Giant mushrooms
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[Mod] mushrooms [riesenpilz]

This mod adds mushrooms to minetest. The growing tool can make them giant.

Depends: see depends.txt
License: see LICENSE.txt
Download: zip, tar.gz

I'm a screenshot!

If you got ideas or found bugs, please tell them to me.


  • Mapgen: Do not use a fixed table of tree nodes; instead use a more flexible way to remove trees.
  • Add a settingtypes.txt
  • Make the growingtool craftable
  • Test if visual_scale is useful for the small mushroom nodes, e.g. to make textures smaller or to use power-of-two sized textures. Nodeboxes would need to be changed accordingly (maybe automatically).
  • Add new features:
    • Add more giant mushrooms
    • Add more content from the mushrooms mod
    • Add a lava suit