Carts for Minetest, but optimized! Also compatible with MTG carts
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Boost Cart

Based on (and fully compatible with) the mod "carts" by PilzAdam and the one contained in the subgame "minetest_game". Target: Run smoothly as possible, even on laggy servers.


  • A fast cart for your railway or roller coaster
  • Easily configurable cart speed using the Advanced Settings
  • Boost and brake rails
  • By mesecons controlled Start-Stop rails
  • Detector rails that send a mesecons signal when the cart drives over them
  • Rail junction switching with the 'right/left' walking keys
  • Handbrake with the 'back' key
  • Support for non-minetest_game subgames
  • Descend from cart using the sneak key


This mod can be adjusted to fit the preference of a player or server. Use the Settings -> All Settings dialog in the main menu or tune your minetest.conf file manually:

boost_cart.speed_max = 10

  • Maximal speed of the cart in m/s
  • Possible values: 1 ... 100

boost_cart.punch_speed_max = 7

  • Maximal speed to which the driving player can accelerate the cart by punching from inside the cart.
  • Possible values: -1 ... 100
  • Value -1 will disable this feature.

License for everything

CC-0, if not specified otherwise below


Various authors

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  • cart_bottom.png
  • cart_side.png
  • cart_top.png

klankbeeld (CC-BY 3.0)


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