Farming Redo for Minetest
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Farming API
The farming API allows you to easily register plants and hoes.
`farming.register_hoe(name, hoe definition)`
* Register a new hoe, see [#hoe definition]
`farming.register_plant(name, Plant definition)`
* Register a new growing plant, see [#Plant definition]
`farming.registered_plants[name] = definition`
* Table of registered plants, indexed by plant name
'crop' holds name of growing crop node minus _step-number at end
'seed' has name of seed required to plant crop
'minlight' min light level needed to grow
'maxlight' max light level needed to grow
'steps' number of steps crop has in growth cycle
### Hoe Definition
description = "My Hoe", -- Description for tooltip
inventory_image = "unknown_item.png", -- Image to be used as wield- and inventory image
max_uses = 30, -- Uses until destroyed
material = "", -- Material for recipes
recipe = { -- Craft recipe, if material isn't used
{"air", "air", "air"},
{"", "group:stick"},
{"", "group:stick"},
### Plant definition
description = "My Plant", -- Description of seed item
inventory_image = "unknown_item.png", -- Image to be used as seed's wield- and inventory image
steps = 8, -- How many steps the plant has to grow, until it can be harvested
-- ^ Always provide a plant texture for each step, format: modname_plantname_i.png (i = stepnumber)
minlight = 13, -- Minimum light to grow
maxlight = default.LIGHT_MAX -- Maximum light to grow
Note: Any crops registered with the above function will use the new growing routines, also if crops are manually added with the {growing=1} group they will also grow.
### Crop functions
If a mod registers nodes to be used as crops using the {growing=1} group then an additional function can be used for custom growth checks instead of the standard 'are we above wet soil'.
growth_check = function(pos, node_name)
-- check surrounding for jungle tree
if minetest.find_node_near(pos, 1, {"default:jungletree"}) then
return false -- place next growth stage
return true -- condition not met, skip next growth stage until next check
### Scythe items that will not drop
This is a function to add items to a list that scythes will not drop, e.g. farming:trellis or farming:beanpole.