Miroir du mod minetest_schemedit.
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Schematic Editor [schemedit]




This is a mod which allows you to edit and export schematics (.mts files).

It supports node probabilities, forced node placement and slice probabilities.

It adds 3 items:

  • Schematic Creator: Used to mark a region and export or import it as schematic
  • Schematic Void: Marks a position in a schematic which should not replace anything when placed as a schematic
  • Schematic Node Probability Tool: Set per-node probabilities and forced node placement

It also adds the server command placeschem to place a schematic.

Usage help

Usage help can be found when you use the optional Help modpack (mods doc and doc_items).

You should also refer to the Minetest Lua API documentation to understand more about schematics.

License of everything

MIT License