.conf"
  498. ------------------------------------
  499. 'enable_damage' if true monsters will attack players (default is true)
  500. 'only_peaceful_mobs' if true only animals will spawn in game (default is
  501. false)
  502. 'mobs_disable_blood' if false blood effects appear when mob is hit (default
  503. is false)
  504. 'mobs_spawn_protected' if set to false then mobs will not spawn in protected
  505. areas (default is true)
  506. 'remove_far_mobs' if true then untamed mobs that are outside players
  507. visual range will be removed (default is true)
  508. 'mobname' can change specific mob chance rate (0 to disable) and
  509. spawn number e.g. mobs_animal:cow = 1000,5
  510. 'mob_difficulty' sets difficulty level (health and hit damage
  511. multiplied by this number), defaults to 1.0.
  512. 'mob_show_health' if false then punching mob will not show health status
  513. (true by default)
  514. 'mob_chance_multiplier' multiplies chance of all mobs spawning and can be set
  515. to 0.5 to have mobs spawn more or 2.0 to spawn less.
  516. e.g. 1 in 7000 * 0.5 = 1 in 3500 so better odds of
  517. spawning.
  518. 'mobs_spawn' if false then mobs no longer spawn without spawner or
  519. spawn egg.
  520. 'mobs_drop_items' when false mobs no longer drop items when they die.
  521. 'mobs_griefing' when false mobs cannot break blocks when using either
  522. pathfinding level 2, replace functions or mobs:boom
  523. function.
  524. 'mob_nospawn_range' Minimum range a mob can spawn near player (def: 12)
  525. 'mob_active_limit' Number of active mobs in game, 0 for unlimited
  526. Players can override the spawn chance for each mob registered by adding a line
  527. to their minetest.conf file with a new value, the lower the value the more each
  528. mob will spawn e.g.
  529. mobs_animal:sheep 11000
  530. mobs_monster:sand_monster 100
  531. can also change how many of a certain mob appear in an active mapblock by
  532. adding a comma and then a new value e.g.
  533. mobs_animal:cow 8000,4 <-- 4 cows per mapblock at 8000 spawn chance
  534. mobs_monster:dirt_monster ,20 <-- 20 dirt monsters per mapblock
  535. Rideable Horse Example Mob
  536. --------------------------
  537. mobs:register_mob("mob_horse:horse", {
  538. type = "animal",
  539. visual = "mesh",
  540. visual_size = {x = 1.20, y = 1.20},
  541. mesh = "mobs_horse.x",
  542. collisionbox = {-0.4, -0.01, -0.4, 0.4, 1.25, 0.4},
  543. animation = {
  544. speed_normal = 15,
  545. speed_run = 30,
  546. stand_start = 25,
  547. stand_end = 75,
  548. walk_start = 75,
  549. walk_end = 100,
  550. run_start = 75,
  551. run_end = 100,
  552. },
  553. textures = {
  554. {"mobs_horse.png"},
  555. {"mobs_horsepeg.png"},
  556. {"mobs_horseara.png"}
  557. },
  558. fear_height = 3,
  559. runaway = true,
  560. fly = false,
  561. walk_chance = 60,
  562. view_range = 5,
  563. follow = {"farming:wheat"},
  564. passive = true,
  565. hp_min = 12,
  566. hp_max = 16,
  567. armor = 200,
  568. lava_damage = 5,
  569. fall_damage = 5,
  570. water_damage = 1,
  571. makes_footstep_sound = true,
  572. drops = {
  573. {name = "mobs:meat_raw", chance = 1, min = 2, max = 3}
  574. },
  575. sounds = {
  576. random = "horse_neigh.ogg",
  577. damage = "horse_whinney.ogg",
  578. },
  579. do_custom = function(self, dtime)
  580. -- set needed values if not already present
  581. if not self.v2 then
  582. self.v2 = 0
  583. self.max_speed_forward = 6
  584. self.max_speed_reverse = 2
  585. self.accel = 6
  586. self.terrain_type = 3
  587. self.driver_attach_at = {x = 0, y = 20, z = -2}
  588. self.driver_eye_offset = {x = 0, y = 3, z = 0}
  589. self.driver_scale = {x = 1, y = 1}
  590. end
  591. -- if driver present allow control of horse
  592. if self.driver then
  593., "walk", "stand", false, dtime)
  594. return false -- skip rest of mob functions
  595. end
  596. return true
  597. end,
  598. on_die = function(self, pos)
  599. -- drop saddle when horse is killed while riding
  600. -- also detach from horse properly
  601. if self.driver then
  602. minetest.add_item(pos, "mobs:saddle")
  603. mobs.detach(self.driver, {x = 1, y = 0, z = 1})
  604. end
  605. end,
  606. on_rightclick = function(self, clicker)
  607. -- make sure player is clicking
  608. if not clicker or not clicker:is_player() then
  609. return
  610. end
  611. -- feed, tame or heal horse
  612. if mobs:feed_tame(self, clicker, 10, true, true) then
  613. return
  614. end
  615. -- make sure tamed horse is being clicked by owner only
  616. if self.tamed and self.owner == clicker:get_player_name() then
  617. local inv = clicker:get_inventory()
  618. -- detatch player already riding horse
  619. if self.driver and clicker == self.driver then
  620. mobs.detach(clicker, {x = 1, y = 0, z = 1})
  621. -- add saddle back to inventory
  622. if inv:room_for_item("main", "mobs:saddle") then
  623. inv:add_item("main", "mobs:saddle")
  624. else
  625. minetest.add_item(clicker.get_pos(), "mobs:saddle")
  626. end
  627. -- attach player to horse
  628. elseif not self.driver
  629. and clicker:get_wielded_item():get_name() == "mobs:saddle" then
  630. self.object:set_properties({stepheight = 1.1})
  631. mobs.attach(self, clicker)
  632. -- take saddle from inventory
  633. inv:remove_item("main", "mobs:saddle")
  634. end
  635. end
  636. -- used to capture horse with magic lasso
  637. mobs:capture_mob(self, clicker, 0, 0, 80, false, nil)
  638. end
  639. })