Nether mod for Minetest
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# Travelling a short distance in the Nether can correspond to a much further distance on the surface.
# A factor of 10 might be a better value for Minetest, since there's no sprint, but ex-Minecraft players will be mathing for 8.
nether_fasttravel_factor (Nether fast-travel factor) int 8
# The likelyhood of finding a Book containing all the portal plans in a dungeon chest.
# Set to 0 to disable, or 10 to have it extremely common.
# (This value will be treated as 0 when the Nether portal is the only type of portal available, or when the help modpack is installed)
nether_portalBook_loot_weighting (Likelyhood of finding Book of Portals in dungeon chests) int 9
# Turn off to disable the Nether and Nether portal
nether_realm_enabled (Enable Nether realm & portal) bool true
# Enables the Floatlands portal api code example
nether_enable_portal_example_floatlands (Enable example portal: Floatlands) bool false
# Enables the Surface-travel portal api code example
nether_enable_portal_example_surfacetravel (Enable example portal: Surface-travel) bool false
[Nether depth]
#The depth where the Nether begins / the Nether ceiling
nether_depth_ymax (Upper limit of Nether) int -5000 -30000 32767
#The lower limit of the Nether must be at least 1000 lower than the upper limit, and more than 3000 lower is recommended.
nether_depth_ymin (Lower limit of Nether) int -11000 -32768 30000