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armor_material_wood (Enable wood armor) bool true
armor_material_cactus (Enable cactus armor) bool true
armor_material_steel (Enable steel armor) bool true
armor_material_bronze (Enable bronze armor) bool true
armor_material_diamond (Enable diamond armor) bool true
armor_material_gold (Enable gold armor) bool true
armor_material_mithril (Enable mithril armor) bool true
armor_material_crystal (Enable crystal armor) bool true
# Increase this if you get initialization glitches when a player first joins.
armor_init_delay (Initialization delay) int 2
# Number of initialization attempts.
# Use in conjunction with armor_init_delay if initialization problems persist.
armor_init_times (Initialization attempts) int 10
# Increase this if armor is not getting into bones due to server lag.
armor_bones_delay (Delay for bones) int 1
# How often player armor items are updated.
armor_update_time (Armor refresh rate (seconds)) int 1
# Drop armor when a player dies.
# Uses bones mod if present, otherwise items are dropped around the player.
armor_drop (Drop armor on death) bool true
# Pulverize armor when a player dies, overrides armor_drop.
armor_destroy (Pulverize armor on death) bool false
# You can use this to increase or decrease overall armor effectiveness,
# eg: level_multiplier = 0.5 will reduce armor level by half.
armor_level_multiplier (Armor effectiveness multiplier) float 1
# You can use this to increase or decrease overall armor healing,
# eg: armor_heal_multiplier = 0 will disable healing altogether.
armor_heal_multiplier (Armor healing multiplier) float 1
# Enable water protection (periodically restores breath when activated).
armor_water_protect (Enable water protection) bool true
# Enable fire protection (defaults true if using ethereal mod).
armor_fire_protect (Enable fire protection) bool false
# Enable punch damage effects.
armor_punch_damage (Enable damage effects) bool true
# Enable migration of old armor inventories.
armor_migrate_old_inventory (Migrate old armor inventories) bool true
shields_disable_sounds (Disable shield sounds) bool false
# Set number of seconds between visible wielded item updates.
wieldview_update_time (Wieldview refresh rate (seconds)) int 2
# Show nodes as tiles, disabled by default.
wieldview_node_tiles (Show nodes as tiles) bool false