A Minetest mod for player created factions
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A simple mod which allows player created factions. Not very useful on its own, it becomes very powerful when combined with other mods.


These commands can be used by anyone:

  • /factions create <faction> <password>: Create a new faction
  • /factions list: List available factions
  • /factions info <faction>: See information on a faction
  • /factions join <faction> <password>: Join an existing faction
  • /factions leave: Leave your faction

These extra commands can only be used by faction owners:

  • /factions kick <player>: Kick someone from your faction
  • /factions disband: Disband your faction
  • /factions passwd: Change your faction's password
  • /factions chown: Transfer ownership of your faction


As mentioned below, this mod has support for intllib! If you know English and another language, please submit a translation! It would be greatly appreciated, and your name will be added to the acknowledgements at the bottom of this page. Thanks!

Mod integration

The following mods have optional support for playerfactions:

  • areas: Protect faction territory using areas

Additionally, playerfactions can optionally depend on the following mods:

  • intllib: Provide localizations for different languages

Using playerfactions in your own mod

I strongly recommend reading through the init.lua file; the functions at the top give you a pretty good idea of how to use it, but just in case you're short on time I'll list the most important functions below.

  • get_player_faction(player): Get the faction a player belongs to, nil if they haven't joined a faction
  • get_owner(faction): Get the owner of a faction
  • register_faction(faction, player, password): Create a new faction
  • disband_faction(faction): Disband a faction
  • get_password(faction): Gets a faction's password
  • set_password(faction, password): Sets a faction's password
  • join_faction(faction, player): Sets the given player as belonging to this faction
  • leave_faction(player): Clears a player's faction

Note that none of these functions have any sanity checks (e.g. making sure factions exist), so I strongly recommend you read init.lua to determine how they are used. Otherwise, you could end up getting some pretty strange errors.


This mod is loosely based off of the (unmaintained) factions mod made by Jonjeg.