A highly configurable mod providing item magnet and in-world node drops
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By PilzAdam, texmex, hybriddog.


This mod adds Minecraft like drop/pick up of items to Minetest.


LGPLv2.1/CC BY-SA 3.0. Particle code from WCILA mod by Aurailus, originally licensed MIT.


item_drop can be played with Minetest 0.4.16 or above. It was originally developed by PilzAdam.

List of features

  • All settings may be configured from within the game itself. (Settings tab > Advanced settings > Mods > item_drop)
  • Drops nodes as in-world items on dig if item_drop.enable_item_drop is true (true by default) It does nothing in creative mode.
  • Puts dropped items to the player's inventory if item_drop.enable_item_pickup is true (true by default)
    • Multiple items are picked in a quick succession instead of all at once which is indicated by the pickup sound.
    • It uses a node radius set in item_drop.pickup_radius (default 0.75), if items are within this radius around the player's belt, they're picked.
    • If item_drop.pickup_age is something positive, items dropped by players are ignored for this time to avoid instantly picking up when dropping.
    • If item_drop.pickup_age is -1, items are only picked when they don't move, it's another fix for instant item picking.
    • If item_drop.magnet_radius is bigger than item_drop.pickup_radius, items between these radii are flying to the player for item_drop.magnet_time seconds, after this time, they're picked or stop flying.
  • Plays a sound when the items are picked up with the gain level set to item_drop.pickup_sound_gain (default 0.2)
  • Requires a key to be pressed in order to pick items if item_drop.enable_pickup_key is true (true by default)
    • The keytypes to choose from by setting item_pickup_keytype are:
      • Use key (Use)
      • Sneak key (Sneak)
      • Left and Right keys combined (LeftAndRight)
      • Right mouse button (RMB)
      • Sneak key and right mouse button combined (SneakAndRMB)
    • If item_drop.pickup_keyinvert is true (false by default), items are collected when the key is not pressed instead of when it's pressed.
  • Displays a particle of the picked item above the player if item_drop.pickup_particle is true (true by default)

Known issues

Bug reports and suggestions

You can report bugs or suggest ideas by filing an issue.