A Minetest mod which adds simple mine shafts. Compatible with Treasurer.
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Mines (with Treasurer support)

  • Short name: tsm_mines
  • Version: 0.6

Using the mod

This mod adds abandoned mines in the underground.

You can find chests with different stuff like food, resources, ingots or even tools. If you have the Treasurer mod enabled and some treasure registration mods (TRMs), you will find stuff from other mods as well.

Remember that this mod is still in alpha stage!


You can change the spawing of mines by adding/changing these values in minetest.conf or advanced configuration:

  • mines_deep_min: At this depth mines are created (default: -64)
  • mines_deep_max: Up to this depth mines are created (default: -380)
  • mines_spawnfactor: Increase this value to generate more mines (default: 1.5)


This mod is free software and licensed under the MIT License.


  • Started by BlockMen in 2013
  • Forked by Wuzzy later
  • cHyper (For setting mine depth by configuration)