A Minetest mod which provides an API to register and request treasures from various mods.
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  1. If you wish to register treasures to Treasurer, it is recommended to assign the treasurer to a Treasurer group.
  2. It is not possible to assign a treasure to multiple groups. If you think a treasure fits into two groups, create
  3. two seperate treasure definitions instead. But try to keep it as an exception.
  4. Think of treasurer groups as categories for treasurers to put into.
  5. This file contains some guidelines for Treasurer groups and there are even guidelines for preciousness levels.
  6. Keep in mind these are only guidelines.
  7. Treasurer suggests to use the following standard Treasurer groups:
  8. crafting_component:
  9. Generic group for components in crafting recipes. If it is primarily a component for food, use raw_food instead.
  10. Preciousness is based roughly on the preciousness of items it can create.
  11. fuel:
  12. Fuel for furnaces.
  13. Preciousness is based on burning time.
  14. food:
  15. Can be eaten and restores health.
  16. Preciousness should equal the number of hearts restored (restored HP divided by 2), but not higher than 7.
  17. raw_food:
  18. Food which is not fully processed and is not (quite) ready to be eaten.
  19. melee_weapon:
  20. Primarily used to damage close foes, i.e. a sword.
  21. Preciousness is based on attack speed and damage.
  22. ranged_weapon:
  23. Primarily used to damage far away foes,
  24. Preciousness is based on attack speed, damage and range.
  25. tool:
  26. A tool for other uses.
  27. Preciousness is hard to determine; at least is should base on the number of uses.
  28. minetool:
  29. A tool to destroy blocks. Includes pickaxes, axes, shovels, …
  30. Preciousness is based on power, number of uses and speed.
  31. deco:
  32. Primarily just a decorational thing to place.
  33. Preciousness is based on beauty, highly subjective.
  34. light:
  35. Is a light source.
  36. Preciousness is based on the brightness. For the maximum brightness (before sun brightness), preciousness should be 3.
  37. building_block:
  38. A block for buildings. Includes stairs, slabs, fences and similar things.
  39. Excludes all natural blocks.
  40. Preciousness should be roughly based on the “cost” to craft the block.
  41. seed:
  42. Seeds and saplings.
  43. Preciousness is based on the percieved “usefulness” of what can grow from the seed.
  44. transport_vehicle
  45. A vehicle to transport players and stuff, i.e. a cart or a boat.
  46. Preciousness is hard to determine, maybe speed?
  47. transport_structure
  48. A fixed structure which is neccessary for a transport vehicle to operate, i.e. rails.
  49. Preciousness is hard to dertermine …
  50. ladder
  51. A ladder.
  52. default:
  53. This is the group your treasure get assigned to if you don’t specify a group.
  54. Do you miss a group? Feel free to invent your own!
  55. Note that Treasurer groups differ from the groups as defined by the Minetest API. These groups are handled differently.