Minetest mod that adds scifi themed nodes https://content.minetest.net/packages/D00Med/scifi_nodes/
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Buckaroo Banzai b54333d56b
fix nodeboxes of double- and offset pane
.github/workflows fix name typo in github action 4ヶ月前
models fix slope model 1年前
sounds replace digicode sound with CC0 compatible track 5ヶ月前
test add integration-test 4ヶ月前
textures Green doors texture fixed 1年前
.gitattributes :octocat: Added .gitattributes & .gitignore files 4年前
.gitignore :octocat: Added .gitattributes & .gitignore files 4年前
.luacheckrc add unifieddyes support 3ヶ月前
README.md add unifieddyes support 3ヶ月前
builder.lua luacheck fixes 1年前
chest.lua luacheck fixes 1年前
common.lua fix duplicate scifi_nodes declaration 1年前
crafts.lua luacheck fixes 1年前
depends.txt Added aliases in doors.lua 1年前
digicode.lua optional mesecons dependency 1年前
doors.lua use free (non-NC-license) door sound for doors 5ヶ月前
init.lua add pane variants of the octagon glass nodes (single, double and offset) (#41) 2ヶ月前
license.txt fix slope model 1年前
mod.conf add unifieddyes support 3ヶ月前
models.lua fix duplicate scifi_nodes declaration 1年前
nodeboxes.lua #39 fix (chat_send_all to chat_send_player) 3ヶ月前
nodes.lua add white and white2 to colored nodes 3ヶ月前
octagon_panes.lua fix nodeboxes of double- and offset pane 1週間前
palm_scanner.lua stricter luacheck (no globals) / travis ci file 11ヶ月前
panes.lua More slopes and some correction 3年前
plants.lua fix inventory image parameter value 4ヶ月前
protected_switch.lua add protected switch variant 4ヶ月前
screenshot.png Initial commit 4年前
settingtypes.txt Un oubli 1年前
switch.lua code tidy 4ヶ月前


Scifi nodes


Minetest mod that adds scifi themed blocks, doors, materials, plants and other assets.


  • Added support for unifieddyes
  • 14/08/2019 : retrocompatibility fixed (aliases in doors.lua)
  • 13/08/2019 :
    • added mod option doors_open_with_mesecon_only (default = false)
    • fixed a bug preventing the option from working
  • 05/09/2019 : door opening on rightclick is disabled (maybe reactivated via a mod option)
  • 05/08/2019 :
    • digicodes now work
    • new (and cleaner) implementation for palm scanner
  • 05/05/2019 : added palm_scanner, which emmits mesecon signal when rightclicked by owner
  • 05/01/2019 : create aliases to deal with old namming policy un doors.lua
  • 04/26/2019 :
    • sliding doors now open with mesecon signal
    • added blue sliding doors
    • added digicode node
    • changed ceiling lights recipe
    • added some sounds
  • Added Recipes for the unfinished scifi_nodes
  • Added support for stairsplus


CC BY 3.0