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unknown 855937aec3 make all nodes diggable in mcl* survival mode 6 months ago
wsor4035 37eef73695
add I3 support + update to formspecs v2 (#22)
* add fs helper inv function

* add fs helper prepends function

* add trash can, vacuum tube, teleport tube. wielders, autocrafter, mesetube, injectors

* fixed missed texture to make game agnostic

* fix luacheck
1 year ago
wsor4035 5aa0501872
make pipeworks Game agnostic (#16)
* make it boot in non mtg

* make water flow

* fix water texture warnings

* fix missing steel texture issues

* remove depreciated/unnessary default function calls

* make sounds work

* fix default formspec crashes

* fix wierd tab spacing

* additionally game dig group support

* move crafts to crafts.lua

* make crafts support various games
1 year ago
Vanessa Dannenberg fc6efb450c add support for Unified Inventory categories 2 years ago
HybridDog 17a602a5a1 Remove unused loop variables, trailing whitespace and fix mixed-whitespace indentations 2 years ago
Louis Royer 62bc13078f Add translation support
- Created `locale/template.txt`
- Fixed some typos
- Replace some `print("[pipeworks]"..` with `pipeworks.logger()`
- Removed "You hacker, you" from descriptions
3 years ago
Vanessa Dannenberg d7dfd11364 use basic_materials mod where possible 5 years ago
Tim 4fdf73fbcd add list rings to pipework inventories 7 years ago
Vanessa Ezekowitz 364633d884 make all tubes call the routing functions
using their after_place/after_dig callbacks
8 years ago
Tim d15d27391b style trashcan formspec 8 years ago
Tim c9d18f74e4 update all formspecs "current_name" to "context" to reflect current api 8 years ago
Novatux d5480f5ff0 Major rewrite of items in tubes 9 years ago
Zefram aee9f7e6d6 Add trash can
The trash can can be used either manually (via form) or at the end of
a pipe.  It destroys whatever is placed in it.
9 years ago