A flexible sprint mod supporting stamina, hunger and monoids.
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A flexible sprint mod supporting stamina, hunger and coexistance with other physics altering mods.


  • LGPLv2.1/CC BY-SA 3.0. Particle code: copyright (c) 2017 Elijah Duffy.
  • sprint_stamina_*icon textures:


hbSprint can be played with Minetest 0.4.16 or above. It has no dependencies, but supports hudbars and player_monoids.

Compatible hunger mods: hbhunger or hunger_ng.

List of features

  • Displays and drains stamina (by default, if hudbars is present). Hides stamina bar if full.
  • Displays and drains satiation (by default, if compatible hunger mod found)
  • Drains air faster while sprinting on walkable ground but in water (by default)
  • Requires only forward key to be pressed, not left and right (by default)
  • Requires walkable ground (no water surface sprinting)
  • Particle spawning based on ground type (Thanks to octacian)
  • All variables customizable in Advanced settings or directly in minetest.conf

Known issues

  • Forward double tap support not implemented

Bug reports and suggestions

You can report bugs or suggest ideas by filing an issue.