Dépôt du mod soundset. Extrait du dépôt MFF.
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soundset MOD for MINETEST

by Mg (@LeMagnesium) and @crabman77

YOUR mod can use THIS mod to have a volume that's adjustable by the player(s)


minetest.sound_play("music_file", {to_player=player:get_player_name(),gain=sounds.get_gain(player:get_player_name(), "music")})


minetest.sound_play("mob_sound", {to_player=player:get_player_name(),gain=sounds.get_gain(player:get_player_name(), "mobs")})


minetest.sound_play("wind_sound", {to_player=player:get_player_name(),gain=sounds.get_gain(player:get_player_name(), "ambience")})


/soundset : display menu

/soundsetg : display player config

/soundsets <music|ambience|mobs|other> : set volume

Licenses images: Author : Obani CC-BY

0.1 - Initial Release

0.2 - change default volume to 50, add serialise|deserialise to read|write config file

0.3 - add menu setting and button for unified_inventory and chatcommand to display menu