Minetest Mods Team

Une collection de miroirs de mods Minetest. Ces mods sont maintenus par leurs auteurs ainsi que d'autres collaborateurs en équipe.

The most comprehensive Crafting Guide on Minetest

Updated 14 hours ago

An extensible inventory mod which allows searching crafting and browsing for recipes in the same dialogue.

Updated 5 days ago

More Blocks

Updated 6 days ago

A rewrite of the node_ownership Minetest mod with many new features.

Updated 1 week ago

Technic mod for Minetest

Updated 2 weeks ago

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IRC Mod for Minetest

Updated 1 month ago

Megaf's More Chests mod for Minetest from Celeron55

Updated 1 month ago

Minetest mod that adds health and breath gauges above players

Updated 1 month ago

Nether mod for Minetest

Updated 1 month ago

More Ores

Updated 1 month ago

Player skin mod, supporting unified_inventory, sfinv and smart_inventory

Updated 1 month ago

Mod for minetest that adds digital circuitry [=minecraft redstone] http://mesecons.net

Updated 2 months ago

Map Tools

Updated 2 months ago

Minetest Mod: Adds animations to the players' head.

Updated 3 months ago

Extended Ban Mod for Minetest

Updated 4 months ago