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randomei 7a0c456638
Fix broken translations (#124)
* Fix broken translation
2023-11-22 07:29:44 +01:00
Crystalwarrior 9444afd722
Refactor armors to be mods rather than hardcoded into API (#78)
* Begin work on "armors as modpack" refactor letting anyone to enable/disable any armors they want as mods rather than obscure settings

* Fix some steel armor mishaps, remove pointless dependency on "default"

* Move admin armor into mod

* Make wood armor into a mod

* More consistent steel description text etc.

* remove wood references from 3d_armor api locale

* remove admin armor reference from 3d_armor locale template.txt

* Remove steel textures from api

* Bronze armor as mod

* Fix admin, wood armor missing local S translator var
Fix wood locale missing template.txt

* Fix bronze missing locale

* Cactus as mod

* Crystal into mod

* Diamond into mod

* Mithril and Gold as mods

* Register armor fix

* Nether as mod

* Clean-up, add optional depends for mod armors, remove armor.lua from 3d_armor

* Fix badly named mod.conf for admin, gold, nether armors
Fix attempt to register crafting recipe even though the armor is disabled via setting

* Fix steel and wood having bad globals for crafting section, turned them to locals

* Fix brazilian translation getting deleted
Fix cactus armor locales being incorrectly named
2022-09-06 21:06:27 +02:00