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boost_cart API
This file provides information about the API of boost_cart for the use in
mods. The API might change slightly when the development goes on, so avoid
using internal tables or functions which are not documented here.
* `SwitchIgnore` -> `number/nil`
* Specifies which player control was pressed. This value is used to prefer
straight rails instead of preferring left and right rail checks.
* `1`: Ignore left rail
* `2`: Ignore right rail
* `nil`: Ignore no rail
Entity movement
These functions are grouped so that they make sense and then sorted alphabetically.
* `boost_cart:manage_attachment(player, obj)`
* Attaches or detaches the player to/from an object, depending on what is
supplied to `obj`.
* `player`: `ObjectRef` of the player
* `obj`: `ObjectRef` (to attach) or `nil` (to detach)
* `boost_cart:get_sign(n)` -> `number`
* Returns the sign for the given number. Values: `-1`, `0`, `1`
* `n`: any `number`
* `boost_cart:velocity_to_dir(vel)` -> `vector`
* Returns the cart direction depending on `vel`. Each coordinate can have
one of the `get_sign()` return values.
* `vel`: velocity as `vector`
* `boost_cart:boost_rail(pos, amount)`
* Sets the rail acceleration for the given position to `amount` and punches
carts which are at the given position.
* `pos`: `vector`, rail position
* `amount`: `number`, negative to brake, positive to boost
* `boost_cart:get_rail_direction(pos, dir, ctrl, old_switch, railtype)`
-> `vector, SwitchIgnore`
* Returns the direction to where the next rail is, and which player control that
should be ignored in the next call.
* `pos`: `vector`, position of the cart
* `dir`: `vector`, movement direction of the cart (see `velocity_to_dir()`)
* `ctrl`: Player controls table or `nil` (no player)
* `old_switch`: `SwitchIgnore`
* `railtype`: (optional) `number`, gets passed indirectly to `is_rail()`
Rail helper functions
* `boost_cart:get_rail_groups(groups)` -> `table`
* Returns a group table with preset values for a common rail node
* `groups`: (optional) `table`, additional groups append (or overwrite)
* Hint: To register an incompatible rail type, set the group
`connect_to_raillike` to the value returned by
* `boost_cart:is_rail(pos, [railtype])` -> `boolean`
* Returns whether the node at `pos` is a rail. When `railtype` is specified,
`true` is only returned when the node is in the same rail group.
* `pos`: `vector` of the node to check
* `railtype`: (optional) `number`, rail group number
* `boost_cart:register_rail(name, def)`
* Registers a new rail with preset node definition defaults as fallback
* `name`: `string`, node name of the new rail
* `def`: Node definition table, containing at least the following keys:
* `description`
* `groups`
* `tiles`