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This is a collection of helper shell scripts to create textures for international characters to be used with the signs_lib Minetest mod.

They currently expect the Liberation Fonts to be installed at "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/liberation".

ImageMagick is also required.

Basic usage

sh <signs_lib_directory>

For example, this command will write textures for the non-ASCII characters of the French language to "/home/user/signs_lib":

sh /home/user/signs_lib fr

Currently, there is support for German (de), French (fr) and Polish (pl) non-ASCII characters.

Character alignment

I chose the image processing parameters in order fairly match the alignment of the existing signs_lib textures. In order to get even better alignment at the expense of slightly smaller textures, it is possible to also replace existing ASCII character textures:

sh <signs_lib_texture_directory>

For example, with signs_lib residing at "/home/user/signs_lib":

sh /home/user/signs_lib/textures