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  BuckarooBanzay 40bcb29c6d add white and white2 to colored nodes 1 week ago
  BuckarooBanzay 37aef1ce17 fix backward compatibility 1 week ago
  BuckarooBanzay 8a8e566d27 add unifieddyes support 1 week ago
  BuckarooBanzay a3b8ec1522 update contributor list 3 weeks ago
  BuckarooBanzay ce0501bef3 fix name typo in github action 3 weeks ago
  BuckarooBanzay 6d6432940f add integration-test 3 weeks ago
  Buckaroo Banzai 242dbde0e6
Merge pull request #36 from D00Med/protected-button 2 weeks ago
  BuckarooBanzay 973f14fbd2 add protected switch variant 3 weeks ago
  BuckarooBanzay 0c19943f05 code tidy 3 weeks ago
  D00Med 3659705c7d
Merge pull request #34 from fluxionary/53_fixes 1 month ago
  flux 14a123c7b5 fix inventory image parameter value 1 month ago
  D00Med f341f26905
Merge pull request #33 from D00Med/sounds-license 1 month ago
  BuckarooBanzay 1b564e0a43 replace digicode sound with CC0 compatible track 1 month ago
  BuckarooBanzay d50c645648 use free (non-NC-license) door sound for doors 1 month ago
  thomasrudin 992ec19360 update contributors 1 month ago
  thomasrudin f452274b9c fix wrongly listed licenses 1 month ago
  Adrian Schneider 6010bad2e9 fix: only open second door next to this door 2 months ago
  BuckarooBanzay d48c185f34 add luacheck badge to readme / execute luacheck on PR's 4 months ago
  Thomas Rudin d1f0a8f1cd
Merge pull request #27 from OgelGames/master 5 months ago
  OgelGames 8e226561a1 make doors top not diggable 5 months ago
  Thomas Rudin 44fccd50c6
Merge pull request #26 from D00Med/github-actions 6 months ago
  BuckarooBanzay 5048061671 switch to github actions for luacheck 6 months ago
  D00Med 0e05d475a3
Merge pull request #23 from thomasrudin-mt/code-cleanup-ci 7 months ago
  D00Med 5bb58d8b56
Merge pull request #25 from thomasrudin-mt/fix-metadata-strip 7 months ago
  NatureFreshMilk 2ab767c993 preserve metadata on tools if placed on item holder 7 months ago
  NatureFreshMilk 285473d4fc stricter luacheck (no globals) / travis ci file 7 months ago
  D00Med caa98d98b1
Merge pull request #21 from OgelGames/master 8 months ago
  OgelGames 54bf3dbc67 Fix misspelled node name in door recipe 8 months ago
  D00Med 162aa2c8ff
Merge pull request #20 from thomasrudin-mt/code-cleanup 8 months ago
  Thomas Rudin e8fa4ae05d working palm scanner 8 months ago
  Thomas Rudin f007240c21 fix duplicate scifi_nodes declaration 8 months ago
  Thomas Rudin d803f17ba5 optional mesecons dependency 8 months ago
  Thomas Rudin 45d275eecf proper mod title 8 months ago
  Thomas Rudin 974c147b45 move switches,palm-scanner and digicode to own file 8 months ago
  NatureFreshMilk 707c21250e luacheck fixes 9 months ago
  NatureFreshMilk 2ab7e3e6b5 lua modules 9 months ago
  NatureFreshMilk 87f79ba3f2 add luacheckrc 9 months ago
  D00Med 4860c82137
Merge pull request #16 from Grossam/grossam-features 9 months ago
  Grossam f78328759c Second fix of the same door bug… 9 months ago
  Grossam 3344f45bd1 Green doors texture fixed 9 months ago
  Grossam e5dba90284 100 fois sur le métier… 9 months ago
  Grossam cdc7b6dd95 Retrocompatibility issue fixed 9 months ago
  Grossam b1345bd302 Je galère ! 9 months ago
  Grossam 9ad78b4b86 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/D00Med/scifi_nodes into grossam-features 9 months ago
  Grossam e847e4167f Doors righclick bug fixed 9 months ago
  D00Med dddd3d8763
Merge pull request #17 from pandorabox-io/upstream 9 months ago
  D00Med 0e5389f574
Update README.md 9 months ago
  OgelGames 7a38b2476d Fix incorrect dye in recipe 9 months ago
  D00Med dc2943dd6b
Merge pull request #15 from coil0/glass-sunlight 10 months ago
  coil 398daf5d79 Allow sunlight under dark glass 10 months ago