Giant mushrooms
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--This file contains configuration options for riesenpilz mod.
-- mapgen size etc. does not work
riesenpilz.enable_mapgen = false
--Generate giant mushroom biomes everywhere
riesenpilz.always_generate = false
--Enables smooth transition of biomes.
riesenpilz.smooth = true
--says some information. = true
--informs the players too
riesenpilz.inform_all = false--minetest.is_singleplayer()
--1:<a bit of information> 2:<acceptable amount of information> 3:<lots of text>
riesenpilz.max_spam = 2
--3d apple
riesenpilz.change_apple = false
--disallows growing a mushroom if it not every node would have a free place
riesenpilz.giant_restrict_area = false