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2023-06-22 (SwissalpS, rubenwardy)
groups support in recipe. Set recipe as usual via recipe formspec or digilines.
Autocrafter now resolves matching recipe using groups so that items in input
inventory are used, that match group and no longer only strictly what user
has in recipe-inventory
2023-06-21 (OgelGames, BuckarooBanzay)
fix autocrafter destroying replacement items (OG)
remove facedir debugging logs (BB)
2023-05-28 (SwissalpS)
support setting 'can_receive' for teleport tubes via digiline
2023-05-19 (fluxionary, OgelGames)
log items going through teleport tubes
2022-12-02 (wsor4035)
bring back compatibility with mineclone2
2022-11-11 (OgelGames)
prevent tp- and sand-tubes from breaking themselves and refactor part of code
2022-09-18 (fluxionary)
protection checks before break-/placeing a node -> less violation logs
2022-08-14 (wsor4035)
prevent tubes from connecting to furnace front
2022-08-13 (TurkeyMcMac)
moved teleport-tube database to mod-storage
2022-06-23 (S-S-X)
on_repair tweak, improved repairing tubes
* many updates not mentioned here *
2017-10-19 (thetaepsilon)
Directional flowables are now implemented.
All devices for which it is relevant (valve, flow sensor etc.) have been converted so that they only flow on their connecting sides, so pressure propogation now works as expected for these devices when pressure logic is enabled.
Classic mode continues to be preserved by default as before.
2017-10-14 (thetaepsilon, VanessaE)
Node breakers have been updated to not have a tool by default, and determine if the node that they are trying to break can be dug with the tool in it's inventory slot.
The crafting recipe for the node breakers has been updated, using a new gear crafting item that requires iron instead of mese, which should be a more accessible cost in most cases.
Existing node breakers in worlds will get their mese pick back if their slot is empty via LBM - the mese pick will show up in the inventory slot so you can reclaim your hard-earned mese crystals.
Gear item texture and updated node breaker textures provided by VanessaE.
2017-10-08 (thetaepsilon)
A lot more of the new flow logic work.
There are two sub-modes of this now, non-finite and finite mode.
Non-finite mode most closely resembles "classic mode", whereas finite mode is more intended for use with mods such as dynamic_liquids which enable water sources to move themselves.
Everything that was functional in classic mode more or less works correctly now.
Still TODO:
+ Flow directionality - things like flow sensors and airtight panels will flow in directions that don't make sense from their visuals.
Possible feature requests:
+ Making tanks and gratings do something useful.
2017-09-27 (thetaepsilon)
Start of new flow logic re-implementation.
This mode is current *very* incomplete, and requires a per-world setting to enable.
Adds a pressure value stored in all pipe node metadata, and a mechanism to balance it out with nearby nodes on ABM trigger.
Currently, this inhibits the old behaviour when enabled, and (again WHEN ENABLED) breaks pretty much everything but normal pipes, spigots and pumps.
For this reason it is far from being intended as the default for some time to come yet.
What *does* work:
+ Pumps will try to take in water (and removes it!) as long as internal pressure does not exceed a threshold.
- a TODO is to make this pressure threshold configurable.
+ Pipes will balance this pressure between themselves, and will slowly average out over time.
+ Spigots will try to make the node beneath them a water source if the pressure is great enough and the existing node is flowing water or air.
- This is admittedly of fairly limited use with default water mechanics; those looking for more realistic mechanics might want to look at the dynamic_liquid mod, though that mod comes with it's own caveats (most notably drastic changes to previous worlds...).
What *does not* work:
+ Flow sensors, valves. Valves in particular currently do not function as a barrier to water's path under the experimental logic.
- TODO: internal code to allow this to be overriden.
*seems this hasn't been updated in a while*
2013-01-13: Tubes can transport items now! Namely, I added Novatux/Nore's item
transport mod as a default part of this mod, to make tubes do something useful!
Thanks to Nore and RealBadAngel for the code contributions!
