A minetest mod for mapmaking
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A Minetest mod that provides the necessary framework for crafting maps of the local environment from various resources. The mod is structured as an API of sorts, to allow it to be used with any game where such concepts are sensible.

How to set up Cartographer

Since Cartographer is an API, it needs at least one additional mod in order to function in your world. There are example mods available for Minetest Game and Repixture, and you can make your own to extend these or support other games of your choosing.

The process of making such a mod is pretty straightforward:

  1. Register every biome in your game with cartographer, by calling cartographer.biomes.add, listing the biome, texture names to use for each detail level, and an optional min/max height for those textures to be used.
  2. Register items/item groups that provide “paper” and “pigment” for mapmaking, by calling cartographer.materials.register_by_name or cartographer.materials.register_by_group. You can optionally specify how much of a material to provide per-item, or let it provide 1 unit by default.
  3. Add crafting recipes or other ways of acquiring the following nodes:
    • cartographer:simple_table
    • cartographer:standard_table
    • cartographer:advanced_table
  4. When integrating into a game, you can use cartographer.skin (skin_api.lua) to re-skin this mod's UI with your own textures and better integrate the mod with your art direction.

It's worth looking in the code to see what other options the cartographer API offers. If your mod/game would benefit from another means of acquiring or displaying maps, you can use the API to create your own crafting systems and mapping items.


For questions, requests, and other communications regarding this work, you can contact the original creator at hugues.ross@gmail.com


Cartographer's code is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. A copy of this license should be bundled with this work, if one was not provided then you can find the license here

Cartographer's visual/audio assets are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. A copy of this license should be bundled with this work, if one was not provided then you can find the license here