Updated and enhanced throwing mod for Minetest

Updated 4 years ago

(DEPRECATED) Minetest skins mod for unified_inventory https://github.com/minetest-mods/skinsdb

Updated 4 years ago

An extensible inventory mod which allows searching crafting and browsing for recipes in the same dialogue.

Updated 12 hours ago

Minetest Repo For BobBlocks

Updated 10 months ago

Carts for Minetest, but optimized! Also compatible with MTG carts

Updated 1 week ago

more vector helpers for mt

Updated 1 month ago

shared chest; interacts with bags; take/drop/swap/filter all from one inv to the other

Updated 1 year ago

Bring the joy of Christmas to Minetest

Updated 3 years ago

Set world size in Minetest

Updated 2 years ago

Vanessa's Colored Woods mod

Updated 3 days ago

Extended Ban Mod for Minetest

Updated 4 days ago

Coloured stone bricks mod for Minetest https://davison.io/minetest/colouredstonebricks

Updated 2 years ago