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-- Various settings
local prefix = "pipeworks_"
local settings = {
enable_pipes = true,
enable_lowpoly = false,
enable_autocrafter = true,
enable_deployer = true,
enable_dispenser = true,
enable_node_breaker = true,
enable_teleport_tube = true,
enable_pipe_devices = true,
enable_redefines = true,
enable_mese_tube = true,
enable_detector_tube = true,
enable_digiline_detector_tube = true,
enable_conductor_tube = true,
enable_digiline_conductor_tube = true,
enable_accelerator_tube = true,
enable_crossing_tube = true,
enable_sand_tube = true,
enable_mese_sand_tube = true,
enable_one_way_tube = true,
enable_priority_tube = true,
enable_lua_tube = true,
enable_cyclic_mode = true,
drop_on_routing_fail = false,
delete_item_on_clearobject = true,
use_real_entities = true,
entity_update_interval = 0,
pipeworks.toggles = {}
-- documentation for toggles controlling pressure logic features.
-- do not edit this file directly;
-- instead, create pipeworks_settings.txt in your world directory,
-- and copy the uncommented lines from the block comments below into it.
-- flow logic implementation.
-- set to one of the following strings.
-- "classic": classic mode written by VanessaE
-- "pressure": pressure metadata based, written by thetaepsilon.
-- has caveats such as water speed issues though.
-- setting to nil inhibits all flow logic, useful for debugging ABM crashes,
-- or for rendering the pipes purely decorative.
pipeworks.toggles.pipe_mode = "classic"
-- force-enable finite water handling mode.
-- this changes the way that water node placement is handled;
-- volume will always be preserved,
-- and water is assumed to move itself downwards.
-- nil (the default) means autodetect from installed finite liquid mods,
-- true is force-on, false is force-off.
-- note that you should NOT normally explicitly set this to true/false,
-- unless the mod you want this for is not covered by auto-detection
-- (please see autodetect-finite-water.lua).
-- please file an issue if you have a finite water mod not covered there,
-- and feel it necessary to explicitly set this toggle
pipeworks.toggles.finite_water = nil
for name, value in pairs(settings) do
local setting_type = type(value)
if setting_type == "boolean" then
pipeworks[name] = minetest.settings:get_bool(, value)
elseif setting_type == "number" then
pipeworks[name] = tonumber(minetest.settings:get( or value)
pipeworks[name] = value