Minetest Mod: Adds animations to the players' head.
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12 lines

  1. # The number of frame delay of sideways body rotation. (between 1 and 20).
  2. playeranim.body_rotation_delay (The delay of sideways body rotation) int 7 1 20
  3. # The degrees of the body's X-axis rotation in sneaking.
  4. playeranim.body_x_rotation_sneak (Lengthways body rotation in sneaking) float 6.0
  5. # The number of stepping per seconds.
  6. playeranim.animation_speed (The speed of an animation) float 2.4
  7. # The number of stepping per seconds in sneaking.
  8. playeranim.animation_speed_sneak (The speed of an animation in sneaking) float 0.8