A flexible sprint mod supporting stamina, hunger and monoids.
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  1. #Sprint speed multiplier
  2. sprint_speed (Sprint speed multiplier) float 1.3
  3. #Sprint jump multiplier
  4. sprint_jump (Sprint jump multiplier) float 1.1
  5. #Require player to move forward only to be able to sprint
  6. sprint_forward_only (Sprint forward only) bool true
  7. #The amount of particles to spawn behind a sprinting player
  8. sprint_particles (Particles) float 2
  9. #Drain stamina while sprinting
  10. sprint_stamina (Stamina) bool true
  11. #The amount of stamina to drain while sprinting
  12. sprint_stamina_drain (Stamina drain) float 2
  13. #The amount of stamina to heal while not sprinting
  14. sprint_stamina_heal (Stamina heal) float 2
  15. #The amount of stamina to heal while not moving or taking any actions
  16. sprint_stamina_standing (Stamina heal) float 2.5
  17. #The amount of seconds before starting to replenish stamina
  18. sprint_stamina_replenish (Stamina replenish) float 2
  19. #Drain satiation while sprinting
  20. sprint_starve (Starve) bool true
  21. #The amount of satiation to drain while sprinting
  22. sprint_starve_drain (Starve drain) float 0.5
  23. #Drain air while sprinting under water
  24. sprint_breath (Breath) bool true
  25. #The amount of air to drain while sprinting under water
  26. sprint_breath_drain (Breath drain) float 1
  27. #If enabled (default), the stamina indicators in the HUD will be automatically hidden shortly
  28. #after stamina has filled up. Otherwise, stamina will always be displayed.
  29. hudbars_autohide_stamina (Automatically hide staminal indicator) bool true