Mod to let players film cinematic shots.
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This mod allow to record flight paths and replay them.


  • default from minetest_game


  • Code: MIT
  • Models and textures: CC-BY-SA-3.0


  • /camera : Execute command to start recording.

While recording

  • use up/down to accelerate/decelerate
  • when rotating (mode 2 or 3) the camera up or down on Y axis
  • use jump to brake
  • use aux1 to stop recording
  • use left/right to rotate if looking target is set
  • use crouch to stop rotating

Use /camera play to play back the last recording. While playing back:

  • use aux1 to stop playing back

Use /camera play to play a specific recording

Use **/camera save ** to save the last recording

  • saved recordings exist through game restarts

Use /camera list to show all saved recording

Use **/camera mode <0|2|3> ** to change the velocity behaviour

  • 0: Velocity follow mouse (default),
  • 2: Velocity locked to player's first look direction with released mouse
  • 3: Same that 2 but if you up or down when rotating then looking target will up or down too

Use **/camera look <nil|here|x,y,z> **

  • nil: remove looking target,
  • here: set looking target to player position,
  • x,y,z: Coords to look at

Use **/camera speed **

  • 10 is default speed,
  • 10 decrease speed factor,

  • < 10 increase speed factor

Copyright 2016-2017 - Auke Kok

Copyright 2017 - Elijah Duffy

Copyright 2017-2018 - sys4