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  philipbenr 7893936328 Merge pull request #3 from sys4-fr/master 3 years ago
  sys4-fr 79bf783760 Add support for ethereal (orange ingredient) 3 years ago
  sys4-fr 01e337fbb3 Fix missing craft recipe of boston_cream pie 3 years ago
  philipbenr b4adaa47ab Merge pull request #2 from rubenwardy/master 5 years ago
  rubenwardy 06caf2f4bf Fix food/diet/hud/mtfoods depend loop 5 years ago
  philipbenr 4a0f0ebee9 Merge pull request #1 from rubenwardy/food_mod_support 6 years ago
  rubenwardy 5d9141ba48 Add optional dependancy on the food mod 6 years ago
  rubenwardy 846d253509 Add support for the food mod's ingredient system 6 years ago
  philipbenr 6025a22e09 Update README.txt 6 years ago
  PHILIP ROBINSON 13fb8b63a8 The First commits 6 years ago