Unified Dyes expands the standard dye set from 15 to up to 256 colors (depending on the object to be colored) https://content.minetest.net/packages/VanessaE/unifieddyes/
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  1. Changelog
  2. ---------
  3. 2013-04-30: Multiple changes
  4. * Refactored the code to use default "common" dyes
  5. rather than directly from flowers.
  6. * This mod now depends on "default" and "dye" from the Minetest common
  7. sub-game. Since the default dye mod uses default flowers, this mod no
  8. longer checks for what version of flowers you're using, or even depends
  9. on it.
  10. * Bottle-based textures have been replaced with piles of dye powder, based
  11. on the default red dye texture.
  12. * All dyes are obtained by crafting, not cooking, for consistency with the
  13. default dye mod.
  14. * The somewhat-complicated method using separate "pigment" powders, glass
  15. bottles and "liquid dye base" has been done away with. Now it's just
  16. dry dye powders, as with the default dye mod.
  17. * Also, got rid of the whole paint scheme, in favor of dry powders.
  18. * All old dyes, paints, and Unified Dyes pigment powders have been aliased
  19. back to the standard dye powders.
  20. 2012-07-26: Added a "version" check for the flowers dependency: If the
  21. flowers mod defines "flowers:flower_geranium" (as is the case with my
  22. update of 2012-08-01), then those will be used to get blue pigment
  23. powder, and violas will produce violet powder, both of which can be
  24. directly used to create their respective liquid dye colors. If it is
  25. not defined (e.g. the user has an older version of the flowers mod),
  26. then violas produce blue dye powder. Violet dye can still be formed by
  27. mixing blue and magenta or blue and red dyes, as before.
  28. 2012-07-26: Better bottle textures. Note that these are blended against
  29. the 50% grey field they normally appear on in the inventory display, so
  30. they will show artifacts if you try to wield them. Don't do that. :-)
  31. 2012-07-26: Split off glass bottles into a separate mod, "Vessels".
  32. This mod now depends on it.
  33. 2012-07-25 (almost immediately after): Fixed a copy&paste error for
  34. black dye.
  35. 2012-07-25: Replaced missing craftitem entries and got rid of some
  36. redundant code left over from last update. Added group settings for all
  37. dyes according to recently-published standard. Fixed a few typos in
  38. item descriptions, and straightened up capitalization.
  39. 2012-07-24: Added some extra steps to the dye-making process, added
  40. recommendation that empty bottles be given back to the player on use.
  41. Dyes are still easy to make, they just require a more realistic (and
  42. this, harder) process now.
  43. 2012-07-16 (a bit later): fixed a minor error in generation of medium
  44. grey.
  45. 2012-07-16: Added a new set of colors, "light" (brightness of 150%
  46. versus the 'full' shade), for a total of 89. No 50% saturation version
  47. of this set. Added a palette image showing the full set of colors.
  48. 2012-07-13: Fixed some missing commas.
  49. 2012-07-13: Added a script to aid in the generation of new textures for
  50. mods that depend on unifieddyes. Moved this changelog from the forum
  51. into the distribution directory. Rewrote the README to contain
  52. everything from the forum post, and expanded it to document the new
  53. generation script.
  54. 2012-07-12 (a bit later): added groups = {dye=1}, to each
  55. register_craftitem call, to make it easier for other mods to identify
  56. the dyes and categorize them.
  57. 2012-07-12: moved project to github.
  58. 2012-07-11 (continuing): Tweaked the script to remove titanium dioxide
  59. from the output, since it isn't intended to be directly used as a
  60. dye/paint (but rather, to make paint that can then be used).
  61. Regenerated colors.txt.
  62. 2012-07-11 (immediately after): The script was reading the wrong pixel
  63. from the image, resulting in lighter-than-correct colors. Fixed it and
  64. regenerated the colors.txt file.
  65. 2012-07-11: Added a script to list all of the colors and their RGB
  66. values and texture filenames, and a text file containing the output
  67. thereof.
  68. 2012-07-08 (a bit later): deleted a few unused files (copy&paste error).
  69. 2012-07-08: Major boost in the number of available colors - was 8, now
  70. 77. Should cover pretty much the entire spectrum of colors one might
  71. use in this game.
  72. 2012-07-02: Deleted a few redundant files (leftovers from when I wanted
  73. to merge in flowers and then changed my mind).
  74. 2012-06-26: Initial upload.