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  sys4 b22b72f5c2 Add items search filter on Buy tab 1 day ago
  sys4 ce33c159fd Add french translations 1 week ago
  sys4 c1a527eeea Ajoute le retrait d'espèces depuis l'ATM 8 months ago
  sys4 57deb8582e Affiche seulement la première ligne de la description des items 1 year ago
  sys4 81517a5b3d Merge branch 'nalc' into upgrade 1 year ago
  sys4-fr 0de7a34fcf Supprime l'argent donné pour les nouveaux joueurs 1 year ago
  sys4-fr d49a7fdc12 Ajoute la possibilité de déposer de l'argent via l'ATM 1 year ago
  Jesse McDonald 73407cd6fa Minor transaction log formatting tweak. 3 years ago
  Jesse McDonald b52e813d45 Bug fix: Failed to detect out_of_funds when placing buy order. 3 years ago
  Jesse McDonald 5cfb580545 Update README.md based on UI changes. 3 years ago
  Jesse McDonald 141de27c97 Cancel remaining buy order when out of funds. 3 years ago
  Jesse McDonald 808b3cbf04 Expand formlib & distinguish items by wear in market summary. 3 years ago
  Jesse McDonald 2a5a726cc0 Fix tool wear & metadata bugs and improve the UI. 3 years ago
  raymoo 7db6fb3ca7 mod security compatibility 3 years ago
  Vitalie Ciubotaru 22f9f394c1
Added screenshot with ATM and Exchange Terminal 4 years ago
  Vitalie Ciubotaru 2fc490c3be
Removed new account functionality; player's account is created at login 4 years ago
  Vitalie Ciubotaru 141ca3f5ea
New textures and new nodebox for Exchange Terminal node 4 years ago
  raymoo 84c1e6c05f Soften ATM sound and limit hear range to nearby 4 years ago
  Vitalie Ciubotaru 1a71ba41b6
New textures and new nodebox for ATM node 4 years ago
  HybridDog b1fc6722ae reduce texture sizes 4 years ago
  raymoo c2ba4eb797 Bug fix - revenue incrementing should have been before remaining = 0 rather than after 4 years ago
  raymoo cc70c125a9 Merge branch 'code_clean' of https://github.com/HybridDog/global_exchange 4 years ago
  raymoo 3dfa1457f2 Fix exploit 4 years ago
  HybridDog 8a85a48cdf change comment 4 years ago
  HybridDog d0ab05815b fix mistakes in exchange.lua and fix style in exchange_machine.lua 4 years ago
  HybridDog ac6b6c13e5 do some fixes suggested by sofar 4 years ago
  HybridDog 7fbd63a180 Cleanup code 4 years ago
  raymoo a00ab96251 readme 4 years ago
  raymoo e89f8878f7 Craft recipe update 4 years ago
  raymoo 81da10ae6c Viewable transaction log 4 years ago
  raymoo 7713075aef Add logging to order cancellation 4 years ago
  raymoo 58b21b2851 Log query and forgotten commit 4 years ago
  raymoo df5c4fa033 Fix typo 4 years ago
  raymoo 41875ae574 Fix bug causing update every tick 4 years ago
  raymoo b33e8e3817 Depend on default optionally for craft recipe 4 years ago
  raymoo 37a92fd65a Market summary 4 years ago
  raymoo 72f0a7832a Fix crash 4 years ago
  raymoo 1b83375c8f Craft recipe 4 years ago
  raymoo 6e1f2727ec Digital mailbox 4 years ago
  raymoo e9921e2ba0 Exchange texture 4 years ago
  raymoo 846559d711 Fix order cancellation 4 years ago
  raymoo 52dea22c75 Remove typo 4 years ago
  raymoo ceb0108322 License 4 years ago
  raymoo 90c497f68a Everything 4 years ago