2013-01-05: made storage tanks connect from top/bottom, made storage tank and
pipe textures use the ^ combine operator so they can show the actual liquid
going through the pipes/tanks.
2013-01-04 (a bit later): Made pipes able to carry water! It was just a minor
logic error resulting from moving the water flowing code into it's own file
when I originally imported it. Many thanks to Mauvebic for writing it!
2013-01-04: First stage of integrating Mauvebic's water flowing code. This is
experimental and doesn't move water yet - but at least it doesn't break
anything :-)
2013-01-01: Various minor tweaks to textures, facedir settings, some other
stuff. Changed crafting recipes to account for revamped pumps, valves, etc.
Now requires the moreores mod and most recent git (for mese crystal fragments)
to craft a pump. Added a "sealed" entry/exit panel (really just a horizontal
pipe with a metal panel overlayed into the middle). Also, tweaked pipes to
always drop the empty ones. Revamped pumps so that now they should sit in/on
liquid and be connected only from the top, relegated grates to decorational-
only, added outlet spigot. Got rid of a few obsolete textures. Got rid of
that whole _x and _z naming thing - now all directional devices (pumps, valves,
spigots, tanks) use facedir. Valves, spigots no longer auto-rotate to find
nearby pipes.
2012-09-17: Added test object for pneumatic tube autorouting code, made tubes
connect to it and any object that bears groups={tubedevice=1} (connects to any
2012-09-05: All recipes doubled except for junglegrass -> plastic sheet (since
that is derived from home decor)
2012-09-02: Fixed plastic sheeting recipe. Added crafting recipes for various
objects, with options: If homedecor is installed, use the plastic sheeting
therein. If not, we define it manually. If the Technic mod is installed,
don't define any recipes at all. Also removed the extra "loaded!" messages and
tweaked the default pipe alias to point to something that is actually visible
2012-09-01: flattened wielded pipe segment.
2012-08-24: Added square-ish pneumatic tubes with their own autoplace code
(does not connect to steel pipes or pipe-oriented devices), then revised their
textures shortly after. Fixed a recursion bug that sometimes caused a stack
overflow. Old pipes were overriding the pipeworks:pipe defintion that belongs
with the new pipes.
2012-08-22: Added outlet grate, made it participate in autoplace algorithm.
Extended storage tank to show fill level in 10% steps (0% to 100%). Added
"expansion tank" that appears if the user stacks tanks upwards. (Downwards is
not checked).
2012-08-21: Made storage tank participate in autoplace algorithm. Tuned API a
little to allow for more flexible placement. Re-organized code a bit to allow
for some upcoming rules changes. Made storage tanks' upper/lower fittins and
intake grate participate in autoplace algorithm.
2012-08-20: Added temporary nodes for storage tank and intake grating, but
without autoplace.
2012-08-19: Pumps and valves now fully participate in the
auto-rotate/auto-place algorithm.
2012-08-18: Total rewrite again. All pipes are now nice and round-looking, and
they auto-connect! Also added temporary nodes for pump and valve (each with an
on/off setting - punch to change). No crafting recipes yet and the pipes still
don't do anything useful yet. Soon.
2012-08-06: Moved this changelog off the forum post and into a separate file.
2012-08-05 (multiple updates): Rewrote pipeworks to use loops and tables to
create the nodes. Requires far less code now. Added -X, +X, -Y, +Y, -Z, +Z
capped stubs and a short centered horizontal segment. Changed node definitions
so that the aforementioned "short centered" segment is given on dig/drop.
Renamed it to just "pipeworks:pipe" (and pipe_loaded). Added empty/loaded
indicator images to the capped ends, removed some redundant comments. Made the
empty/loaded indication at the capped end more prominent.
2012-07-21: Added screenshot showing pipes as they look now that nodebox
texture rotation is fixed.
2012-07-18: Changed the mod name and all internals to 'pipeworks' instead of
'pipes'... after a couple of mistakes :-)
2012-07-12: moved project to github.
2012-06-23: Initial release, followed by reworking the textures a bit.