Adds mulch, bonemeal and fertilizer to Minetest to quick grow crops and saplings
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Bonemeal mod [bonemeal]

This mod adds four new items into the game, bones which can be dug from normal dirt which can be made into bonemeal, mulch which is is crafted using a tree and 8x leaves, and fertiliser which is a mixture of them both.

Each item can be used on saplings and crops for a chance to grow them quicker as well as dirt which will generate random grass, flowers or whichever decoration is registered.

Mulch has a strength of 1, Bonemeal 2 and Fertiliser 3 which means the stronger the item, the more chance of growing saplings in low light, making crops sprout quicker or simply decorate a larger area with grass and flowers.

The api.txt document shows how to add your own saplings, crops and grasses to the list by using one of the 3 commands included and the mod.lua file gives you many examples by using some of the popular mods available.


  • 0.1 - Initial release
  • 0.2 - Added global on_use function for bonemeal growth
  • 0.3 - Added strength to on_use global for new items (mulch and fertiliser)
  • 0.4 - Added Intllib support and fr.txt file
  • 0.5 - Added support for default bush and acacia bush saplings
  • 0.6 - Using newer functions, Minetest 0.4.16 and above needed to run
  • 0.7 - Can be used on papyrus and cactus now, added coral recipe, api addition
  • 0.8 - Added support for farming redo's new garlic, pepper and onion crops
  • 0.9 - Added support for farming redo's pea and beetroot crops, checks for place_param
  • 1.0 - add_deco() now adds to existing item list while set_deco() replaces item list (thanks h-v-smacker)
  • 1.1 - Added {can_bonemeal=1} group for special nodes
  • 1.2 - Added support for minetest 5.0 cactus seedling, blueberry bush sapling and emergent jungle tree saplings, additional flowers and pine bush sapling.
  • 1.3 - Ability to craft dye from mulch, bonemeal and fertiliser (thanks orbea)

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