Minetest Contributions

Organisation regroupant mods et autres ressources par différents contributeurs.

Ambience Mod for Minetest c55

Updated 3 years ago

arrow_signs mod for Minetest c55 this adds 4 arrow signs and to each direction (top, down, left, right)

Updated 3 years ago

minetest mod.

Updated 3 months ago

Minetest Mod: Adds achievements.

Updated 4 months ago

Baked Clay mod for Minetest

Updated 4 months ago

Customisable banners are finally added into Minetest!

Updated 5 months ago

Miroir du dépôt basic_materials.

Updated 8 months ago

This library's purpose is to allow other mods to add growing things to the map in a straightforward, simple manner.

Updated 8 months ago

Minetest currency mod

Updated 1 year ago

Adds mulch, bonemeal and fertilizer to Minetest to quick grow crops and saplings

Updated 3 days ago

Carts for Minetest, but optimized! Also compatible with MTG carts

Updated 2 months ago

A modification of the builtin items in Minetest

Updated 2 months ago

shared chest; interacts with bags; take/drop/swap/filter all from one inv to the other

Updated 10 months ago

Bring the joy of Christmas to Minetest

Updated 3 years ago

Minetest clay crafter mod.

Updated 4 years ago