Notre Ami Le Cube

Dépôts de jeux et mods Minetest utilisés pour le serveur "Notre Ami Le Cube".

Fork du mod zombie. Extrait du serveur MFF classic.

Updated 3 months ago

Extended Ban Mod for Minetest

Updated 2 years ago

Set world size in Minetest

Updated 3 years ago

Minetest mod that adds potions and brewing

Updated 3 months ago

Dépôt du mod whoison. Extrait du dépôt MFF.

Updated 7 months ago

Weather mod for Minetest

Updated 2 years ago

Fork du dépôt watershed.

Updated 4 years ago

Easy to use travel teleporter stones for world travel.

Updated 4 months ago

more vector helpers for mt

Updated 11 months ago

An extensible inventory mod which allows searching crafting and browsing for recipes in the same dialogue.

Updated 1 month ago

Mirror of dead unifiedwool mod by mtmodder148

Updated 3 months ago

fork of wowiamdiamonds' unified bricks mod

Updated 3 months ago

Fork du mod tsm_pyramids.

Updated 4 weeks ago

A Minetest mod which adds simple mine shafts. Compatible with Treasurer.

Updated 3 months ago

Mirroir du dépôt trmp_minetest_game.

Updated 4 years ago