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  sys4 8b466b199f Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into nalc-1.2-dev 2 weeks ago
  OgelGames 2ac0b96b47
Use tool capabilities and add more levels (#12) 3 weeks ago
  sys4 0d7bf5a5d6 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into nalc-1.2-dev 4 months ago
  Louis Royer 9ca558718a
Add translation support for french (#9) 5 months ago
  OgelGames 4c1092a191 Remove `moreores` support to fix circular dependencies (#7) 6 months ago
  sys4 1a9996b76c Merge branch 'master' of yunohost.local:mtcontrib/minetest-toolranks into nalc-1.2-dev 6 months ago
  Argyle ea5426316e Crash fix - check if description is nil before trying to search it. (#3) 1 year ago
  lisacvuk 5f87854323
Create mod.conf 1 year ago
  sys4 2ce4efa2cd Ajoute plus de niveaux. 10 niveaux au total. 1 year ago
  sys4-fr 95f0fba777 Ajoute message de chargement du mod dans le journal "action" 1 year ago
  tenplus1 d1be7c1e94
add moreores swords 2 years ago
  tenplus1 090abe5997
Added default swords 2 years ago
  lisacvuk 84467b0f74
Delete CHANGELOG 2 years ago
  tenplus1 3f94d76e53 added nil check 2 years ago
  Stefan Vukanović dbfa254de3 Fix indent. 2 years ago
  Stefan Vukanović eb7ba36768 Annonaunce most used tool. 2 years ago
  lisacvuk 923fb61054 Increase required nodes per level 2 years ago
  lisacvuk 5bfb603bf4 Add moreores support 2 years ago
  tenplus1 b3bfb67947 indented with spaces 2 years ago
  tenplus1 3def30b634 only update meta when needed 2 years ago
  tenplus1 813897b514 add missing local 2 years ago
  tenplus1 cdf2606228 add moreores? 2 years ago
  tenplus1 216597d25c add moreores support 2 years ago
  Stefan Vukanović 24321fc605 -Add a sound when tool levels up 2 years ago
  Stefan Vukanović 1454f82e51 Decrease the limit of the tool breaking warning. 2 years ago
  Stefan Vukanović eac63a4606 Check if tool is about to break and notify the player. 2 years ago
  Stefan Vukanović 2a62b23076 Only count nodes that spend the tool. 3 years ago
  Stefan Vukanović 61fde54efc Move all functions to toolranks table; in order to allow mod developers to add support for their mod. Updated readme. 3 years ago
  Stefan Vukanović 68cf70d20d Fixed a bug crashing Minetest when dug nodes count exceeds 799. 3 years ago
  Stefan Vukanović 93eaab0ff0 Initial commit. 3 years ago
  Stefan Vukanović a17cc19633 Initial commit 3 years ago
  lisacvuk 10f011249e Initial commit 3 years ago