A Minetest mod which adds a magical mirror which allows to teleport to some set position.
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Mirror of Return
Version 0.1.0

## Description
This mod adds a magical item, the Mirror of Returning. This item teleports the user back to a previously
set location, at the cost of some mana (if applicable).

## Usage
Rightclick with the item onto a node to set the mirror's teleport location.
Leftclick while holding the mirror to immediately teleport back to the mirror's teleport location.
Each mirror has is own teleport location and “remembers” it throughout the game, until a new
teleport location has been set.

Initially, a mirror has no teleport location set, so you have to set it before the first teleportation.

If the Mana mod [mana] is present, setting and teleporting costs mana. The default cost are:

* Setting: 20
* Teleporting back to set position: 200

## Configuration
You can change the mana costs via minetest.conf. The following settings are used:

* `returnmirror_cost_set`: Mana cost for setting (number)
* `returnmirror_cost_teleport`: Mana cost for teleporting (number)

If a setting is not present, the default cost is used.