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@@ -11,7 +11,9 @@
priv: warp_admin - set/change/delete warps
priv: warp_user - list, and use warps

warps are stored in the world folder file "warps.txt".
warps are stored in mod_storage. If you had an older version that
uses the `warps.txt` file, it will be converted on load, after
which the file can be removed.

A warpstone can be given or found in the creative inventory (item
id: warps:warpstone). This warpstone can be placed on the ground
@@ -22,9 +24,10 @@ warpstone can be removed by shift-punching the warp stone.

All warps are delayed by ~5 seconds. You have to stand still for
that duration, otherwise the warp will be cancelled. This may avoid
warp spamming and warping out of combat a bit. There's a bit
of variation in time due to the timer resolution in minetest
being rather large.
warp spamming and warping out of combat a bit. The mod tries
really hard to make sure that the player finds themselves in a
loaded area.